University of Mary Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I brag about the most to be friends when I talk about the University of Mary is how it much of a community it is. I never walk accross campus without seeing someone I know and saying hello to people. Everyone is incredibly friendly and the teachers genuinely care about you as an individual and want you to succeed which is something that you will not get at a larger University.


I love the small class sizes that allow me to get the one on one attention that I need in some classes. The friendliness of the students on campus is just amazing and inspiring. There is always someone in classes to help when people need it.


Our dorm rooms are bigger, we have fun campus activities, and we have Mass offered every day! There is also free internet, printing, and laundry! The dining center is an all you can eat buffet with so many choices! There are places to plug in your car in the winter, and underground tunnels to stay out of the cold.


The University of Mary's study abroad in ROME Program.


It is a smaller school oriented toward the students. The professors are genuinely concerned for the student and whether or not the student will succeed. The students have the ability to receive help if they are struggling. The school is more focused on studying and helping each other succeed, rather than partying or sports. We show a lot of pride in our abilities and how well our school helps us.


How far away it is from the big city life.


The things I brag most about to others about my school is the way the professors work one on one with the students, how well the academcis are and how well the sports teams are. The other thing is how friendly everyone is that goes here.


The Occupational Therapy Program is amazing. The teachers really care about how we do, and we feel like we belong here. I also love that it's not politically incorrect here to mention God. Many schools are very closed minded about the use of the word God, and believe it's not right to pray. THis school is greatly open to God and church.