University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


UIC is more of a commuter school, so i would advice people who are highly motivated and focused academically should attend this school. Being a state university class sizes for some courses are large and therefore require a student to study a lot more.


Any type of person wold be accepted at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This school is a very diverse.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone excited to learn. Also, its right in the city so you can explore and learn the area around you. Its for a person who wants to break out of the suburbs and live in a lively city. It is for a person who is willing to push towards his/her career and have fun in their downtown.


The kind of person that should attend this school would ideally be someone who is open-minded, tolerant, and does not mind attending school in a city. My school is extremely diverse and there are tons of opportunities for nearly everyone if they look hard enough.


The type of person that loves to study and that is very sociable. The type of person that enjoys learning new things and helping other people. The type of person that is out-going and loves to get involved in clubs and other social activities.


A person looking to study in an academically rigorous environment, but also in an urban city setting. This person would also have to be accepting of other cultures, ethnicities, religions, etc. because UIC is a very diverse school with many international students and commuters.


Any person who enjoys a lively enviroment and wants to truly learn.


Enthusiatic students that want to learn and study hard.


This school is relatively cheaper for the less wealthy and they have great programs here.


Science Majors


Someone who is looking for a good education and willing to achieve their dreams.


The school is veri diverse. Anybody who is friendly and open to forming a diverse group of friends would be perfect to attend UIC.


Someone who is interested in a career in business or medicine. Someone who likes being in the city and not on a close campus.


Someone who is friendly and outgoing. The student population is heavily commuter based and it can be difficult to find friends in classes or on campus. An ideal candidate for UIC also enjoys city life and loud, urban settings with heavy population density.


Anyone who wants to study hard and be independent.


Those who plan to major in science or business-related fields of study.


It is a very big research school, and has a very decent business program. If one is looking for research or going into business related field come to UIC


A person who loves the city, loves diversity and is ready for a well-rounded college experience.


A person who defines himeself as a scholar should attend this school. A scholar is one who is multifarious, respectful and well-informed. Students with a purpose to achieve are required to participate in the various school provided extracurriculers, including volunteering and community service while mangaging high-level studies studies. Because of its diverse location, a student needs to be respectful of her/her peers and people of different cultures. A lot of things go on in Chicago and the student needs to have an initiative and motivated to know and learn more to keep himself/herself well-informed.


UIC is a place for outgoing students who are interested in many different cultures. Students that have a wide variety of interests would enjoy UIC as well. Not only are the students very diverse, but they also are able to balance working hard and having fun at the same time. I highly recommend UIC to anyone who is looking for a tight-knit community where he/she can belong and learn a lot.


One that likes big classes. Most of mine are lecture classes but a few are small.


A person that is open to all cultural aspects of life should really attend this school.I have personally met numerous amounts of people coming from different races and backgrounds. There is an enourmous amount of cultural groups here that anyone could fit into, even if you're not from that race. Students who are willing to learn, not only educationlly, but culturally too should attend the University of Illinois at Chicago.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is interested in the medical field and one who is committed to learning at a highly recommended institution.


Whether you are a math wiz, a literature junkie or a hands on type of student, Triton College has something for you. I think that this school has all the right tools to success for those who want to help themselves. I have found the immense class schedules to be great and very accommodating to those students who choose to work part-time as well.


A student who is looking for a large, diverse university, but with a private school learning environment.


Someone who is extremely focused and likes a challenge. It's very hard to pass if you're partying all the time, which is easy to do in this city. But if you have a lot of ambition, drive, and focus to get a good career then you'd fit in pretty well at UIC.


I beleive that any kind of person who wants to better themselves by getting a higher education should attend North Arkansas College. They have many fields and they offer schedules to fit anybody's needs. It does not matter what age or sex or religion. If you want to get an education so you can get a better paying and a better fitting career, then North Arkansas College is for you.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is one of the most diverse universities out there, so anyone can attend and feel right at home. There is no single individual that will feel left out and there are a multitude of courses available for your choosing.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who can show their school spirit by going to varsity games. Also, people need to be serious about school work because the professors expect a lot out of their students. Finally, this school is a very diverse place to be. Therefore, people need to be welcoming towards other people who are of different races.


To attend this college, a student must be very studious and self-disciplined. A student cannot be shy about asking for help. They must be able to learn material on their own, and they cannot depend on the professors to teach them everything.


I think that people who like the city life and living in a fast paced environment would enjoy attending UIC. Also, if they are used to the Chicago weather they know what to expect. Also, anyone that is interested in major fields of study, UIC has many excellent programs. Overall, UIC is a great school, and I think that anyone could form a part of it if they really wanted to.


The type of person that should attend UIC should be a person that is out-going and can handle the busy lifestyle of the city. They should also be a person who has street smarts in being safe if alone or can be aware of their surroundings.


Anyone can attend this school


only diligent, and intelligent students should attend this school.


UIC is a large, urban, public university, so a person who decides to attend it should be independent and should realize that the university has a lot to offer, but that nothing will be simply handed to them. It is up to every student to seek out the opportunities available to them and to make the most of their education. The school is also ideal for anyone who enjoys an urban environment, seeing as it is well-placed within Chicago and offers easy access to downtown and a lot of the nightlife that the city has to offer.


Anyone really.


People who aren't concerned with a lot of socializing. A lot of people live off campus so there isn't as big of a "family" environment.




Someone who is interested in a smaller program rather than medicine, pharmacy, or nursing. Science programs are challenging to begin with and at this school some of the classes were at a very difficult level. If you are interested in other programs such as psychology then this would be a good choice.


anyone and everyone should attend this school


Focus on work


Someone who is accepting of all races and ethnicities. Also someone who is accepting of homosexuality and economic classes of all different levels.


I think anyone who really wants to succeed and become an equal competitior in the workforce once they graduate should attend. As long as you put the effort in, you will succeed at this school. There are so many resources to assist you in your goals. The campus is so diverse, that anyone feels like they fit in; it's so easy to find individuals like you. They ease the transition to college life making it much easier for freshman or transferring students. So, I think those students who want to enjoy college life socially and succeed academically should attend.


Any student could attend this school. To be successful however students should be focused and friendly.


Someone who is self sufficient and can do things on their own. No one will hold your hand here unless you look hard for someone. And even then the University expects you to be able to do things on your own, which for me was a good thing. For some, it won't be the same story.


Chicagoans and neighboring suburans. Commuters and non commuters.


People who are interested in more financial aid and into business, health field, etc.


To be honest, the type of individual who should attend this school lacks any imagination. This individual will simply do what they are told, earn a degree, and enter the rat race.


The one who is eager to adjust to a new place and experience independant life.


The kind of individual that should seek enrollment at UIC, should be one that is mentally prepared for passionate teachers. And by passionate I mean teachers who will require you to know just as much as they know about the given subject. It is hard work to do this, so be prepared also to endure hours of studying (basically improving your craft of learning.) In a nutshell, a person that is in pursuit of success need apply ASAP!