University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag the most about when telling my friends about this school would be the teachers and academics.


I like that it is in a quiet town and there is some shopping around the area so you can have a nice day out during spring time.


The campus is beautiful. Since UMW is such a small school you can really feel the community togetherness when you walk through campus. The classes are also another thing that is pretty awesome! The professors are always available in class as well as outside of class, so you never have to stress out if you don't understand something. What I love most about UMW are the clubs that are provided on campus, there is always a club hosting a bbq are interest meeting so its easy to get involved on campus.


When I talk to my friends about the University of Mary Washington, I tend to brag the most about the appearance of the campus. It is very beautiful, with old red brick buildings, large white columns, and towering trees. I also brag to my friends about the friendliness of professors and students on campus.


nice cable channels, pretty good food and that is about it


Small class sizes and personable professors who care about their students.


The University of Mary Washington has the most accessible faculty. They are friendly, smart, and always have their doors open should you need to consult them with a problem (academic or personal).


That Mary Washington is such a pretty school. That they always have flowers around campus.


I brag about my friends at UMW, because they are the greatest part of my college life and are always there for me!


I tell them how low-pressure the environment is and how friendly everyone is here. I've never felt out-of-place.


That it's a great size, and tons of fun for the cost of attending. Mary Washington has a nice community of student-atheletes that are very social (partying/ drinking) for the most part, but certainly don't discriminate if you're not an athlete.


The class sizes are very small which facilitates learning.


UMW's gorgeous campus is a big brag point, as well as the great people and campus community feeling. There are also a lot of opportunties to participate in many activities. The prime location between Richmond and DC makes for easy and fun opportunities to go to cities, and we're only acouple hours from Virginia Beach.


UMW has a tight-knit faculty and student body, and the campus is beautiful.