University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


UIC is always filled with life. When it's warm out everyone is outside hanging out at the quad or on the grass. The quad especially always has something going on. One day when I was walking there was just a random obstacle course for students to have fun in. Other days there are fairs or events going on, and there is always live music provided by our DJ! Even when it's not nice outside Student Center East tends to have alot going on. There is always something for you to do. Trust me it's fun.


The Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) student body and faculty is exteremly diverse. There are people from all backgrounds in all of the classes and many of the professors have extensive experience working in different countries throughout the world. UIC is a world class institution that provides its students with all of the resources they need to obtain a degree and begin a successful career all while shaping you to be a more well-rounded person. UIC is home to grassroot efforts, activism, advocacy and freedom of self and expression.


I brag to my friends about the university's campus life such as the activities, clubs, food courts, fitness center, and the metro area surrounding the campus. The campus has a diverse community. I also tell them about the amazing support that the students get from the faculty. The professors and academic advisors want to ensure our success.


How much I learned


I always brag about how diverse UIC is. I have met many people that are very different from me and I feel that it has made me a more well rounded invididual. UIC is also a very serious research school. This has also taught me many valuable skills for my future. Additionally, UIC sometimes feels as if the student body is not a cohesive group because many students commute and everyone is so different from one another. I have found though, that his lack of connection actually brings many different people together, which in turn, pulls us all closer together.


I definitely brag the most about its medical program since that is my interest. I talk about how it is hard to get into the program and the requirements for getting in. That it would be much easier for the students attending the school to get in those programs than outsider students.


I tell them about all the amenities the campus offers from the fitness center pool to the student resources building where you can get coached on your resume and interview skills. I also brag about the school being located in the heart of Chicago, the best city in the world. This school is culturally diverse and provides an endless opportunity for developement.


I brag to my friends that the school is in the city so i have time to explore. I learn new things by going to muesums, galleries, free events that my school offers. Also we have alot of free activities that is offered to the students. I brag that we have really good teachers and good schools such as the medical and architecture.


UIC has a beautiful campus. Because of the school's location, UIC allows its students to wander the city of Chicago and enjoy the many things it has to offer. There are always activities to participate in, events to attend, and things to see at UIC.


That is a very diverse school and the advantages of coming here.


Being in Chicago, using public transportation, loving the snow and wind. The fact that there are labs and libraries open for the majority of the day. Being able to meet students from so many different backgrounds. Professors are experts in their field but they are relatable and easy to talk to - it never feels like class where you're forced to be there but rather like you're having a discussion you want to be a part of.


I brag about my schools engineering program, which is reknown, and i also brag that UIC is one of the top 10 research institutions in the nation!!!!


I don't really brag about my school, but one thing i am very proud of at UIC is a group called FIA. FIA, Filipinos in Alliance, is a group which allows many Filipinos to bond and get to know each other, while competing against other school in sports and dances. Through this group I've been able to make lots of friends and interact with more people from other schools as well.


I am transferring to UIC from Roosevelt University. UIC is considerably larger than my current one and host a larger variety of classes where I can study topics that are more specific to my interests. There is also more class availablilty. This means I will not have to worry about whether or not a class wil be offered a particular semester. Not only does UIC have a wider variety of classes, but a larger variety of student activities where I will be able to flourish as a student and participate in the student community.


I love the dorm life of my school. Everyone is so social and I've made so many close friendships it's amazing. I love my school and every aspect of college/dorm life.


The fact that it's in downtown Chicago and there is always something to do.


I brag mostly about the location, I love Chicago and everything the city has to offer.


It's in the city and there's lots of shopping that can be done.


We have a good computer science program.


It's cheap because it's a state school and thus saves quite a lot of money. Also, it's location in the city is nice because Chicago is beautiful and there is a lot to do there like museums and concerts, etc.


In my studio art classes, my instructors are real working artists that have experienced what they are teaching. They have experienced success as well as failure. They share their stories with us and put themselves out there for the students to ask them questions concerning projects, life goals, ect. The classes are run creatively and are never boring. The Instructors bring us to galleries and museums and inform us on things that are currently happening in the art world, while still encouraging critical discussions and student participation. individuality is encouraged.


I brag about the location and the classes.


How many majors there are.


My dorm room.


Well, there really isnt much to brag about when it comes to UIC. It really sort of sucks. The professors and the admin. are horrible, especially in the A&A college. We have a lot of concrete everywhere... I guess the only thing I brag about is our location. We're just outside of downtown chicago, right in the heart of it all. Our neighborhood is safe and quiet despite its location. It has a lot of character and a good mix of normal residents and students.


The location. Being by the city is wonderful.


I brag about how my school is in the city of Chicago and there is always something to do. I don't have to go to the bars all the time!