University of Maryland-Baltimore County Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Maryland-Baltimore County?


Someone who wants to be very involved in the community


This school is academically based. If you want to go to a party school where the social life is main concern, then do not attend UMBC. The calibre of students here is high. It is on par with the Princeton, Yale, and Harvard but for the public school price.


Because you would feel at home, people who are not friendly should not attend this school. Also, since the school is a very diverse school, you should be very open and if you are not, you should not attend this school. People who are not competitive should not attend this school because they push to strive for the best


UMBC is a type of school that values education in every decision being made. Student that are not willing to learn something new and are not motivated to do well in school should not attend this school. Also students that do not have time management skills should reconsider their decision since many UMBC students are full time students as well as part time workers. I am a full time student as well as a part time worker and still able to manage my time for homework and other curricular activities.


Someone who wants to party like crazy every night or most week nights/weekends and someone who does not have a lot of motivation to be successful should not attend UMBC. Granted, college students do like to party, it is inevitable. UMBc, however, is not the type of school to go to if you want to party. You go to UMBC to be successful and become the best person you can be.


If you are looking for a big school, a school with a lot of on-campus activity, big sports teams, and great on-campus life, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. UMBC is mostly a commuter school, so campus is dead on the weekends. Although the school is D I, and the lacrosse and basketball teams are pretty good, there's not an overwhelming sense of school spirit like you'd see with a big University. Student groups are small and generally new, but there's a lot of opportunity to start your own.


I believe this college is a good choice for anyone who is interested in studying a course of study that this college offers. It is a quality institution with a culturally diverse student body. This college has been recognised as a top reseach college that is on the "rise", i would reccomend to anyone.


The kind of person who should not attend UMBC is someone who does not take time in working hard to excel in everything, from classes to activities, and someone who does not meet the standard requirments of an honors university.


Those who are not interested in college should not attened this school.


Someone who doesnt like to be around people of different ethnic backrgounds or religious beliefs because this school is very diverse. Also, someone who is not willing to work hard and take repsonsibility for their actions if they dont because the professors here expect the best from thier students.