University of Mary Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The university of mary is best known for its excellent leadership building skills in education, also it is a religious school giving studentsthe oppertunity to better themsleves with their own faith.


The University of Mary is best known for their servant leadership! This school puts pride and honor into teaching their students to become the best leaders. The University of Mary is also known for their Benedictin Values. These values include hospitality, moderation, community, prayer, respect for person, and service. My school was also founded by the Benedictin Sisters of the Annunciation.


I think that the best thing that the University of Mary is known for is that it is the second cheapest private school. It's also like having a family here. The school makes it feel like home here and everyone is nice so you feel very comfortable. No matter which dorm you live in you still feel like you have a family here at University of Mary.


The University of Mary is known for its academic excellence and its outstanding tradition of producing grduates that are prepared for their careers.


The University of Mary is best known for its Benedictine Values and our leadership abilities. These values are hospitality, service, community, respect, prayer, and moderation. These six values are used in every area of the school, whether it is in the classroom or in a sport. All six values are incredibly important to UMary, thanks to the Benedictine Sisters, our founders. UMary is also known as "America's leadership university," that is pretty incredible for a small school in North Dakota. I think that together, these to aspects make this school a special place.


The University of Mary, known as "America's Leadership University," focuses on providing students with a quality education while instilling the Benedictine values of community, hospitality, service, moderation, respect for persons and prayer. Around the state of North Dakota it is known for its excellent nursing, education and music programs.


The school is best known for the accepting nature. When a person moves in they feel at home. When people walk down the halls and pass each other they say hi to one another even if they don't know each other. The school is very comforting and warm and will make a person feel like they are right at home.


We are "America's Leadership University" because the University of Mary offers a wide range of leadership classes that allow students higher job placement in their chosen field directly after college and numerous internship opportunities before graduating from the institution. We believe service is a large part of leadership. Therefore, we are also best known for our great community involvement through service. As a Catholic, Christian, and Benedictine university, we serve the community in many ways through our clubs, organizations, and sports.


My school is a catholic university and we are not very large, so I think we are best known for our individualism. Our teachers know us by name, and I love that! We also get a chance to meet up in study groups, and they are good about getting us involved with activities. University of Mary makes me feel like I never left home!!!


music programs


We have very good business and nurseing programs.