University of Iowa Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The classes can be very big so the professors aren't going to remember you. If you want to be remembered you should go into the professors study hours to make an impression.


The aspect of Iowa that I dislike the most is the climate. There is not a lot of snow during the fall semester, however there was a ton of rain, I never remembered to bring an umbrella to class which I paid for later. I didn't bring rain boots to school either, so I wore flip-flops, which was very, very cold. Another problem was the lack of tunnels between buildings. There is one between dorms, otherwise you are always outside, which I find bothersome because I dislike wearing ten layers to be outside for 5 minutes.


This school doesn't seem to want out of state student that much. They do very little to help with the transition. They do well with the high school to college transition but I was not prepared for this cold weather. They need to find ways to give more financial aid to out of state students.


The worst part about school for me is being away from home for such long periods.


The worst thing would probably be some of the professors with accents. It is an inconvenience and seems rediculous, especially with the cost of out-of-state tuition.


The worst thing I have found in my time at Iowa would be the transportation provided. During warmer weather the buses aren't that much of an issue but when it rains or it's winter time, a majority of the 30,000 students trying to ride the buses can easily become quite hectic and on occasion cause some issues in being punctual.


Racism of the Stereotypical views of the majority white students is what bothered me the most. On more than one occasion I had a negative exchange with a white male because of some derogatory comment he made. In one instance my roommate's drunk friend was watching TV with us and he proceeded to tell me about how Arsenio Hall dressed like an "n-word". That has stuck with me for over 20 years. I really wish racial tolerance and understanding was pushed more.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is true about every school. The stress. Stress is everywhere. It is lurking in the class rooms and hiding behind your desk in your dorm room. You just can't get away from it no matter where you go.


The worst thing about my school is how close it is to bars. My school has a very large problem with drinking, both underage and of-age, which causes a variety of problems. It is a big issue, as the city council has innacted a bill which makes it illegal for those under 21 to even enter bars, except for under a very strict set of circumstances. Recent studies have shown an approxomately 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} drop in assults only, not counting DUI's and PAULA'S. I believe that such a law is beneficial, though many classmates disagree.


The food in the dining halls could definitely use some improvement. Breakfast is always great, but lunch and dinner is often not as warm as it should be, and they offer the same food choices week after week. However, they do push "Wellness Wednesdays" as a way of making students more aware of what they are eating, and they have vegetarian options available.


They don't care if you come to class or if you learn anything for that matter, unless you are doing research for them.


I would consider the worst thing about the University of Iowa to be its overall competitiveness. Most classes are based on a curve, which in some cases can be good, but in others it can actually be challenging because you are competing with your fellow classmates for your grade.


Winter in Iowa City is always way too long, and the snow removal is terrible.


The worst thing about the University of Iowa and its campus is the amount of drinking and abuse of recreational drugs that occur. For a Big Ten research university to be labeled more in the news as a party school than an academic school, things are not in their correct place.


The worst thing about my school is the drinking scene which can sometimes dominate social life and give the university a bad reputation that it really does not deserve.


The worst thing was the prevalence of drugs. The locals in Iowa City and the surrounding area are mostly lower class economically. There is a large problem in Iowa with Meth labs, cocaine, and marijuana use. So unfortunatly, there are alot of drugs on campus or readily availible. I did see cocaine usage in a few of the dance bars. Luckily, a large percentge of the students are drug free, and some are even alcohol free as well. So although drugs are on the sideines, they are easily avoidable and the police are doing alot to clean up the area.


The worst thing about Iowa are the students who choose to spend their weekends drinking. There are so many other quality things to become involved with on campus, it's not necessary to drink all weekend.


It's considered a "party school." As in, there is a lot of drinking both on and off campus. I personally don't care about the "party scene," but the overwhelmingly popular pastime is to go to parties and drink (not necessarily to get drunk, but it's a common outcome). It sometimes makes it hard to connect with others, when so many students favor this form of "entertainment."


The worst thing about the school would be how the tuition covers certain items that some student do not even use often. Students have to pay for utilities they do not even have to use for the whole entire time they are there.


The worst thing about the school is probably the roomate match up. While I'm very happy with my roomate, many people on my floor in the residence hall aren't. If the application had a survey of some sorts to go a little farther than just a gender and age, then I feel people would be way happier. Lots of people enjoy living with their roomate, but other definitely don't.


The worst part of the University of Iowa is trying to find scholarships through the school. You really have to search through their website to find ones that you are eligible for. Nearly all of the deadlines are really random timing and usually are in the middle of the school year in January or February. You never hear about any of them, so you just have to search yourself and write down deadlines. Then you just have to make sure you don?t forget about them. I should have applied for more scholarships while I was in high school.


The worst thing about the University of Iowa is the parking situation. Everywhere on campus is metered parking and the meters at the dorms are inforced 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. It is possible to buy a parking pass, however, the lot is located almost 3 miles away from the main campus. While this is a problem for students who want cars on campus, it is not necessary to have one. The cambus system is great and can get you close to any place on campus.


I have had some issue with all the red tape getting in. The admission process could've been a bit smoother.


The worst thing is the laid back attitude about the drinking problem.


The cost of out of state tuitions


The impersonal relationship between many professors and the students would be the worst thing about my school. This is because the lectures are so big it is impossible for the professors to learn every students name and to get to know them a little better.


Its hard to keep focused on school with the bar scene downtown. You only have to be 19 to get into the bars.


not alot of diversity


Too much emphaiss on athletics and not as much on academics.


I wish there were more computers in the library available, and more authority in the libraries to control the noise levels. I also would decrease the number of students in each class. Many professors also report in the first lecture that most people are likely to get a C is not incouraging, and I feel alot of professors grade extremely hard. I also wish that some professors were more organized and forced to use ICON (an online grading utitlity websight). Lastly, I wish they would use better judgment to cancel school due to extreme Iowa weather conditions.


Course load can be very difficult


The worst thing about Iowa is that drinking is a big part of the soical lives. Every weekend people are out at the bars getting drunk. Sometimes people look at you funny cause your staying in.


There isn't enough security off-campus. Many rapes and attacks have occured to students while off-campus throughout the last few years.


Drinking and partying is at the forefront in regards to social and leisure activities. In the beginning of your academic career, classes will be in large lecture halls and professors will be less accessible. The worst thing about my school was the lack of diversity which I think is important as a part of academic, professional, social, and personal growth. The university buses are driven by students, and they tend to be impulsive and make less safe decisions when driving.


The worst thing is how heavily a lot of the student population focuses on drinking and bars to have a good time. There are many other things to do, but it is a main focus.


The worst thing about campus from what I have experienced is the winter. The campus is built on a hill, and when getting to and from classes, the ice and snow is very hinder some. The University facility management needs to step up there work because this is a safety hazard.


The worst thing about the University of Iowa this year was the flood. The flood closed down the main campus library; which was the main place students went to study and use communal computers, especially late at night. Due to finances, I did not have a laptop earlier this semester, making classes really difficult; especially, since the library was closed until November. Since I work around fifty hours a week to pay for school, all of the other communal computer areas were closed when I would be done with my shift; making it difficult to do online homework.


There is a strong alcohol presence on our campus even though the campus itself is a dry one. While there are many other alternatives, going out to the bars still seems to be very popular.


Price of tuition and housing because I can't afford it!


There isn?t much of a sense of community. You cannot meet the people sitting next to you in class, there is no way to talk after classes because people are trying to get ? mile away to the next class in 15 minutes.


There are no paper towels in the buildings.


There is too much drinking and partying.


The fact that we had a flood last year, and the wintersa are cold


There isn't really a "worst thing." There are many things I could live without, like early classes and heavy work loads, but you can make your schedule how you choose and fit however your lifestyle is.


The academic advisors at the University of Iowa are horrible! Freshman year each student is assigned an academic advisor that is supposed to have general knowledge about every school within the University, since many students at this point are unsure of their major. I found my advisor to be completely oblivious. Unlike many Freshman, I knew right away that I wanted to be an English major and an Art minor. Knowing this, he advised me to take a ballet class! The next year I was assigned a more "specific" advisor. It ended up being a group of T.A.'s!


I really can not think of anything bad about this school. The classes canbe tough but you should expect that from such a school.


Many people don't embrace all that Iowa City has to offer instead a lot of students get caught up in the bar scene and miss out on real life experiences and living that makes Iowa City such a great town!


I'd say that the out of state tuition keeps increasing tremendously while the in-state tuition doesn't increase as much. I think it is rude of the school to not cut the out of state students some slack since we make up such a large portion of the school population. I had considered going here for graudate school, but after seeing those costs, I am now looking at a cheaper school. I do not understand why tuition has to be so expensive, and I do not see the extra money being used wisely.


Parking. There is not a lot avalible on campus and the few that are can be expensive.