University of Iowa Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The most engaging, beautiful, and inspiring university in the midwest.


The University of Iowa is an astonishing place to continue furthering your education, and it provides once in a life time amazing oppurtunities for their students to learn, grow, and experience some incredible parts on this new journey.


My school is inviting, empowering, caring, motivated, focused and overall just an excellent place to learn.


It's a great place to make friends that will last a lifetime, and learn more about yourself in your time there than you will anywhere else.


The possiblities are limitless, but you have to look around to find them.


The University of Iowa is much more than a school, it is a community that offers more than acemdemic opportunities but also, job opportunities, volunteer opportunites, and the opportunity to create realationships that will last a lifetime.


I would describe the University of Iowa as vast; geographically, the layout is expansive, the range of majors is extremely vast, and the diversity range of the attendees covers a vast area of ethnicities.


Almost anyone can find people and activities they identify with, there is such a wide variety of things to do and learn, and people to meet.


Very social students with huge school spirit and professors that really do care about your success.


Iowa is a prestigious, well known public university focused on challenging its students, but providing a fun environment that it embraces.


The University of Iowa, although in the midwest, is impressively diverse because there are students, teachers and residents from all over the world and this allows students at the University of Iowa to not only learn in the classroom, but learn from every person they meet, making them more culturally aware and accepting.


The University of Iowa is an excellent environment for learning, studying, practicing, socializing, and being able to mix all of these together successfully.


The University of Iowa is a beautiful, historical college with a multitude of activities to participate in and a multitude of different people to meet.


We've go tons of SCHOOL SPIRIT - GO HAWKS!


U of I is a school that holds academics strongly, but can appear to pit students against each other instead of placing each person as an individual.


A big midwestern university, with a vast surplus of resources to facilitate the learning process and a healthy party scene.


The best education experience ever!


An amazing experience with new oppurtunities and interesting people.


The university is vibrant, not only with the sheer variety of people and personalities, but the textures, colors, and architecture of the campus.


A fun, liberal environment, where all groups, races, and religions are accepted and made to feel welcome.


University of Iowa is a place of opportunities.


The University of Iowa is a diverse college that focuses on many different types of people with many different backgrounds.


Diverse in culture, people, experiences, oppurtunities, and educational advances.


My school is a big, busy, diverse party school.


A place to try new things and make your mark.


The Universty of Iowa is filled with opportunity: there are a huge variety of classes to choose from, whatever your major; there are a ton of different extracurricular organizations you can be involved in, from sports to theater and everywhere in between; the facilities let you have everything you need in a small area, there's a convenience store, fitness center, and cafeteria on each side of the river, and each dorm has a computer lab; it's close enough to downtown to walk; and with so many people, it's easy to find someone who shares your interests.


University of Iowa is amazing!!!!!!


Iowa is a safe enviornment that is up to my expectations of what a college should be.


U of Iowa is a fun and friendly environment where everyone is smiling and accepting of others as well as hard workers.


A place that is always willing to accomodate your needs, yet can be a little pricy.


My school has a beautiful campus, is so willing to help its students, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.


The University of Iowa allows students to follow their passion while providing them with excellent faculty, classes and career opportunities; Go Hawks!


A school with a lot of opportunities to succeed as long as you are motivated to go seek them out but also a school where it can be easy for some to fall into the party scene, although those people do not last long in school.


The University of Iowa is a goal-oriented, exciting university that offers a very well-rounded education as well as a variety of extra-cirricular activities.


Enjoyable, Entertaining, and Difficult


We work hard, we play hard, and we know what we need to do and how to do it; we're smart and we're funny but we can have one hell of a good time.


My school is amazing.


Iowa is a very diverse place to come for college.


The University of Iowa can be either a four-year drinking playground or a serious place to study, learn, and grow depending on how each student focuses his or her time and energy.


A place where any individual can reach self discovery, fit in, find people with similar and different outlooks on life, and become the best person and student they can be.


Its really big


Very competitive


great campus


Iowa is a big school that feels small because of the people that you meet and things that you are encouraged to do and the school spirit here is awesome, just look at Big 10 football for evidence.


A Universtiy full of outgoing, happy students who do well in school yet are still looking forward to the weekends and football tailgates!


A school spirited party school, go to class when only when it is recquired.


Highly spirted, diverse and a overall great place to be.


The school I always dreamed of.


Title says it all. On Tuesday June 10, 2008, I was walking to classes and saw this inspirational yet grim picture.


There's too much shinanigans going on.