University of Maine at Farmington Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Maine at Farmington is a small liberal arts college that possesses many exceptional qualities. The school provides an excellent community in which students and guests feel welcomed, and it has many outstanding academic programs in which the professors are highly qualified and care a great deal about both their field and their students.


UMF is a place where you can follow your passions while learning in leaps and bounds about the world around, outside, and inside of you.


Small and quiet school with a variety of phenomenal education programs.


A small town homey feeling place to be.


Farmington is friendly, comfortable, and academically challenging.


The University of Maine Farmington is a small, community-based, fun, rural liberal arts university.


My school is a very small and close school, where the people are very helpful and friendly.


My college - The University of Maine at Farmington is a small, intimate college that specializes in meeting the needs of its 2000 +/- enrolled students; which includes a number of diverse majors, including studies for prospective teachers, creative writers, outdoor studies, political science and history, women's studies and liberal studies, for those students who know they want and need to start their college education, but may not be certain which major is in their future.


The UMaine Farmington campus reminds me a lot about my home town as I knew it when I was younger, it's small, cozy, and community-oriented.


University of Maine Farmington is truly a place you can be yourself and you can discover things about yourself you never knew before.


The University of Maine at Farmington is a great place for a college education, not only for its outstanding programs and majors, but also for the sense of community and socialization that come with it.


It is a small, very friendly school with a community feel. If you want to be a teacher, this is the college for you. It is laid-back, outdoorsy, and liberal. However, the other majors are not given as much focus. The classes are not demanding. The students are all middle-class, white, and from Maine or the New England area.


This school is a place for people to feel welcomed and to succeed in school because the professors are welcoming and helpful.


It's really relaxed and engaging and has a good balance of learning and fun.