University of Mary Washington Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to the University of Mary Washington, I wish I would have known about the programs and certificates that they offer. For example, I did not know about the education program that University of Mary Washington offers.


I can't think of anything I've struggled with.


I wish I had known how helpful staff could be! Take advantage of the most important resource at Mary Washington, the faculty! They always respond quickly to emails and do their best to help. I've had such good experiences with the ResLife staff and the professors (who actually teach the classes!). Don't be afraid to ask for clarification on assignments or about clubs and other great activities for students. I know it can seem intimidating for a student to just email a professor directly, but just give it a try!


I wish I would have known exactly how small UMW is. I mean I knew it was small but i didint know that it was really THAT small. Everyone knows everyone on this campus!


The internet situation. They do provide free wireless internet, but it is slow and unreliable. However, to upgrade it will cost you $20 extra a semester.


how hard it is to share living space


I wish I had known that the school has very high expectations when it came to academics because it's very hard.


Before starting at UMW last fall, I would have loved hearing from an upperclassmen just how difficult creating a healthy balance between work and social life it is here at school. Fortunately, I made great friends and had no trouble socially, but that isn't the case for all at MaryWash. The social scene here is certainly not what one thinks of when he/she hears college. UMW is NOT a "party school."


I wish I had known how much time playing a Varsity sport was going to take away from other school activities.


I wish I had known more about all the red tape students have to go through in order to get helped.


Maybe how quiet it can get


That the professors at UMW are amazing, and that I should seek them out for any help I needed rather than bothering with the backwards administration.


Nothing. College is an experience, and I wouldn't want to know what my experience would be like before, I'd rather live it


That I could have applied to more schools outside of my state and applied for more scholarships. I kept it to applying to three schools in Virginia and believe that I narrowed my horizons a little, although not enough to substantially affect my future.


You have to retake general education requirements, like math and science. I always thought I'd be done with that in highschool.


I wish I had known more about my own major and what I can do with it.


That a lot of the students don't really do anything and are boring. That all the women worth dating are taken.


I wish I would have paid more attention to the political climate. Being a Conservative student is not very easy on this campus.


Bad internet.