University of Maine Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The school is a small school. It has the feel of a community college in size.


I can't think of anything that frustrates me. Homework is stressfull at times, but not necessarily frustrating. I like my school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the with the financial aid office and the offices related because the people who work in those offices make students run around to different people trying to get help with finances even though they can directly help you or they can contact a person who can assist immediately. The people tend to be roundabout with the students unless the students are direct with them firsthand.


The online class scheduling is a hassle and so is dealing with financial aid, but once you get passed that, the campus is so welcoming and amazing! The older students are so supportive and are extremely welcoming to freshman!!!


Finding classes pertaining to your major if you miss your sign up period time. You can't enroll in a lot of the ones that you might be interested in because of all the "good" classes have been filled up.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Maine is finicial aid, because it is difficult working a job while doing successful in my classes. If I had more finincial aid; I would not have to work as often and would have more time to dedicate to my studies.


I'd have to say the most frustrating thing about my school is the size of some of the classes. Last semester my biology class had upwards of 200 students. Not all classes are like this, but a lot are. However, our school does offer a lot of individual help if needed and it's very easy to get one on one time with the teacher.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost to go there.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that there are so many students. The classes are very large so it is hard to get to know the professors, and other students. It is also hard to meet new people, unless you join a bunch of groups, live on campus, or keep your friends from high school. And because classes are so large the professors just lecture to you, so you don't do anything as small groups unless you are in a lab, but then you have to get your labs done, a short time.


some of the class rooms are to small.


The only frustrating part about my school is the financial aspect of it. I am an out of state student and sometimes I feel as though I am overpaying. I have no complaints about the school other than money.


How it wastes money, on classes like peace studies and womens studies and being enviornmentally friendly when it is not cost effective, cuts to funding of athletics that bring students to the school, and the universities very liberal policies.


it has one of the most expensive instate tuition rates in the U.S.


The parking situation and some rediculous classes.


Some professors, and the weather


The fact that UMaine does absolutely nothing for my financial situation isi absolutely frustrating to me. I have so much trouble coming up with money for each semester bill and they never seem to care. The financial aid staff are extremely unhelpful and act as though they are unconcerned with students' individual situations - they just dismiss issues by saying that so many others are going through the same thing. The staff tends to give students the run-around, and no matter how many times you make the effort to go in, they give you the same unhelpful answers.


The administration, over all they are good people in student affairs but some of the policies and proceedures can be a bit redundent and sometimes out of touch.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that when I transferred there, they poorly transferred my credits which made it very difficult for me to enroll into the correct classes. Seeking out advisors to help me didn't really work, and the process was not seemless at all, I was really given the 'run-around' to try to enroll in the classes I need. Although I am sure this is not a popular scenario it is certainly the one things that frustrates me the most.


The most frustrating thing is dealing with financial aid and loans. Overall money problems are the hardest for me.


The school is way up in Maine. There is not much to do in the surrounding areas. It gets real cold up here and the winters are long.


the most frustrating thing about Umaine is the parking situation. They continue to take away commuter parkin to allow more space for residents, and all it does is creates a major hassle for those that do not live on campus.


Trying to fund your college career, but also focusing on your academics.


The most frustrating thing about school is money. Its very difficult to try and balance money with education, and its very expensive to live.


the amount of students and the campus is so large that you can get lost very easily. Also the size of some of the classes I took just did not give you the one on one you sometimes need with your professor. Therefore you have to communicate via email or try to get your advisor to have another student help you out. With about 20,000 students you really need to pay attention especially when signing up for classes the computer gets real busy and sometimes you lose out on a class because too many are on line,


The cold long winters


There is little to no academic guidance. I pick my classes and figure it all out myself. Luckily, I'm perfectly capable, but the number of students not graduating on time is growing all the time. There are times when I just feel like another sucker emptying their pockets to the university.