University of Iowa Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I enjoy this school. Everyone is very nice and supportive. I have a lot of resources to help me in my academic success. The spirit here is great and everyone is open.


The University of Iowa offers some great academic programs for students who are willing to learn. On the other hand, it is also a great place for slacking students who just want to party and waste their money skipping class and drinking. Admissions are fairly easy, so you'll find a lot of people who don't care or are just plain stupid, but given it's medical programs, there's a lot of the opposite, too! If you want to succeed at Iowa, get involved, talk to your instructors and advisers, and really make an effort to get the most out of your education. If you do that, you'll find that the university offers a lot of great resources and there are a lot of people out there that want to help you succeed. People are generally very friendly. Iowa City is, in my opinion, the best place to live in Iowa. It's an extremely liberal town where almost everything is in walking distance. The bars are fun (especially if you're 21), the culture is great (as it gets for Iowa), there's a wide range of restaurants and places to hang out, and people are less likely to fit the "small town" stereotype that Iowans usually get. If you want a taste of the University of Iowa, visit during football season, when school pride peaks and everyone is anxious to have a great time!


I love Iowa! The school is definitely large, but has a small school feel. I always see people I know around campus, even though many are involved in different majors and activities. Even after moving off-campus I still see people I know pretty much everywhere I go. Football weekends are probably my favorite time of year. There is a huge sense of school pride especially seeing students and alumni all decked out in black and gold. There is nothing like the feeling as 'Back in Black' comes on in Kinnick at the beginning of a football game.


The University of Iowa is great! I find it very easy to make friends. With all the different organizations at the University its hard to not find others with the same and similar interests as you. As you start choosing majors and you get further into your educational path, you start to see similar faces and you can make a lot of great friends within your field of study.


It is a very unified community where everyone usually gets along and have tremendous school pride. Football games in the fall are very exciting, fans begin tailgating at dawn until the game begins. It is also very convenient how close all the classes are to each other and how close the campus is to downtown. The social and night life are second to none. The campus is a perfect size, considering how many undergraduate students there are, and has many historical aspects to it such as the Old Capitol. There are a ton different places to study such as the IMU which is open 24 hours or the various libraries on campus. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics are recognized nationally as one of the best college hospitals. The recreation center was just built in fall 2010 and is state of the art, however the weight room is crowded all the time so it is not the best place to lift weights. I spend the majority of my time in the Pentacrest or main library during the day. There is so much to say about how wonderful the University of Iowa is in multiple aspects. I believe I made the right decision choosing this school.


This school was the perfect fit for me. I grew up in a small town so a huge school in a city exceeding more than 100,000 people would have been out of the picture for me. Iowa City is a great college town fully integrated with its community. The school itself has well-known reputation especially its college of medicine and medicinal research facilities are top notch. The football team here is as close to a professional sport as an Iowan can get so loyalty and school pride for the school and athletic events are huge. If not a fan you will almost be "guilted" into or peer-pressured into becoming a lifelong fan. :) Go HAWKS! Some things I would change are the facilities and academic faculty. Some of the facilities have seen there better days but some are getting renovated for the better. As for the faculty, the math department can run into language barriers, the physics department can run into teaching abilities or lack there of, but chemistry department and engineering department have good reputations in my book.


My overall opinion of the U of Iowa is that the entire administration really loves what they do and therefore enjoy teaching you everything they know. Their main concern is making sure you learn their material, and offer so many extra opportunities to students who need or want extra time to go over the course materials. Everyone is here to learn and the faculty and staff make it enjoyable.


I love this school because of its affiliation with the graduate colleges and internship opportunities. If your interested in medicine or law for instance, we have one of best medical campuses in the country as well as a great law school. Its a large school, 30k+ students but it makes it more diverse which is good. Another great thing is the school pride, we love our hawkeyes and no one ever skips a home game, tailgating is a huge event every saturday. I'd say the downfall of Iowa is that its a very liberal place, and that tends to make some people uncomfortable.


I think the University of Iowa is an above average university. Most of the professors seem genuinely interested in teaching their subjects to the students. However, there are some faculty that are more interested in their other duties. If I could change anything about this school, it would be those professors that don't put forth their best effort. The school is large, but it also offers a great community feel. Football games are a great way to connect with other people on the campus. There are also a lot of fairs and events that keep the student body feeling smaller. Some of the best events, in my opinion, are the concerts and athletic events.


I like it at U of I for the same reasons that a lot of people do, and so overall, I'd have to recommend the school to most people. The amount of pride, energy, and activity in Iowa City is enormous at any given time. That said, for someone like me, it can be very easy to feel lost in such a large crowd. I applied for U of I before any other college and decided to attend mostly based on the volume of scholarships and financial aid I was offered. If I had the chance to go back, I would visit more small schools. I am happy at U of I but I wonder if I would have a better chance to make myself heard somewhere else, outside of my home state.


My overall opinion of this school is that it is perfect for me and the best choice I made. The school has over 30,000 students but it truly does not feel that way. It is built perfectly so that it seems like you are in a small, quaint college where everyone knows everyone else. This could be because there are only 3 main spots where mostly everyone hangs out. This would be the library, the IMU, and downtown which consists of a couple streets. On these streets are small bookstores, coffee shops, interesting restaurants, and shops. This is where I spend most of my time. There is always something going on downtown which is located right across the street from campus. From art shows, to live music, to dancing, to food festivals, there is always something to do! I give props to the school administration because they always support the events happening downtown. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the fact that the bars used to be 19+ and last year had turned 21+. Many people were upset about this and some said they would transfer or choose a different school. The most unusual thing about our school is how close we are to all the action downtown. It is literally steps away and can be so easily accessed! School pride is immense here and alumni are always at football games, basketball games, etc. Many families proudly represent the hawkeye symbol from their shirts, to their cars, and even to their homes. The one experience that I will always remember is the first day of class when they gathered my entire freshmen class on the grass outside of the old capitol building and gave us a motivational speech. The day was beautiful and it was so amazing to see so many new faces ready to begin college.


I really like this school! Freshman year was a bit of an adjustment for me, but now I am a junior, and I love it! I am on Thanksgiving break now and can't wait to go back. Most people can't wait for the weekends- dancing downtown is really fun! There is a lot of football pride during the game season.


Academically, the school is mediocre but it depends on the program that you are enrolled in. The campus is nice and well kept, and most buildings are in reasonable walking distance from the dorms. I spend most of my time either at the library or in Schaeffer Hall. Homework is piling up so I am transforming into a grouchy curmudgeon. There have been a lot of complaints lately that the school administration spends too much of its budget enlarging unnecessary bureaucratic positions while cutting back on department spending. Hawkeye pride seems to be pretty important here. I don't really understand why, but, again, I think it's related to Football and beer. One really great thing about this school is the concerts we attract. Lots of cool bands stop by and play gigs for pretty cheap. Student organizations also usually host some big names for an affordable price.


It is a school full of opportunities.


Overall, I love the University of Iowa. Iowa City really is the campus, so you're surrounded by college students and you can fully appreciate college life, but you're not confined to an enclosed campus. Iowa City is a college town through and through. The city isn't very large either, which was really helpful for me, coming from a town of 3000 people and worrying I would be overwhelmed. The undergraduate student body is like five times the size of my town, but even with the large number of students, there are plenty of ways to find a niche here. Once you get involved in things you enjoy, you start to see the same people that also enjoy those things. As an English major, the constant literary opportunities create a community for me as well as offer me a lot of knowledge and experience. However, I really feel that the honors department is what has made the University of Iowa so perfect for me. With honors, you can be as involved as you want, so you'll find the students who don't do anything with honors, and you'll find students (like myself) that do way too much. There are just so many opportunities and the staff is so helpful that I find it difficult not to jump at everything I can! Most of my involvement is with the honors department--but I've found communities outside of honors that are just as inviting and helpful, so, by all means, you don't have to be an honors student to find your place at Iowa.


It's a big school, but it didn't feel that huge to me. It seems like everyone has a group of friends they usually hang out with, and but it's so nice to not run into the same people over and over again. Iowa City is definitely a college town - it's a beautiful place except in the dead of winter when the sidewalks are icy and you wish you'd moved somewhere much, much warmer. There are a lot of intellectuals walking around, and it's nice to be surrounded by such smart people. The atmosphere is definitely one that encourages learning, as long as you don't let the bar scene get in the way too much (save it for the weekends).


Iowa is an amazing college, in an amazing college town. My older brother started going here when I was a sophomore in high school, and I loved visiting so much that I came here, too. The campus is small, easily walkable, and always beautiful. The town is the perfect size, and you would never know that 20,000 students are going to school there at the same time as you. On campus, I spend most of my time between my house on Lynn Street, the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU), and classes. The administration is very helpful, but aren't afraid to tell you no...especially if you don't have the paperwork they needed(if there was any). The biggest recent controversy on campus is the fact that twelve of our buildings are flooded severely from the Iowa River. You probably heard about it in the news. Besides the flood, Iowa's Campus is going smoke-free starting some time in July of 2008. Good thing I don't smoke. One experience I'll always remember is playing a game of frisbee at 2 A.M. on a Thursday night, and some people who had just been in the bars came and played with us. They were relatively inebriated and severely entertaining. Oh, and the Marching Band gets to go wherever the Football team does during Bowl season...for free. I got to go on a Four day vacation to San Antonio with my brother and 244 others for free.


While some people see Iowa as being too large or impersonal, they couldn't be more wrong. Because of the way the campus is set up it is impossible not to run into fellow students from your own major and often your own classes. School pride at the University of Iowa is a priority for the majority of its students. There is nothing more fulfilling or exciting than seeing seas of yellow and black at football games, or any other day of the week. I am always proud to tell people that I am a hawkeye! The University of Iowa is unique because it is a Big 10 school with a smaller feel. The campus is so diverse, so everyone is welcome. It has definitely become my second home.


The University of Iowa is like living in a metropolis. You have the opportunity to meet a large number of students, but yet feel a part of the UI community. Iowa is a school that has a lot of school pride. We take our Hawkeyes seriously and that is why no matter what day it is you will see black and gold all over our campus. Iowa has activities for everyone to do. With more than 4,000 student orgainzations you should have no problem finding what you like. As for the campus it is beautiful. he state's Old Captiol is the campus's gemstone. It sits in the middle of a campus that is full of life. In the warm months people will be outside getting some sun and catching up on some studying. In the winter you may find yourself in a snowball fight and building a snow man. What makes the University of Iowa even better is the city it is in. Iowa City is often called the New York City of Iowa because all of it culture and unique features such as a pedestrian mall that consists of flowers, fountains, bars, restuarants, shops, and a library. No matter the season this region is full of life. The UI also sits right next to downtown Iowa City giving students a shopping mall, and an old fashion downtown full of busnesses and people.


Initially the campus draws many people in. It is a big ten school but feels like a small private one. You see friends on campus to and from classes every day which gives you a sense of comfort. Downtown is as definately as fun as everyone says it is. Great restaurants and bars..i have never heard one person who does not love it here.


Students and staff are friendly. City is amazing. There is diversity but it also feels like a small town. You will often run into people you know despite the large campus.


Iowa is an awesome school to go to. It's right in the heart of downtown Iowa City. The area is very diverse and accepting of everyone. Everyone is a true Hawkeye!


Iowa overall is an absolutely amazing school. The students are generally friendly, the campus is easily walkable, with nothing more than a 15 minute walk away. The teachers love their jobs and are there to help you succeed. I only had one class I didn't like in the entire year I was there. There's a lot to do, and the selection of classes is stunning. Unless you stay cooped up alone in your room all day, there's always fun to be had outside, even in the dead of the very snowy and cold winters. At the IMU there are free concerts and stand-up comedy, along with foreign films at the little theater in it. School pride is huge in Iowa, and the campus is dead when there's a home game of football. The cafeteria food is mediocre. Nearly everything they serve at Burge is processed and pre-cooked. If you go at certain times, there will be no food out, and they tend to close early. Don't go to Burge between 2:30-5:00 pm or after 7pm. There will be nothing out but cold hamburgers and cold fries. If you want some decent food, I would suggest Hillcrest. They have real soft serve ice cream and toppings to go on it, along with a fresher looking selection of food.


The Campus is amazing, and while rather large, its seperated nicely so that youre rarely stuck running across campus between classes. The medical school dominates most of the west side of the river, while most other majors are on the east. The Downtown area, were all the bars are, are right across from the pentacrest making FAC (friday after class) easy to get to. The police kinda suck, they dont have that "kids will be kids" attitude that helps everybody get along. Instead, i once saw them stop a girl as she tried keying into the dorms. i mean, shes obviously going to bed, and shes a step away from being safe... let it go man. but they dont, cause theyre dicks.


I enjoy my academic life at Iowa. I haven't had any boring or uninteresting professors. I have had one TA that wasn't up to par, but the rest have been good. When I tell people I attend UI they always say "oh I've heard about that school, it's very good." I was talking with someone from India(she immigrated here 3 months ago), and even she heard of UI and gave the school much praise. Based on participation and all the people who wear "Iowa gear," I would say much of the students take pride in the campus. I spend most of my time at the main library(2nd floor). The law library is also excellent for studying too. Getting to the critique of Iowa. I would change how much they stress diversity because the students are here, but actually promoting active diversity, talking and learing from cultures is not something that happens as much as diversity is promoted. Being a student of color, I would say this is one of the biggest complaintes among my peers. A recent controversy occurred when two student's had racial slurs written on their door and The University didn't do as much as it could have to intervene. A student group actually did the brunt of the work. I was upset that a spokesperson for UI or someone else didn't take the initiative to put something together since diversity is promoted so much.


The best thing about Iowa is that it's big....but not too big. I love the size of The University! It's big enough that you don't see the same people every day...especially if you don't want to! However, I often run into my friends on campus, and I feel very comfortable walking around the campus. While I feel like I know the campus well, I still learn new things about it daily! I'm always saying, "Wow! I never knew this was here!" When I tell people I attend Iowa they always say, "Ohhhhhh...." I know they're usually referring back to the stereotypes that they have about Iowa so I usually just smile, and say "Yea, I love it." I love the amount of school pride that Iowa has too! When I transferred here, I was amazed at the amount of students I would see dressed up tailgating and going to all of the football games. My first football game was awesome! I know nothing about football and I was still so involved in the game and all the hype that I was hoarse when I left! Tailgating is fairly fantastic here...where else is it acceptable to start drinking with your roommate's parents at 9:00 in the morning? Definitely at Iowa! One of my favorite memories was calling my Dad during this year's Michigan State game when it had gone into overtime, and being so excited that I was at the game because my Dad was watching it on television. It was so cool to hear my Dad getting excited and telling me how weird it was that he could hear the game through my phone and on the television! :) I spend a lot of my time at the library, I hate going there, but it's one of the few places I can get work done! :)


I love it here at Iowa. I think the campus is really pretty, although it is very spread out. I don't ever think of Iowa as being too large or too small. When I tell people from back home that I'm attending the University of Iowa, the typical reaction is, "Wow, good for you!"


Iowa is a huge public school that is the major player in a very safe, supportive, engaging community. We may get a bad rap for being a state school in the middle of nowhere, but anyone who looks down on Iowa (the state or the university) has probably never been there. The student body is essentially an all-white Midwestern bunch, but they represent a wide range of hometowns, income levels, and political leanings. The size of the school is an advantage most of the time; the school can afford the very best facilities and attract big names for both faculty positions and special appearances. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find your way through the bureaucracy. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend Iowa to anyone who has trouble acting independently or feels they might need some 'guidance' or 'direction.' Academic advising is virtually non-existent. Many academic programs are very strong (journalism, creative writing, astronomy, pre-medicine, construction management, speech pathology/audiology, printmaking, athletic training, business all spring to mind). Many athletic teams are very weak (wrestling is our one gem). Student pride is exceptionally high and it seems like everyone is involved with the student or city community in at least one way.


The best thing about Iowa is the nightlife. After that I think the HUGE amount of class choices is a really nice thing. I love the size of Iowa; it is big but when you walk through out campus you see people you know and its nice not knowing most people. When I tell people i go to Iowa they always assume (correctly) that I'm a big partier. Iowa City is the perfect college town, with more bars than you can count it is really fun. It also has a lot of locally run business coffee shops, vintage, ect. School pride is really big! Iowa is famous for its tailgating and once you go to a game you'll understand why.


Good School, lots of bar life. There really is a lot more here, but you have to look. It's the definition of a "college town"


A great school and amazing place to live for a few years of your life! I learned a lot-- not only in class, but about life in general!


I love The University of Iowa and I love calling myself a Hawkeye. I believe every student shows his/her school often. The best experiences I'll always remember are the Hawkeye Football games at Kinnick Stadium.


I like the University of Iowa's location. Iowa City has a big-town feel with a small-town population. Also, Iowa City is within short distances to several larger cities, like Cedar Rapids, Davenport and the Quad Cities and is also about 6 hours from Chicago. I enjoyed being in a community that is very accepting to cultural and social differences. There are also countless opportunities in which to learn, grow and experience many things. I did not party much, but I did enjoy the variety of restaurants, theaters and other activities available to do in Iowa City.


Although Iowa is a very big university, I feel like it is just right for me. The campus is like a huge community of students and faculty that are extremely friendly and make me feel right at home. Pre-Medicine at Iowa is a very competitive major (or group of majors since Pre-Med isn't a major) and it shows that you have a lot of dedication to school work. As much as I know about Iowa's administration (which isn't a lot), I think it is very good. They are very quick to send out alerts, such as a few months ago when an unknown, armed man was driving around the Iowa City area, everyone on campus were flooded with text messages and emails which has made me feel much more comfortable on campus. The administration is very quick to alert you in any state of emergency. As for the pride at Iowa, it is outstanding. Growing up in Iowa, I have always been a hawkeye fan but it wasn't until I got here that I realized what it really meant to be a hawkeye.


I really do love this college. I think it's the perfect size. I grew up in a tiny town (800 people), you know, one of those towns where everybody knows everybody's business? That's what I like about being here - you can be anonymous if you want to. There's quite a bit to do here, too. Bowling, barhopping, billiards... I love to spend my spare time at the Ped Mall, as do many people. There's just a lot of things going on down there - people playing music, places to study outdoors, stores, food... It's a great area.


The best thing about Iowa is the atmosphere. People here are so friendly and always welcoming.


The best thing about Iowa is the sense of community. Ask any student and they'd agree, even though Iowa is a Big Ten school with 30,000 students, it has such a small school feel. With downtown so close and the buildings near each other, you cannot walk from one building to the other without seeing people you know. It really creates a strong sense of belonging. Plus, without any professional sports in the state of Iowa, everyone backs the Hawks. Game days on this campus are nuts- the town triples in size and it is black and gold absolutely everywhere.


The best thing about Iowa is the amazing colleges it has within. Getting your undergrad at Iowa looks pretty good on other applications for gradschool. The school size for me is just right. Not huge and definitely not small. I tell people it gets smaller and smaller the more you come familiar with it. When I tell people I go to Iowa, they have a sense of approval knowing that it is a good school. But some people say comments like "How often do you go to class?" I spend most of my time in my dorm room or at class. Iowa City is definitley a college town that is very diverse and different from a lot of places. The biggest controversy on campus recently was the 21-ordinance into bars. The ordinance didn't pass. Lots of school pride. Hawkeye football, basketball, and wrestling are amazing with a lot of fans.


The biggest thing about Iowa is the drinking with 52 bars in a mile radius. Most people think when I tell them that I go to Iowa big school, pretty good education, lots of drinking. I would change peoples perception so that they understand that we do a lot more then just drink. Another part of Iowa that is troublesome is the advising office. It is nitorious for being of very little help to students in figuring out what classes are needed and what majors would fit and help with a students future plans. There is a lot of school pride however. This is a major plus.


The best thing about Iowa, is the spirit that the students/staff have. If I could change one thing, I changed the efficiency of the Cambuses, especially in the winters when it's snowing. Iowa is the perfect size school. People are impressed when I tell them I go to Iowa b/c most of my graduating class in high school went to U of Illinois. I'm all over campus every day. I'm a regular at the IMU, and when it's nice out... I never stay inside unless I have to. Iowa is definitely a college town. Iowa's administration is legit. There's a ton of school pride at Iowa. I will always remember the football games. It brings everyone together. The most frequent student complaints are the cafeteria food and the Cambuses.


Being from Minnesota, I catch a lot of crap from everyone because for some reason Minnesotans inherently make fun of Iowa....I guess I still can't figure it out. I love this school because it has a comfortable small town environment: it's not in an urban area like the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities or the University of Illinois in Champaign. Iowa students have a lot of pride for their school sports too because, unlike many other states, Iowa lacks major professional sports teams. Our football games draw people from all over the state and even neighboring states. Every game is sold out and we all love our Hawkeyes even if we lose.


The University of Iowa is an amazing University. There are literally endless opportunities and many activities to participate in. I think the size of the University of Iowa is perfect. It is the second smallest big 10 university, which gives its students the advantages of attending a big ten university, with 10,000 less students.


I love Iowa. It's a large school, but there are so many organizations and clubs that it's easy to find your niche. If you want to party, it's available, but if you don't, there are so many other oppurtunities -- a lot of them are free! I also love the campus itself. It's beautiful and easy to get around. There are a lot of walking trails that go along the river. I like to take walks along it when it's nice out. People are always running or walking dogs or biking. Plus there is free Cambus service. It's also easy to get around the community. You can catch a bus to the Coralville mall, anywhere in Iowa City, or wherever. The town is great. It's really lively and cultural just like a college town should be. Although there are more bars than anything downtown, it's a fun place to hang out and it's very pedestrian-oriented.


I love Iowa and I hoped to stay here my entire school career, even going to graduate school. The education I've gotten so far makes high school look like a joke and it has shown me what real hard work is in school. The teachers are wonderful and the student I live with in the halls of my learning community are fantastic. The sad fact is, however, it's too expensive for an average, lower class student. By not receiving a super high GPA in high school or being in every possible club, scholarships are next to impossible to receive. Yes, financial aid is good--if you live in state. Out of state tuition is almost to the point of disgusting and is actually rising this year. The University is also not going to guarantee loans anymore. I have already been denied, so it has one less student. At least for its undergrad program.


Everyone is proud to say they are a Hawkeye! Iowa is the perfect size for a school. It is large enough that you have to take care of yourself and seek out help if you need it, but it is small enough that it is easy to find a good group of friends. There are always new people to meet, and new things to get involved in. Iowa was by far the friendliest campus out of those I toured. Most of the classes you'll have in the first year or two are on the east side of the rive, on or near the pentacrest, making it easy to get to and from class. In Iowa City, many of the restaurants downtown turn into bars at night. Because of their day time activity, these places can let anyone in until 10:00 pm. After that time, some bars have a permit to allow 19 and 20 year-olds in to "dance". Others don't. Many say only 21 and older should be allowed in the bars after 10pm. Every couple years a vote comes up in the local legislature to attempt to ban 19 and 20 year-olds in these venues late at night. Everyone on campus and in Iowa City has an opinion on the matter, but it has yet to pass as an ordinance. Iowa City definitely has a large portion of town that is college-oriented. The downtown right across from the University and has many cute little shops, coffee houses, and restuarants. There is also a more residential area of Iowa City that most student never see. At one point I needed a copy of a document to be considered for a scholarship. I had thought I lost my copy of the document, and I knew it was something the University had to have on file for my financial aid. They take a scan of all paperwork they get, and then they shred the documents. They couldn't find the file of the document anywhere in there system and could not find the hard copy. Then they had the brilliance to ask me to send them a copy if I found it because they needed to have it on file to keep giving me my financial aid! Luckiliy I found my copy later, or they would have totally messed up my financial aid package by losing that paper!


I spend most of my time in the hawlkeye, school library, in my dorm, at the mall. In other people's dorm rooms. Everyone that has gone to Iowa and knows Iowa have nothing bad to say about it. Before i came here, and I would tell people, they say that i would have a blast and that the campus was beautiful and they were right. I have nothing bad to say about it. Everyone is nice. Everyone is helpful.


I just love this school in general. I think it is the perfect size-not overwhelmingly big, but big enough that i never get bored. The campus is beautiful, and the quality and variety of classes and programs offered is great. I absolutely love going to the football games-people are very supportive of their football team.


The main campus is a perfect size. It is very easy to get around town because of the cambus serivices as well as the free shuttle routes that go to off campus housing. Iowa city is a safe and friendly place to live and obtain an education. if you are set on going to a big ten school out of state(like i chose to do), iowa is still the lowest out of state tuition! Tailgating for football games is HUGE!!!! We are known for having one of the best tailgates in the nation. The fans are true fans, even if our Hawks aren't doing too well and even if the weather is bad, people will still come out to the newly renovated Kinnick stadium and support the team. There are way too many experiences that i will always remember to name (some of which i don't remember very well, but thats all in the fun of being in college). The most frequent student complaints are usually associated with the Iowa City police...they love to raid the bars (you only have to be 19 to get into the majority of the bars in iowa city) and write underage drinking tickets called PAULAS. Ohh and the meter man is not a nice man!


The school is a perfect size and the thing I like the best is how the town and the college intermix. You can walk everywhere on campus and after being here for a few months the big campus just seems like your own playground. All the people are extremely helpful and friendly and you could not ask for more out of a college. Iowa provides the best college experience out of any major university.


I come from a small town so adjusting to Iowa was different. There is a bigger city atmosphere but it is not that big of a city. Most of the teachers are easy to get ahold of and will help in any way possible. Football games are probably one of the best environments to feel the school's pride. The biggest complaint I have heard deals with the poor plowing of the roads during winter.