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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No it is not accurate at all. I have a video reply to this, but to summarize, people often think of this school based on its acronym. UMBC: You're Muslim, black or Chinese, You must be Chinese, University of math before chicks. I think it would be funny if (banking on the likelihood of student tolerance) SGA or some group put a list out in the commons for students to write funny meanings for UMBC. These stereotypes are not bad at all (they show diversity and our interest in academics), and they fit only small bits of our complex and fantastic school.


True and false. I would say that UMBC students have extra enthusiasm that students at other schools don't have when it comes to certain things, but we are not the stay in our room recluses that is generally though of. Our campus is very much alive.


yes and no


No. There are so many exceptions to this stereotype. UMBC is a diverse campus made up of many different personalities. However, chess is not always dorky :)


No - some classes are a bit difficult, but the professors are very helpful and for the most part this makes the classes fun, even if they are challenging. UMBC's research facilities offer a broad opportunity for students who would like to do research, even undergraduates. It is not boring at all - on the contrary, it is one of the things that makes UMBC more interesting. And you are not forced, as a student of UMBC, to do research. If that's not your thing, there's no big deal, but it is interesting to know what kind of research is being done on campus. UMBC has a very diverse student population; at UMBC, your peers are part of what makes the atmosphere so fun and interesting.


I am not Asian so we are not all Asian. There is a good amount of Asians but there are a good amount of all types of students. It's so cool to meet people from other cultures and countries. So not everyone is the same but that is a good thing. And about being nerdy. My friends and I are not nerds. There are some nerds but thats how it is at a tough school. And PA people might never understand UMBC, I've just come to accept it.




Well we care about are grades and take school seriously but we have fun too! While a lot of students do go home alot stay too, and as long as your with friends you can find something fun to do.


well our asian population is about 40%, and there are still a lot of commuters, but a lot of people live on campus and if you have friends that stay thats really all that matters.


To an extent. People do go home on weekends no matter how you look at it. As far as not having depends on your definition of fun.


I have only met one member of the chess team, however there are a lot of asian people on campus. People who come here do tend to study a lot, and most people I've met picked UMBC over college park. Often, freshmen will transfer to college park when they realize that UMBC is not a party school.


While there are many students of Asian decent, there are still many other different walks of life at UMBC. It is true that campus definitley empties out on the weekends, but, as I go through my years I can see more and more people sticking around for the weekends. SGA, SEB and other campus organizations are trying to make on-campus living a better experience for everyone.


These stereotypes are not accurate at all!!! With a nice group of friends, you will realize there is so much to do on campus and off campus during the day and during the night.


Study all the time---yes Mostly Asians--No


There are a lot of minorities, which makes the campus strong & gives it a diversity that many colleges & universities do not have. If you don't like diversity, it is not a place for you.


Not entirely it depends on your experience at UMBC


It is true that we have a lot of computer and and science related majors, but there are a broad mix of others as well. As for being quite, if you wish to have a low key social life, you can, but if you make friends and are open to having fun, its quite easy to party as much as you want. As for commuters, i only know a few, all of my other friends live on campus and are very happy. The school is big enough to have a broad range of people, while you are still an individual.


somewhat, but not entirely UMBC students care about their work and grades, but do want to have a social life as well


Far from it.


Yes and no. On the surface I would say that there is some room for improvement. What I love is that there is diversity of thought. That everyone of my classes have had an atmosphere of inclusivity. Most importantly, the faculty is quite diverse and always have much to offer to academically and professionally.


Not really. We might have a majority of Asian students, but it didn't seem that way to me. I also met plenty of students majoring in the humanities.


Definitely not. UMBC is super-diverse and has plenty of people who live on campus, who party, and who are very smart. As for the school spirit part, we can have plenty of spirit like when UMBC went to the NCAA.


Depending on your experience with your academic advisors or with the registrar office, you will know for yourself if you had made a good or bad choice.


It is not overly populated, and despite being ultra safe, its a rather remote area that requires a vehicle to go anywhere. Though, if you can drive it is very close to Baltimore and D.C. It's true, raunchy parting is not very easy to find, and the population is only medium. You have to look hard for a crazy time, but just hanging out, Frisbee, tanning, football and skating is easy enough to find with the weather is nice. Drinking is reserved for more away from campus venues and parties, or at least not in the dorms so much.




No!! Yes, we have a great computer science department, but all of the departments at UMBC are awesome! UMBC is a GREAT school and it has a lot to offer. There is a ton going on if you just take the time to stick around campus and get involved.


Only the hard workers part.


Yes and no. There are people who are extremely dedicated to maintaining GPA, and there are people who are very socially awkward; however, the opposite end exists as well, and everything inbetween. Regardless which end of the continuum the balance favors, worlds exist for all types of people, as does the potential to create new worlds with new groups of people.


for the most part but it is very diversed though. so if u just focus on the fact that there are lots of asian then u'll see them everywhere but if u are more focused on just being general then u'll see that it is really diversed.


They're all wrong.


In some cases yes, others no


Not in the least. In reality, we're generally apathetic and not extremely pleased with the administration. Students that live on campus seem to exhibit this attitude the most.


The first one, sort of, but the athletes don't separate themselves to be mean, it's just that we have similar practice and game schedules and can relate to each other. The school is very diverse. There isn't much campus life, especially on weekends. The last one is pretty true, the typical student isn't your average college kid. Many are more focused on video games and MAGIC games than sports and outdoor activities.


1. No, but there are a lot of different people here from all over, something I didn't appreciate until now, while studying abroad at the American University in Cairo where the majority of students are Egyptian. 2. They are what you make of them. Weekends don't suck, just the people who say they do because they either go home or sit in their dorm rooms without doing fun stuff with friends or stuff provided by UMBC. 3. Yes, I think this is for the most part true. I am not a big partier but they happen on campus. Not to the extent of College Park maybe. 3a. Haven't been to a party like that yet; they were all lots of fun from the low key to the very big. Though something is not talked about is the alcohol abuse that I and anyone who goes to parties see. 4. It is a science and math school, but it is also a arts and humanities school. We have great arts and humanities programs, disciplines, and professors that don't get a lot of publicity or space in the reputation of UMBC. 5. To an extent yes.


For some people yes, for others, not at all.


WRONG - The Men's basketball team made it to the NCAA tourney and was the AEC champs. The SGA helped fund fan buses to travel to Binghamton and Raleigh to watch the team - there is something to do. I have never had a boring weekend at UMBC, especially since joining the rugby team. I believe its the people who never make an effort to get involved who remain the shut-ins that declare UMBC a boring campus.


Many students seem to be introverted, but not all students are asian or play video games. There are social activities on campus, they just aren't necessarily easy to find.


Absolutely not!!! UMBC students are among the most spirited I have ever seen. They were some of the most excited students at the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Most of the freshman at UMBC are residents. Many of the current commuters live only a short drive from campus in the surrounding communities.


No and yes. Academics is HIGHLY valued, but our basketball team finished #1 in regular season for division 1 and has a chance to make it into the NCAA. There is PLENTY of stuff to do it just takes finding and getting involved. More just trying things. Sure bingo sounds lame.. until you get 5 friends to go and can win portable dvd playes, and guitar hero equipment. Sure that valentines day party or live clue sounds lame, until you go with someone and have memories and stories to tell for time to come. Its basically something to try. And yes currently a lot of students go home, but slowly that is changing!


No! There are plenty of things to do on campus and one of UMBC's strengths are its differences between other schools. UMBC is a community of academically-minded individuals who are well-rounded. Even our athletics teams have some of the highest GPAs and are in difficult majors. If you are looking for regular binge drinking UMBC really isn't the right place for you.


Yes. No one stays here on weekends, and the chess team has a better record than all the physical sports teams.


UMBC is more academically oriented but there are many opportunities to party and have a good social life like a regular college kid. It is also very diverse, but in a different sense. There are many different cultures present, but similar ones form their own groups, which is human. But something we need to work towards changing.


Most of UMBC's students are pursuing majors in biology, biochemistry, mechanical engineering and computer science which are truly demanding. Sucess in any college requires dedication to school work so it shouldn't be surprising that the most committed students don't have much time for the Animal House college experience. However, there are always parties to be found on campus so its usually just a matter of knowing the right people. Although UMBC academics are most often represented by the school's engineering and science programs, the fine arts and music departments also offer fine programs and knowledgable professional faculty. UMBC is truly a very diverse school. I'm constantly amazed by the variety of ethnicities and backgrounds students come from.