University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes the hometown feel and someone who likes to make friends


Anyone! I met all kinds of people at UMW and loved the atmosphere.


Someone who is very concerned and passionate about social justice issues, such as LGBT rights, sexual education, and sex positivity. There is a strong presence of activists on campus, and someone who is very passionate about such issues would excell at Mary Washington. In addition, someone who is very interested in a science-based major would fit in very well at Mary Washington. The science programs are very strong, and there is a definite niche for those who are passionate about natural sciences.


I don't know, because we have a lot of different types of people. I can however tell you who shouldn't apply to this school: anyone looking for a Mrs. degree (we have a pretty big majority of women on campus) or anyone for whom Greek life is a priority. UMW is most definitely NOT a party school, not that there aren't any parties, but if you plan to spend your entire college career drunk, this is not the place for you.


open-minded, someone who likes small classes and is not interested in varsity football or basketball. You get a great education for an amazing monetary value.


Someone looking for a personal, rich and well developed educational experience at an enjoyable and fulfilling rate without the mass-productive sense of teaching students common to large schools.


Someone who is academically focused, well mannered, fashionable, and willing to put themselves out there to find what interests them.


very smart ones


If you are looking for a small school with enthusiastic professors that you will get to know than you should go to University of Mary Washington.


Someone who is a driven individual who likes to ahve fun. Those that are ready for a stong courseload and can handle the pressue. There are lots of intelligent students here, but also creativity is a huge aspect.


Anyone who doesn't want to feel oke a number. Someone who wants to know people and be known back. If the student likes history its a great fit for them.


Liberal, open-minded, politically savvy, someone who wants to be a big fish in a small pond, a person not interested in the greek life nor football,


Anyone seeking a solid liberal arts education at a small school for a good value should consider going to Mary Washington. It's quaint, quiet, and provides its students with plenty of opportunities during and beyond undergrad.


Anyone and everyone who doesn't mind a smaller school and who apprechiates the asthetic value of their surroundings.


A person who is driven to suceed in whatever field they choose.


Im not really sure. Definitely someone who wants a small school atmosphere. Its easy to make friends and if they have a club you like easy to get involved. Do an overnight stay or atleast talk to several students who aren't your tour guide because they have to say all "the right" things but you get a more realistic idea from students along the way and even better idea if you do an overnight... warning.. there isnt much activity on the weekends.