University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are the Ragin' Cajuns and known for the tight knit family environment as well as excellent, nationally ranked programs like Engineering, Nursing, Biology, and Business.


My school is best known for their Ragin Cajun pride and school spirit as well as priding in it's unique ethical diversity.


My school is best known for being "acessible," therefore attracting many students. The surrounding area is a colelge town, so the community can sometimes embrace the party lifestyl of our school, but most of the time there is a discrimination of the students that attend, making it hard for students like me, who just want to focus on their studies and graduate.


Their engineering department and the cajun bot (a lunar rover designed by UL students)


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is renowned for its advanced computer science programs and studies and is one of the best in the nation.


The school is known for its Petroleum Engineering Department and Nursing Degree. Being the Ragin Cajuns. An awesome basketball team and baseball team.


the Ragin Cajuns!


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is best known for its programs in environmental science, engineering, visual arts and education. It is the second largest university in the state of Louisiana. UL Lafayette includes 10 colleges, offering 80 Undergraduate Degree programs, 29 Master's Degree programs, and 9 Doctorate programs.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is known for top ratings.


My school is probably best know for its phenomenal nursing program.


The swamp on campus.


My school is known for being truly diverse and full of amazing cultures! You can be anywhere on campus and find someone from a different background, and this is one of the many things I love about The University of Louisiana at Lafayette!


We have a great Marching Band and one of the best Visual Arts programs in the state!


I would say my school is best known for its ethnicity diversity. We have people from all over the world that come to sttend ULL.


The University Of Louisiana at Lafayette is very well known for its Computer Science and Enginerring Degrees. The Physics Department also has a secret contract with the U.S. Government. The students at the school are very friendly to one another since it is a smaller school. The spirit at the games is a pretty amazing site.


Our school is best known for its small and friendly atmosphere with professors are ready and willing to know you personally. This is an extreme advantage because recommendation letters and graduate school recommendations are important. When a professor can know you by name and your accomplisments by heart, the student is able to thrive more than ever. Our school is well known for the friendly "Bonjours" given by both friends, strangers, faculy members, and passer bys. ULL is known for its southern hospitality radiating from all who get the chance to be a part of our cajun heritage.


My school is best known for its nursing program, engineering program, computer science program, business program, public relations program, fashion design/merchandising program, art program, and architecture program. Students at my school are also known for calling themselves Ragin Cajuns.


Being an architect major i would like to think that the architecture program is what my school is known for. It also has other great programs though. such as its nursing, business, and marketing programs. they are all really strong. We also have decient sports programs which are strongly supported by our student body.




My school is best known for its' tough nursing program.