University of Maine at Fort Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking to be recognized personally as a student should attend UMFK.


A person who is motivated, knows what they want to accomplish, how they want to accomplish it with a goal in mind. Making small goals which leads to larger goals. This is what gets you ready to advance into the best possible person in your career as you possibly can. The main way to accomplish this is to be ready to fight your way mentally through those tough courses that come at you in your path to succes. Be prepared as the famous motto is for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.


Someone who enjoys the outdoors, likes a small campus with a global perspective.


UMFK is an ideal school for someone who likes the small town charm and being outdoors. Fort Kent always has something exciting going on, and it's a great community to be involved with. There are limited options for entertainment but that is not necessarily a draw back, especially for the more serious student. The school has a close-knit environment, the teachers are very approachable, and the other staff are always friendly. The programs are top notch and it is a perfect environment for learning. If that's what you are looking for, come to Fort Kent!


Someone who enjoys a being apart of a small community and a close network of friends.


This person would be someone wishing to pursue a Criminal Justice, Nursing, or Educational degree. It would also be a person that would be interested in playing basketball, soccer, and or skiing. UMFK is located near a small ski slope, It is the home of the 10th Mtn. Division that hosted a Biatholon World Cup. Area activities are skiing, fishing, canoeing, annual Muskee Fishing Derby, Karate School, Mardi Gras, and Scarecrow/Ploye Festival. UMFK is ocated within walking distance of high school, grammar school, recreation department, and swimming pool. They would love the small town atmosphere.


The person who should attend this school is someone who is openminded and ambitious. Someone who is willing to learn new ideas and encourage and help fellow students to learn.


The University of Maine at Fort Kent is perfect for a person who likes a small and friendly community type college, In which all individuals attending share a similar love for the outdoors, and the beauty of Northern Maine. The individual must also want to be in a small class room setting in which the teacher forms a relationsship with the students, and is able to help motivate, and push the students to success.


People with no sense of pain.