University of Maine at Farmington Top Questions

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The people are so friendly and the school itself feels like a community.


My school is the best school for becoming a teacher, it is the best teaching college in New England. Upon graduating you will be completely certified to teach in your desired field. In other schools I considered your certification was on your own shoulders and teaching was not a big focus of the schools as they were large unvisersities.


My school is one of the most open campuses in the country. We accept people of any race, class, sex, and especially sexual orientation. Homosexual life on our campus is free and I feel because of it our campus has a deeper level of freedom. Freedom is very important, our school has even made headlines because of pushing the limits of freedom. We have had women's topless marches and even a science experiment counting how many people would walk on an American flag, both of these events were highly scandalous in the news.


Farmington has a low population and the professors are excellent.


I applied to two schools, UMF and RIT, and got accepted to both of them, however, I decided that UMF would be best for me because the standards for learning are applied at a much more reasonable pace and I feel that had I chosen RIT, I wouldn't have as much academic success as I would like.


The University of Maine Farmington stands out among other colleges and universities because of its size, location, environment, and reputation. The university's education programs, specifically early childhood special education program, are above and beyond the special education programs at many other schools in New England. Schools and family/child service organizations are eager to hire a graduate of the University of Maine Farmington. The location of this university is great for the outdoor enthusiast. The people in the community as well as the students and faculty at the university are friendly and welcoming. It provides a hometown feeling.


Farmington offered just what I wanted and is one of the highly accredited teaching schools. The college life is great and I got to spend a weekend there with my friend who was a freshman last year. Farmington is very diverse and is known for being a small college with high success rates and it also has that home away home feeling.


Our school is small, which makes it easy to get to know your professors and fellow students, and creates a very friendly and accepting environment. Our professors are very personable. Small classes allow us to participate in discussion and speak our mind, insead of just listening to a lecture for an hour. The location also offers a lot of outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, rafting, kayaking etc. It's all about experiencing as many things as possible and getting a well-rounded education. We have countless clubs and organizations, and anyone can start one.


We are located very close to several mountains and skiing/snowboarding on the weekends is very common


Students there really care about their education.