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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life.


A big part of the University of Iowa is Greek Life.


I am a member of the University Ski and Snowboard Club and it has been one of the funnest clubs I have ever joined. My freshman year I went to Aspen with a group of about 150 and it was a blast! I met one of my best buddies on that trip. We actually got an apartment and are living together in a 4 bedroom now. This year we went to Big Sky Montana. It was the most insane riding of my life!


The most popular activities are athletic events. Especially football. The second most popular activity is dancing at the bars on Friday and Saturday nights


The most popular activities are athletic events. Especially football. The second most popular activity is dancing at the bars on Friday and Saturday nights


One of the most popular student events at the U of Iowa is probably Dance Marathon, which is an event to raise money for cancer patients of the UIHC and support research in different fields. I am currently a member of Medicus, which is the undergraduate pre-medical society student org, and it provides pre-health students with many opportunities to interact in a clinical setting, sometimes at the U of Iowa Medical School, sometimes having physician speakers hold seminars and cool things like that. Overall there are a plethora of students organizations making it easy to find one that interests you, and if not, its not that hard to open your own student org!


The most popular student activity is attending the football games. Most of the town prepares itself for these games and nearly everyone joins the festivities. Homecoming is also a huge activity for everyone. One of the best things about this is the opportunity to go to a concert right on campus.


The most popular activities are those devoted to raising and maintaining school spirit, including various athletic booster organizations (The Hawk's Nest springs to mind), as well as more charitable focused endeavors that still emphasize fun and student participation such as the Dance Marathon. Athletic events are hugely attended, groups devoted to particular fields of study are less popular but filled with enthusiastic students. People party often. It is not uncommon to see someone being arrested for public intox at 2am on a Tuesday. Fraternities and sororities are highly visible but actually represent a minority in terms of the general partying population.


The most popular student activities range from sports, to greek life, to business organizations, to non-profit organizations, to all sorts of different little groups. I met my closest friends in the dorms and also while I was out at parties or the bars. I also knew a lot of people before I came here. People party very often here pretty much every night. There is always something going on downtown such as concerts and comedians.


If you are majoring in business, a lot of students participate in business organizations here on campus. I am involved in Tippie Optimist Chapter, which is mainly a volunteer-based organization where you listen to inspiring guest speakers during the meetings. There are activities in the fieldhouse, rec center, or dorm room events you can participate in during the weekends if you don't drink. I am also involved in 24-7, which is a Christian youth group.


I have no idea about which student organizations are more popular than others. Although, I can tell you a little bit about the dorms: Stanley, Currier, and Daum are easily the nicest dorms. Burge, Slater, Quad, and Reinow are somewhat gross. I love Hillcrest, though. It has plenty of amenities (pool, lounges, games, movies) and its pretty nicely furnished. The marketplace is there as well, which is pretty convenient. Most of the people I've met in Hillcrest seem to be either really annoying and drunk or really nerdy and interesting. That's just personal experience, though.


The most popular student activities in my area at least are medicus and research.


people get to know eachother a lot quickly in the dorms. Every weekend people go out to the bars to drink or to a house party or even just drink in their dorms. during the winter it dies a little bit because its fucking cold and not many people wanna walk to go from party to party. if you don't enjoy drinking it is hard to find many drugs other than bud or vicodin or adderall. Its there but you have to look. if you dont enjoy either of those options there is good food and the university offers many events during the weekend nights. Also the bars get pretty good artists to come play. This year they had sam adams, macklemore, ANA SIA, mimosa, das racist, wiz khalifa, and many more.


The bar / drinking scene is huge here. But that does not mean there isn't anything else to do. There are tons of free things for students to get involved in, or just drop by. I've been to free concerts, lecture series, theater shows, and a lot more. There is always a few local bands playing at the Yacht Club, Picador, or the Mill. You can always find a good drink deal every night of the week, if that's your thing. People do party a lot, but there are a lot of other things going on - you just have to look.


There is SOOOO much to do at the University of Iowa. I'm in the Marching Band(I could spend an hour breaking the stereotypes about that) and it's a lot of fun, because the student body actually enjoys us, the football team respects us, and the cheerleaders and dance team hang out with us more than they do with the football team. I'm a Morale Captain in Dance Marathon, which is a HUGE student organization that raises money for the University of Iowa's Children's Hospital. If you have to pick ONE student organization to be involved with your Freshman Year, choose Dance Marathon. It's a ton of fun, relatively low commitment, and it's a great way to meet people (we don't dance all the time. Or really ever....except once). Last year, I believe over 1,600 students were involved in Dance Marathon, and this year we're trying to get even more. This year 100 of us are actually training to run the Chicago Marathon(running) as a group representing Dance Marathon(stud. Org). I'm a Volunteer Captain for the 10,000 hours show, which is a student organization that tries to provide incentives to volunteer in your free time. Basically, if you volunteer 10 hours over the course of the year, you get to see a concert for FREE. Recent Bands have been OK GO, Jack's Mannequin, Guster, and Ben Folds. Organizations like Dance Marathon and 10K are great because they show the community that us college kids are doing more than just going to school here I'm in Intersection, Iowa's All-Male A Cappella Group. We sing around campus every once in a while, and we rehearse weekly, so it's a lot of fun to be involved in a small organization like this one because you get to know everyone really well. There were twelve of us this past year, and we're holding auditions the first weeks of school to find some new recruits. I'm actually the group's webmaster and MADE our website ( Iowa has been slowly sliding down the "Top Party School" lists over the past few years because the University has been increasing programs on weekends and encouraging students to get involved in student organizations. (I can't remember which list had us at #5 in 2005, but it's now 2008 and we're at #9). There's tons of stuff to do besides drinking, and you don't really get pressured if you decide to abstain from alcohol. If you do want to drink, Iowa City is a true college town, with 50 some-odd bars within walking distance of campus. Dorm life is a wonderful thing to experience, and in my opinion, everyone should experience Dorm life for at least one year. Iowa has 10 Dormitories. I spent my freshman year in Hillcrest in a double with no air conditioning, and I spent my sophomore year in a double with no air conditioning. If you really want to save money and not get air conditioning, it's what I did, and my friends who did have air conditioning never really needed it (the first week of the school year was the only time I ever thought about it, but I had two fans and kept my door open so I was actually quite comfortable. Each side of the river has a 'Flagship' Dorm that contains the two Dining Halls. It doesn't really matter what dorm you live in, because even the smallest room at University of Iowa is bigger than the largest room at University of Illinois (I really don't know what else to compare it to. I don't mean to be degrading Illinois' school, but it's true). EVERY room also has a sink and mirror, so you don't have to always go to the bathroom to brush your teeth, and you don't need a suite with a bathroom in order to have a sink. Over the course of the year, the floor becomes more of a community than a hall full of rooms. At the beginning of the year, most people keep their doors open to welcome the rest of the floor, but as the year goes on, the doors stays open because you want all your friends on the floor to stop by on their way to or from Dinner. Athletics are a lot of fun to go to. Football is the biggest one that draws the largest crowds. I have to be at the field for marching band by 7am for the noon games, and I've seen people on my way there that have been tailgating since 4am. It's pretty hardcore. Iowa has some strong athletic teams. Almost all of them are at least 'good' if they aren't great, and most events (except for football and basketball) don't cost anything to get in. I met some of my closest friends through the student organizations I'm in. Others I met from class, and one was a completely random stranger that a friend of a friend brought to game night hosted by one of my high school friends' RA. A few dozen people from my high school also came here, and I run into them every once in a while, so that's nice. The point is, you never know where you'll end up meeting some of your closest friends, so it never hurts to some of the random things that the University sponsors. The 'dating scene' (the survey suggested it as a topic) is very broad. From people in class, to people in organizations you're both involved in, to the people in the bars, there are many different ways to meet different people. I work at a Theater in Iowa City called Hancher Auditorium. Hancher hosts productions, musicals, comedians, classical and modern concerts, and many other things. This past year Lewis Black, BB King, and the musical My Fair Lady were just a few of the many events that performed at Hancher. Hancher is connected to the University Music Building, so it's right on campus, too. I am not in a Fraternity, but I have a lot of friends that are. Let me first say that Greek life is nothing like the TV show "Greek" so I'm not even going to try and figure that one out. Fraternities and Sororities are an aspect of college that has always interested me, but I haven't really found a Frat that's exactly what I'm looking for. I have a few friends in most of the Frats through class, student organizations, and social events. One thing they don't tell you is how much it costs to pledge, and that's too much for me. If you can afford it, fine, but don't join one just because "I'm in college now and I HAVE to be in one". If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it's either because I just got off work, I went to Steak & Shake with my a cappella group after practice, or someone had a birthday and wanted to celebrate.


Football. You've gotta love it.


Iowa has a lot of activities. The largest activity I can think of is Dance Marathon. Students organize into dance teams to help raise money for cancer. Once they reach a goal all the teams gather in the Memorial Union and dance for 24 hours. The group is able to raise over a million dolllars every year for children with cancer at the UI Children's Hospital.


Each night there is some type of deal at the bars and downtown. If that's your thing, you will never have a loss of things to do on any random night. I didn't join a sorority and still some of my closest friends are a part of Greek life.


A lot of different activities to chose from.


The most important thing to most Iowa student, more important than food, safety, school, or dignity, is partying. Every night, people will head down to the bars, which allow anyone in 19 and up, and get shit-faced. Though a majority go Thursday through Sunday, there are a die-hard few that go every single day. After 7 pm, the bus lines are packed with already drunk, scantily clad girls and guys in polos. I've seen girls in tiny halter tops, 3 inch long skirts and stilettoes stand outside for half an hour in 15 degree snow and wind with their cartigans over their heads to make sure their hair doesn't frizz, waiting for the bus. When trying to drive downtown after dark, people will lay in the middle of the street screaming, then when you try to get by, flip you off like it's your fault. It's happened to me quite a bit. Avoid downtown if you're soberly driving. The party scene is God. If you're one of those who doesn't like to party, there are a lot of less popular but still fun things to do. Foreign films show every night at the IMU for very cheap prices, and a lot of free concerts or stand-up comedy is done. Many productions and shows are put on in the theater building, like when I saw Lewis Black live or went to the Counting Crows concert. There are some alcohol free sororities and fraternities, and sometimes the dorms have free activities like movies and gingerbread house building. In the spring there's also Riverfest, where bands come and play while you walk through booths along the river.


The larger the Organization the less responsibility you get. I am part of Delta Sigma Pi, an international Business Fraternity. While we have roughtly 80 members everybody knows everybody elses name and it really is like a group of brothers (it is co-ed). If theres no organization that you like, start your own. a few friends of mine started the University of Iowa Sportsmans club. The School gave us some funding and we go out maybe twice a month and practice target shooting.


ORGS- there are a lot of orgs, and the IMU(iowa memorial union) website has a list of them all. DORMS- Students in the dorms leave their doors open esp. during welcome week. I didn't do this, but I talked to people on my floor(Mayflower). EVENTS- Athletic events, esp. football, are popular. GUEST SPEAKERS- The UI has a lecture committee that brings guest speakers in. I have attended several, and they were highly interesting. There was someone who spoke about the future of hip hop, journalist from who spoke about Darfur, and someone who spoke about the environment. All of the speakers have credentials and are known, but I don't remember their names. THEATRE- I have been to several plays and have enjoyed them all. They are on going and get pretty packed. DATING SCENE- I'm not sure of this, I imagine it's going on and fruitful. PARTY SCENE- The party scene is ongoing from the beginning to the end. Tuesday and Thurday nights are the most popular nights for partying. I didn't go out too much though. CLOSEST FRIENDS- I met my closest friends in the dorms and through BSU Each year there this is welcome week(during the beginning of the year) and dance marathon. I'm sure there are others but I don't know what they are. The IMU is a good website to check. FRATS/SOROS-They are important and big. I am thinking of joining this year myself. SATURDAY NIGHT- A person can go to readings, plays, musicals, groups sessions, and a host of other places which I'm sure are more intersting than I have listed and don't have to worry about silly drunk people. OFF CAMPUS- I go to the mall, volunteer, travel(Cedar Rapids, Davenport), go to friends houses. *********IF I AM AWAKE AT 2A.M. I am complaining to the front desk that someone on the floor is being too loud lol OR I am studying or finishing a paper*************


My sorority that I'm involved with was a great way to meet people when I transferred here! I knew a lot of people that came to school here from my hometown, but my soroity helped me to meet more people and become involved on campus in ways I wouldn't have even thought of otherwise! My closest friends are from back home and my sorority, and I feel quite blessed that I have all of them in my life because they've all helped me grow and become who I am. Usually, I am awake at 2 am in the morning, and often times I'm hanging out with friends at their apartments or I'm with friends at the library. This past weekend I worked quite a bit, and I went bar hopping Friday night with some friends. Who would have thought Tom Brokaw would be at The Airliner on a Friday night?! Students at Iowa do their fair share of partying. Weekends here start on Thursday night and can often continue through Sunday ending in Sunday fun day! However, there are a lot of activites that students can engage in that don't involve drinking! There are multiple movie theaters in the area, many restaurants, coffee shops, and malls. Iowa hosts many on-campus guest speakers, student organizations host acitivites, Hancher puts on plays, hosts concerts, and shows. The IMU plays free movies, has open-mic nights, game nights, etc.


I'm not involved in any groups or organizizations, but I've heard there are many too choose from to be involved with here. One organization I've heard a lot about and have thought about joining is Dance Marathon.


The two most popular activities outside of school are drinking and volunteering for charity. Many times, the two can be combined! Athletic teams are well-supported, as are guest lecturers. Female students are in the majority on campus, which proves to be of great benefit to the other half. Iowa City is geared toward student life (bar entry age is 19) and many businesses are open late. Off-campus housing is popular with all ages, but the dorms are passable.


Greek life is really fun and good here. Well only around 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of people are in it the people who are in it are fun. Depending on the house they have sitgmas and a lot of what you see in movies is true. Students do leave their dorm doors open when they are there. Athletic events are not super popular except football! and some basketball games. If i'm awake at 2am on a tuesday that means I went out thatnight. People party 2-5 times a week. Saturday nights that don't involve drinking....the dorms have parties every weekend. Off campus; bars, mall, movies, pool, the Res which is a beach that is on a dam and thats really fun.


Bars, good theater, some OK concerts, lots of parties.


Yes, the bar age is 19, but that isn't all Iowa has to offer. There is always something going on whether it be going to an athletic event, watching a concert at the IMU, or sitting at the Java House having a coffee (or iced, double white mocha!).


We all know that the most important team on the University of Iowa campus is the football team. And it's so amazing seeing so many Hawkeye fans in one place during a football game at Kinnick Stadium. It's so awesome!


There are countless opportunities for every type of student. There are many organized student clubs and activities along with smaller, group arranged clubs and activities. A few clubs try to bring in opportunities for students to attend, such as plays, musicals, concerts and singers. Most of my close friends are within my major, with a few in other classes I met and at my student job.


I am involved in many groups. Most students leave their dorm room doors open which is much more inviting to the other people that live on your floor, and makes the dorms seem much smaller than they are. Athletic events (mainly football) are very big events here. Everyone attends the football games. As far as the dating scene goes, I know nothing about it because I am in a fairly long relationship, but it seems alright for most of the people I talk to. To me, my sorority means a lot, but only about 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the campus is in the Greek community. It doesn't define who you are or make anyone think any different about you.


I was in the Marching Band/Pep Band here, and that was one helluva experience. I met all my closest friends through band. We are one crazy group, and we are known for it. Hell week (week of practice prior to fall classes) is only hell because we are all hungover from all the parties. The vast majority of the band is there not because they are that into marching, but instead to get into football games for free and go on a bowl trip. There is a lot of partying on campus - Sunday for football games or for funsies; Monday for mental health mondays; Tuesday for wing night at Brothers; Wednesday for hump day; Thursday for thirsty Thursdays/mug night; Friday for FAC; Saturday for football games or whatever. There's a lot of drinking. I don't really do all that anymore, mostly because I'm now married and have a kid, but it was fun while it lasted.


I recommend starting in the dorms to meet people. Most halls bond closely by then end of the year. Music, sports, drama, religion, and drinking are all mixed in Iowa City.


There are many opportunities for college students to be involved in extra activities outside of class...the opportunities are almost endless and there's always something for everyone. Also, downtown life is amazing!


Dance Marathon is one of the coolest things I've ever been part of. 24 hours of 1500 students dancing without any caffeine. We raise money for the Children's Hospital (oncology in particular) and the event is most emotional, but fun school event I've done. You can't describe it until you take part- largest student group west of the Mississippi. Plus, we are #1 in the country for raising money- over one million dollars. Greek life is only 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or so... great system to be a part of, but you do not feel left out at all if you are not.


Lots of students leave their doors open. Athletics are huge here. Especially football and wrestling and basketball. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday I am studying. People partying pretty much tuesday thru satuday. Frats and sororites are big but no where near as big as other schools. Last weekend I went out one night to the bars and hung out the next night with girls on my floor. On satuday nights you can do a lot of things that don't involve drinking. You can hang out, watch a movie, do homework, movie, out to eat, shop. Off campus I am usually at the mall, other wise I'm always on campus.


I think that while the greek system isn't that strong at Iowa I think it is still prodominent in the Student's social life. I feel like students either join orgs or they don't. Intermurals are big too. Depending on the dorm there is more of a social life. Burge and mayflower are among the more social where as Daum and Stanely are not. Dating doesn't happen.


The most popular organization is probably Dance Marathon. The most popular teams are probably intramurals. I've done intramurals volleyball. Students in the dorms are always friendly; you can find doors open all the time. The athletic events are popular no matter what sport it is. Guest speakers are popular, I've been to one before. I was surprised with how many people came into college still in relationships. The closest relationships/friendships I've made have been in the dorms. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm in the lounge of Quad studying. People party quite often, sometime every night of the week. Iowa is pretty laid back on Greek Life. There's no pressure to join or anything. Last weekend I went to the bars and then the next night I stayed home and studied for chem. If I don't drink on a Saturday night, I can watch movies!


Look it up, there's too many things to do


While partying is definitely one of the main attractions and benefits of Iowa, it is not the only thing to do. This campus has so many activities to partake in, other than partying. Whether that is attending a CAB event, going to a movie at the Bijou, or hanging out with your friends. In addition, there are so many ways to get involved on this campus, which is a great way to meet people and make great friends.


The social life here is pretty crazy. There's something to do pretty much everyday. Yes, even besides going out to the bars. Although about 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body does this at least twice a week, there is a ton of university programming to draw people away from getting trashed and getting cited for it. CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosts free movies, comedians, and other events every week, all year. The Lecture Committee hosts a lot of lectures, but that doesn't really interest most of us. There is a lot of cheap student theatre to attend. There are a ton of extracurriculars to be involved with like music and intramural sports. Also there are a lot of athletic events that are free to attend thanks to the bankness that is Hawkeye football. It's pretty sweet.


The biggest activity in Iowa City is drinking. All week long there are house parties and people bar hopping. Weather be damned, girls go out in short skirts and tank tops, and guys in t-shirts and shorts to party. That's where the social scene is in Iowa for the majority of the population. I on the other hand, am not participating in that. Just this last week, I went to all my classes and helped a friend on homework, generally being in bed by 12:30. Over the weekend, we went to the mall and bought a first season of a show and spent all over Saturday and into the wee hours of Sunday morning watching it. Sunday we went swimming. There are pockets of non-drinking people in Iowa and they always find ways to have more fun that they remember and are embarrassed about in a good way the next day. There are an excellent array of presentations through the Iowa City and University theaters. I saw within a months time both Lewis Black and Mike Birbiglia. The writing scene is also very hot. Authors come and read their work all week in book stores and lecture halls. People you leave with in the dorms are pretty cool, too. Doors generally remain open, but people aren't afraid to knock and walk in if the door's closed.


The largest student-run organization on campus is Dance Marathon. It is an amazing group that raises funds each year the University of Iowa Childrens' Hospital's Oncology Unit. Throughout the year, participants raise money for the Hospital. If they raise a minimum of $425 they get to be involved with our big event, a 24-hour dance marathon in the beginning of the next year in honor of the kids and families at UIHC. Most people follow Hawkeye football and basketball in their Big Ten conquests. About 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students here are involved in Greek life. I am so glad I chose to rush and join a sorority. These girls have been there for me so much during these last couple years. They have become my family. Although the Greek chapters on campus compete, Greeks have close friends in many house besides their own. Being Greek keeps you in the know about all of the other activities, organizations, and stuff going on on campus. Many chapter events are optional, so it really is what you make of it. Chapter-sponsored socials and events are a nice break from my hectic class schedule.


I living in the writing community and you couldn't find a more motivated and socially acceptable group of people anywhere. People here know how to buckle down and work while at the same time know how to be sociable. There's a joke that Stanley is very much the foil of Daum. (Where people are said to be so non-sociable, there are people who close the doors for other people) I have nothing against Daum, I have a lot of friends who live at Daum, but the thing of it is, they go to Daum to study and they come to Stanley in order to have some fun. Like many college students, not sleeping isn't a trend its a way of life and so usually if I'm awake, and I am...I'll order a pizza at three o'clock from Gumby's and since one of my friends doesn't like cheese, we'll get a pizza without any cheese and pineapple. Or else, I'll be playing with the poetry magnets people have put on their door, or I'll listen to my next door neighbor jam on her guitars and play the piano. Do some studying but its almost impossible to study after three o'clock in the morning so one might as well have some fun.


I've joined a lot of different organizations during my time here. Last year I expirimented with swing and salsa dance clubs and loved it. I joined a service fraternity (APO) and found it to be a good way to meet people, get involved on campus, and volunteer in the community. Both my years here I have played on a club soccer team which has been a blast. Athletic events-especially football-are a lot of fun. Going to the football games have been some of my favorite memories here. For the most part, students are social and leave their dorm doors open, unless you're living in a quiet, more study oriented dorm (like daum and stanley)


Like i said earlier we are known to be a party school which is fine, as long as you don't forget the real reason why you are here (to get an education!!!)


Greek Life and several student org's


I would say become involved in as many things as you can without overdoing it. The school work takes up a lot of time in and outside of class. There are always parties going on but there is also two malls and movie theaters around the area. There are great places to eat and nice parks to relax in.


The dorms are a great way of meeting people, especially if you live on a floor with other people in your same major. Students are generally very friendly and are looking to meet new people. Personally, I met my fiance who only lived 1 floor under me and was the same major that I was. I recommend for at least the first year living in the dorms.


I am partial to The 10,000 Hours Show. This is a student group that sponsors a free concert for everyone that volunteers 10 hours over the course of about a year. Dance Marathon, STAR, and CAB (campus activities board) are all pretty popular. There are always open doors. Even if they aren't open, most people are around and love to visit, so just knock! Athletics are HUGE! As far as the dating scene, I met my boyfriend in the dorms before school even started and it's really easy to meet people so a good dating scene. I was randomly assigned a roommate and we ended up being best friends and then we leave our door open a lot and people walk in and we become friends. Also, one night three boys walked into our room and asked us to dinner and that's how I met my boyfriend. Greek life here isn't that big but they are fairly active in campus life.