University of Maine at Farmington Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


We have a chapter of Rotaract which seems to be pretty big here, and which does things all over the world. The Alliance seems to have a good following. There are many craft and art organizations, as well as language and culture groups. The multicultural alliance seems to do okay. There are TONS of arts events here. Many plays and such on campus. There are many alternatives to drinking and partying, that are safe and neutral. The computer club, and other gaming groups have huge followings and Zombies VS Humans (ZVH) is quite popular. We have a radio station and any student is welcome to DJ. The station also streams to the web. There are some dorms devoted to health and drug free living, and the campus itself is smoke-free. Smokers have to go a good distance to get away from the buildings. The bars in town are really flocked more with locals than with students. Most of the people here are not of age to drink, anyhow. Alternatives are definitely encouraged. But at the same time, we have a chapter of SSDP, which attempts to promote better legislation like legalization of marijuana, and wants to ensure students are safe if they do end up experiment with recreational drugs or alcohol. Of course, this is largely Irish territory, so St. Patties day is a big day of partying, but other than that one time of year, you don't see too much of it. We're all far too busy. Many of us are Red Sox fans, and fans of the other Boston teams, and once in a while day trips are offered, such as to games at Fenway Park, or harbor cruises in Boston, as well as ski excursions or hiking closer by. Because this is back woods Maine, you can actually go to the store and get things like local, fresh maple syrup, or maple candies, or honey. There are farms nearby too, where one can go for treats or farm goods. You also have stuff like county fairs once a year. It's really a mixture of New-England/ Boston/ college culture with small-town mania. The school tries very hard to integrate itself with the town, and the town does integrate itself in terms of businesses catering to students, but the local natives are still pretty reserved. If I'm up at a rare hour, chances are good its because I'm pushing a deadline on a paper due tomorrow. I like my beauty sleep, as I think a majority of UMFers do. Not that we can take it all the time. We're kept busy enough. It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that there isn't much dating going on here. I guess people are busy, reserved, and come from too far distances to be interested in one another, as well as often being already married at a young age, which seems to be the local culture, or commuting, and already taken by someone closer to home. I'd say that the Puritans had some influence on the under-riding culture. At any rate, there probably isn't a lot of open same-sex dating because the regional attitude would make this difficult. As I mentioned, there is somewhat of an anti-social climate here, and I live on my own, so I would say that I haven't really made any friends here (due to personal choice and the fact that I have friends in other places already,) but that if you want to meet people, you'd find this easiest in clubs and some of your classes. That's where I've met most of the people I've met. Also, if you stay in a dorm and/or have a meal plan, you are bound to get to know people who like the same things you do. Plenty of opportunities are provided for those who seek.... In general, it's difficult to summarize our diverse social atmosphere, so I think I'd say whatever you are, you could bring that with you, and maybe grow a little in the process too.