University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I'm so excited going UIC, I think it will add to my experience. It is my honer to be a student in a university like UIC.


UIC is a really great experience for the emerging adult, like most universities. It is made up of tons of offices and organizations that make up one bureaucratic system that can be difficult to navigate. It requires students to be ambitious to succeed, to utilize ones resources to make opportunity for the real world. Chicago is the greatest city, and UIC has a unique history there. There is definitely campus pride but unlimited access to the city.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is truly one of the best universities anyone could attend. The diversity is amazing, and so are the opportunities. The best part of UIC is how the students fight for what they believe in, such as LGBT rights, and things of that nature. Additionally, I love how the university gives many opportunities for students to work on campus.


My overall opinion is that it's a good commuter school, just some of the rules would be mended so that it's not so stressful on our dorm lives and that the technology would be updated. I wish our money would be used in a way that would benefit us more, like how UIUC has dollars that could be used for snacks or drinks that would be bought at like a 711.


UIC is by far one of the most diverse educational institutions I have ever attended and that makes it better than most universities. I have had the opportunity to meet students from all over the world and experience a variety of cultures which is what I love. The environment is clean, fresh, and a great place to began your college career. When I tell people that I am a student at UIC they are usually extremely impressed. UIC has an excellent reputation for having great students, staff, and faculty. If someone is looking to experience the big city life while obtaining a great education, I strongly encourage them to apply to UIC!


UIC is amazing!! You're living in downtown CHICAGO for Godsake! What gets better than that?!! The tuition is a considerably excellent amount and you're sooo close to many different experiences, and all you have to do is hop on the L(train/subway). The school is perfectly located which makes exploring that much better, and Chicago has so many different ethnicities that you can literally take the L and be right at their doorstep. Greek town is a walk away, Little Italy is a walk away, and China town is about 20mins away by train!! Everything is super assessiable and getting lost is the best part by far. There's Michigan Ave, and Rush Street where all the high-end stores are and if you're lucky you'll spot a celebrity. Speaking of celebrities UIC gets alot of them! Waka Flocka Flame was here last year in our University Village just signing posters and Wale was here about 3 weeks ago doing the same thing, so UIC is a hot spot of them because ITS RIGHT IN THE CITY!!!


UIC is the perfect school for student sthat trive in a large, diverse, and fast-paced environment. Our student body is made up of people all over the world and the diversity is reflected in the types of events and programs offered. UIC has top-notch faculty and remarkable research and internship opportunities that can only exist in a city as great as Chicago.


Overall UIC has been a great school to me. I believe that it does have some small problems, one being organization of classes but otherwise it is a good school