University of Mary Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very academically driven, up for new challenges, very outgoing, and very friendly.


Lifelong friends.


My classmates are exceptionally hard working people who take their education very serious and work very hard for what they hope to accomplish.


My classmates are very helpful to me because they differ in the way that they think about things, so it allows me to better understand what other people have their own views and have their own way of thinking about things.


My classamates are intellectual, studious, and helpful.


Classmates here at the University of Mary are great. I do not have a problem going up and asking a question to anyone if I didn't quite understand the material we went over in class. I feel that with a smaller school it is easier to talk to people than at a larger school and I feel that is why classmates are friendly here at the University of Mary.


All my classmates are very friendly, outgoing, and helpful.


The other students here are very open to others, and are willing to help those who need it with academics or encouragement.


My classmates are very typical, everyone gets along for the most part, we have smaller classes so we all know each other, there are a few loose strings in the bunch, but that usually happens.


Since I am from a smaller school I always seem to know the majority of my classmates which has always been great for me and in the rare case that I don't know anyone in one of my classes it is still always get to know different people because they are always very open and friendly.


Some of my classmates are school focused, but others seem to think that they can party and not attend class but still be accepted into their desired program.


committed to education


nice to visit with.


Considering the location of our school I feel that I am surrounded by a very diverse group of people.