University of Maine at Fort Kent Top Questions

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The University of Maine at Fort Kent stands out for its student to faculty ratio. Each class is small in size, providing ample opportunity for the students to get to know their professors and feel comfortable with asking questions. This small school ties everyone together, creating a tight-knit community.


This school is way up north in the middle of no where, close to the Canadian border. It is great for people who like to do outdoor things, such as camping, hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling. The college is very community based and hands on. The professors are awesome and want you to succeed. The community is very supportive. If you want to succeed and be the best you can be this is the right place for you!!


The University of Maine at Fort Kent has a behavioral sciences major unlike any other in Maine that incorporates many aspects of psychology, anthropology, and social work.


I have visited a few colleges and none of them have felt so welcoming. The students and staff are always willing to help you with something whether or not it takes a long time. The support they provided me just honestly couldn't be matched anywhere else. It is a awesome college to attend. They also make you truley believe that they want to help you succeed at the college and at life. And guess what? I know they do.


I chose the University of Maine at Fort Kent because it was located in a small town and the college itself was also on the smaller side. I am a quiet person and I was really looking for a smaller school. When I toured the campus, I felt welcomed their and I also felt like I belonged.


University of Maine at Fort Kent is definitly a lot smaller than the other schools I considered. They also gave me an ethletic scholarship which made my bill so much cheaper than any other school I had to choose here.


The school is in a very small community, which allows you to get to know many people. The school itself is small, which also helps students to get to know many other students. Also, the community is somewhat french speaking, which helps students learn or practice their french speaking skills.


This school came very highly recommended from previous students who had attended and graduated with a degree in nursing. Some of them are relatives of mine and are now very succesful nurses working in the state of Maine. I wanted to stay close to home and still get a good education and this school is very well known for the nursing program. There was not much competition when it came to decided where I wanted to go to college.


It's close to home and fairly affordable.


The amount of effort they put in to help us.


Due to our location being in the Saint John Valley our school has a very strong Franco-American heritiage, it is something that our staff and students are very proud of because most of us are from the Saint John Valley.


The University of Maine at Fort Kent is not like many other schools. The size over all is about 1000 students, giving the students to have a much closer atmosphere with each other, as well as, the faculty and staff. Also Fort Kent is very community based and both the community and the college work together doing activities and having experiences together that most schools do not get like the students this year get to help out with the Biathlon, bringing the school and community and everyone closer together.


The University of Maine at Fort Kent is unique because of its small town location and shockingly large amount of diversity on campus.


The University of Maine at Fort Kent has a wonderful nursing program. Compared to the other nursing programs I applied to this one stood out. They have a wonderful group of teachers that train us in lecture and labs. Unlike many other schools my school offers a HESI test each year, which prepares us for the NCLEX, final nursing exam our senior year. The labs at the university are top of the line and I felt I could get a wonderful education between the great atmosphere, lab materials, and my strong will to succeed.