University of Louisiana at Lafayette Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


-Most professors in the school of business know your name. The only ones that do not are the teachers of auditorium classes where there are simply too many people for them to possibly know. There are no classes like this in business but there are in the sciences and philosophy classes. -ULL offers lots of help to get students jobs upon graduation. There is a whole department focused on just that.


All of my professors know my name. I've yet to know if that's a good thing or not. Lol. I know a lot of my friends are all about their studies, but I must admit I'm not always. My most unique class would have to be Ballroom Dancing with Mrs Jo. OMG!!! It's the most fun, nost amazing class EVER!!!!


Students study depending on their personality type. My favorite class was English 101 and 360 with Mrs. Branch. Some teachers knew me by name, the ones I liked. My major was nursing. I do not spend time with professors outside of campu. UL's education is geared toward getting a job, depending on the major that you are in. UL students sometimes have intellectual conversations outside of campus depending on their mood.


I know all my professors names but I don't speak to all of them outside of class. In certain classes people participate (mainly in 300/400 level classes) I'm in nursing which I believe the department needs more teachers/classes/funding.


-During my freshman year at UL Lafayette, a engineering professor gave out to the class his home phone number. "Feel free to call me with questions" he said, "But make sure it's not past 9 pm!" This professor was no anomaly. My professors always new my name, they were always very eager to help, and their main focus was always in the students' best interest. -In my experience, students at UL study often. Rougeou Hall was like my second home, we put in hours preparing for exams, labs, and papers that I don't even care to admit. -The academic requirements for UL are steadily rising. They are competitive, yet realistic. And if your scores are good, the state of Louisiana offers what they call a TOPS program where many students get tuition completely paid for. -As for job preparation, my graduating class, as well as several classes before mine, boast a 100% job placement at the date of graduation.


As a psychology major, all of my professors knew my name. I think that professors strive to be open and strive to get to know all students. My favorite class was.. psychology! I enjoyed every psychology class that I have taken. Students in psychology vary with their study times. I like to study a little everyday but many students like to not study, or wait the last night to study/cram.


my professors dont know my name but thats because im quiet. they are willing to get to know all students who put the effort into getting to know them.


Yes. Parasatology. Depends what major. Not in my classes, they are to intraverted. Yes. yes. Histology. I don't really know much about nursing, but I have a prior degree in Biology so I could tell you anything about that. Yes. I don't know what they are. Jobless, more learning.


In accounting, i definately have my favorite and my least favorite teacher. I can't stand an unorganized teacher, it's really hard for me to follow if they are unorganized. Usually the teachers that i like, like me back as well and remember me.


some. public speaking is an amazing relationship-building class. history bores me. either not at all or constantly. class participation is somewhat common. not alot of intelligent conversation. very competitive students. public speaking, is again the most unique. department is very unorganized. no time with professors outside of class. i wish academic requirments were higher. learing for its own sake.


As I said before, I'm in the dual enrollment program. I am currently taking my 2nd class at UL. The professor of my first class, Math 105, knew who I was and that I was still in high school. I don't think my psychology teacher knows who I am or that I am in high school. In both classes, student participation was/is common. UL's academic requirements are just right in my opinion - high enough to be somewhat of a challenge and low enough to give people a chance.


Yes, the nursing professors are really good about getting to know you. My favorite class is the EKG nursing elective, After every semester our clinical groups go out to eat together so we spend time with our clinical instructors outside of nursing


I have some professors that know my name but not all, which is completely expected. My favorite class was Theatre 300, it wasn't just about lecture. We had lots of physical learning activities which I think is great! Least favorite classes are the big auditorium lecture classes. Too hard to stay focused in those classes. I think the College of Education is GREAT! The workers in the office are fantastic and always willing to help in any way. Education does a great job on focusing toward getting knowledge provided to students for future jobs.


too many questions to answer but some professors know my name. dr. brian campbell was by far my best teacher. my kinesiology classes are my favorites.


Most, if not all, of my professors know my name and have gotten to know me on a personal level. I have many favorite classes and teachers ranging from liberal arts to business. The studying habits of students are various. We are typical college students. I find UL students are highly intellectual but fun at the same time. Some students are competitive. I am taking the most unique class right now. It is my Advanced Composition class. I am a double major in Accounting and Spanish. I am very close to many of my professors. I think the academic requirements are fair and attainable.


Yes, most professors do learn our names. My favorite class was Theatre. My least favorite class was all of my history classes. I think some students study pretty often. Yes, I believe that class participation is very common. Yes, we do have intellectual conversations outside of class. I think some students are competitive but in a good way. The most unique class I have taken is Theatre. I learned so many things in that class. No, I do not usually spend time with my professors outside of class unless I need help with something. I think the academic requirements are good. I think education at UL is geared toward getting a job and some can be for learning for its own sake. You take in what you learn and apply it.


As far as the academics in the Biology or pre-med goes, we are the best! We have great professors that prepare us for whatever medical field we choose to pursue.


Yes, most professors know me by name. My favorite classes are always the Communication courses! My least favorite = foreign languages. I think students study all the time. Class participation is very common at UL Lafayette. You will always have someone volunteering to speak/respond to the teacher (even though it's uncalled for!) UL students definitely hold intellectual conversations outside of classes by debating material, studying the material, and joining extra curricular activities that provide for the intellectual opportunities. The students at UL, depending on the program, are very competitive.


Most of the time the professors dont know your name. They dont really try to know your name. They pass around the roll sheet and go about there business. Every now and then the teachers have a small class and there is alot of interaction between the student and professor, in which case, they do learn who we are. My favorite class would have to be my sociology 101 class. My professor is the coolest person ever. i didnt have to buy a book, and she gets up there and actually keeps me interested in what is going on. Most of the time when a teacher gets up there and lectures, i loose focus, but not with her.


The Biology department at UL is one of the best, and the professors are great. I have personally gotten to know several of my professors, and they have provided sound advice for me. Of course, in the large lecture classes, it is difficult to know every student, but they have always been very welcoming and helpful during office hours. I'm not sure about other majors, but for the most part, Biology majors study a good bit. A good portion are trying to get into medical school, and grades are very important.


Yes, I sit up front and make myself known there and sometimes in their office. This has developed from years of practice on effective study habits and student-teacher relationships, too. My favorite class is a criminal justice class I have right now. I had a pretty good psychology class a few years ago as well. My major is math, but most of the math teachers are very smart but cannot teach to save their life. A good deal of reform is needed in this area. Unless students are in a study-intensive major, most find hobbies on the side to occupy their time, be in partying, fraternities, judo & exercise (like me), or other things. Students aren't too competitive. We help each other out more than we compete. The most unique class is probably judo. I've written already about the poor quality of teachers in the math department, despite how smart they may be. Some can teach. Doctor or not, I think they should all be required to pursue education degrees if they are planning on teaching undergraduate-level classes. I sometimes spend time in their office, particularly if it is a difficult class. Some academic areas have solid curriculums. Some majors, like mine, are too randomly thrown together without any thought put into making the degree well-rounded nor planned toward any kind of real solid education at all. Engineering and nursing degrees and such are job specific. So are the business majors, sort of. My degree really doesn't help me get any kind of job in math. I can't really choose an area of focus, and the course options are very limited.


Our administration is uncomparibly among the best in the nation because i have found if you are struggling in some of your classes and need help they have an open door policy for students to go in and get side help. Our way of classes is a very relaxed process. Most students i have classes with are very interactive. our professors beleive the best way to learn is to interact and feed off of our peers views and ideas. Its also very common to see classes being held outside. One of my classes in my Junior year was held in differant parts of Lafayette because my professor believed the best way to witness psychology was to experience life out of the class.


Yes, all of my professors know my name. My favorite class this semester is Communications 203 and my least favorite is dietetics 214. I study something everyday but most students cram the night before an exam. Class participation is fairly common, except in auditorium seating classes like my Microbiology class. The most unique class I have taken is Culture of FOod and Literature (HONR 385-7). I feel as if the nursing curriculum is geared more towards getting a job.


In the College of Business many professors recognize me and know who I am. Most professors that I've had conversations with outside of class will usually remember you. My favorite class was a Management elective, Leadership, and was taught by a lecturer. This teacher had a career for 30 years in what I want to do. His classes were very inspirational for me. I would say most students study around 2 hours a night; depending on what semester you are in. There are a lot of teachers that will assist you as much as they can to get you a job in your future profession. I think there are many classes offered that will prepare you for future success.


Yes. my Engl 102 class because my teacher fun and cool and so was the material. my least favorite has too many to mention. i study as much as i can with my busy schedule. for the most part. not that i know of. it depends on your major. none, I go strictly by the book. My major is Child and Family studies. I love it because it is not limited to one specific job. I have many opportunities. no. some like, nursing, are getting ridiculous! both and I'd rather know stuff for my job rather than the other crap.


My professors defintely know their students' names. My favorite class.. hmm.. besides nursing I'd have to say Sociology. Ms. Darlington, a total trip! Class is not mandatory, yet I have found my self attending regulary just to hear her crazy stories! In nursing, students are very competitive. To get into clinical rotations, there are only around 110 students accepted - top GPAs get in first. It makes the students work hard. The most unique class. Probably English 206. Just last week, my teacher came to class in a motorized wheel chair and backed up into the chalk board - priceless! My major is obviously nursing! My life is comprised of studying and "thinking like a nurse" as the teachers say. I talk to many of my professors outside of class. Yesterday I was talking to one of them about Flavor Flav, haha! Nursing at UL Lafayette is geared toward getting a BSN. Their mail goal is to have us prepared and ready once we graduate. I recommend this major to anyone who is caring of others and willing to work hard!