University of Kansas Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Kansas is only as diverse as you choose for it to be; you can easily enjoy company of people just like yourself, or choose to be surrounded by numerous different types of people with the countless opportunities across campus.


The best school ever.


an excting place to study and live to build your career


University is a large, very defersifived school.


My school is a beautiful combination of academics, school spirit, school activities and community.


My school is diverse and offers a wide array of experiences suitable for almost anybody's interests and needs.


KU is an excellent school with a beautiful campus, great teachers, and exceptional guidance counselors for students to excel no matter their interest of study.


An amazing academic experience in a prestigous, elegant setting.


KU is a very spirited school with good teachers, a beautiful campus and friendly people that all hope to see you do well.


KU is a warm environment where everyone feels welcome to explore career paths and meet new people.


Open-minded enlightenment meets tradition.


A fun-loving, carefree, eco-conscious environment that has something there for everyone to enjoy.


A large, hilly campus that is open to the wanderings of people of all walks of life and all genres of interest, most of whom share an unruly passion for KU basketball.


K.U. is a school that embodies what everyone dreams of for their college education.


KU offers outstanding academic opportunities for traditional students.


KU is an amazing place to be; it is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The people, professors, and campus provide an all-around awesome experience. There is no place quite like it.


Though one might find its large scale facilities daunting, at first, the University of Kansas provides students with the resources to advance in their respective studies, allowing them to pursue their degree and career aspirations to the fullest.


The University of Kansas is all about the party.


the school with a lot of tradition.


It ahs the perfect mix between school and sports.


My school is amazing because it offers opportunites, a good education, and well-qaulified teachers that help students learn in a safe enviroment.


The university of Kansas is an amazing college to be challenged, yet succeed at.


Jayhawk's basketball and "The Hill".


The University of Kansas Main Campus is the greatest school and learning enviroment a student can ask for, it has a big sports fan base but it also has a big emphasis on academics and the arts.


Extremely large state school, fairly solid academics, hope you care about sports.


KU is a diverse campus with many oppurtunities for any area of study.


Great education for the cost of tuition with plenty of chances to work with experts in your field as well as plenty of research opportunities.


It's a crazy ride, but one that you will learn from, be thankful for, and never forget.


KU is extremely basketball driven and a slight party school, but still contains plenty of academic opportunities.


A great place to get an education and learn who you are as a person.


It's a great place to find who you really are.


A school big enough that you can find any sort of people you want: academics, athlete, partiers, artists, etc.


I would describe my school as being one of the most diverse and inspiring schools in the country due to the wide range of people who attend and the endless opportunities that it offers.


Students are full of spirit for the school but sometimes lacking in the enthusiam in the classroom.


Rock Chalk Jayhawk.


The University of Kansas is a very culturally diverse environment giving me the opportunity to interact with many new nationalities.


A very diverse atmosphere compared to the rest of the state, where you can place yourself with any different kind of people.


I attend a funky school called the University of Kansas, or KU. Located in Lawrence, KS, my school has got a very liberal and free vibe. I have thankfully never felt constricted over my first semester and my teachers and the surrounding faculty members honestly want students to succeed and feel at home at the University. There is a place here for everyone, and that is a major reason why I love going to KU. It's a home away from home that has taught me many things about myself and about how to be more adult.


Big city university in a small town setting--basically a huge and extremely diverse student population in a manageable, eclectic setting.


The University of Kansas is a beautiful place where students are challenged academically, can be involved in extracurricular activities that appeal to many interests, can attend sporting events, have a amazing school pride, and can be a part of long-standing traditions.


The University of Kansas is a diverse school with many traditions and great programs.


The University of Kansas, in one sentence, is a beautiful place where students can be challenged academically, have a life outside of classes, and participate in the many traditions of the school.


My school is conglomerate of every type of person imaginable and there is almost always a good fit for every type of student.


The University of Kansas is perfect.


A fun, energetic, yet academic community of students.


A great place to be.


A place to get an excellent education as well as having some of the best social experiences in the United States.


An essence of community on campus is unparalled elsewhere in the world.


It is very diverse and welcomes you with open arms.


The University of Kansas has many oppourtunities for me to learn and grow as an individual.