University of Mary Washington Top Questions

Describe how University of Mary Washington looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Mary Washington has the friendliest, most approachable students out of any campus that I have been to.


The University of Mary Washington, where the odds are always in your favor. (and where all of Tumblr resides.)


UMW is the best place to grow both academically and individually!


A beautiful campus with very intelligent professors who encourage learning for learning's sake within a community of supportive individuals.


Its a small community where people remember your name and you feel so apart of the school that you WANT to get involved in any way you can.


University of Mary Washignton makes sure future teachers have the possibility to learn from the most updated material and research-based approaches and at the same time have practical experiences while still taking courses.


Mary Washington is a quite and small school, where students get to know their professors on an individual basis, and it is a beautiful place to study.


Mary Washington is a great school.


Mary washington is a lovely campus full of great professors that are almost always easy to access and even after I have finished with a course, the past professors like to keep in touch and try to be available whenever I need help.


The University of Mary Washington is a small liberal arts school, with a beautiful campus and a strong basis in academics.