University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are things to do on-campus during the weekends, but the surrounding area does not have much to do. There are a few bars around, and places to eat such as Chipotle, Coldstone's, etc. but that's about it. You can definitely get bored here after awhile.


The lack of on campus housing.


It is big and takes a long time to walk places.


It is ridiculously expensive


The most frustating thing about this school is the size. It's too big. My legs hurt from all the walking. I'm tired. There aren't enough weird people on campus, damn, I should've gone to a liberal arts school.


Class registration.


The volume of students


The University of Maryland has to accomodate for so many students that scheduling is a hassel. on more than one occasion my schedule has not worked out to par.


signing up for classes and housing is a pain because there are so many students that want what you want.


The campus is so big that you sometimes feel very small.


its too big and lots of red tape


The most frustrating aspect about my school its size. The campus is so large so it takes awhile to get to class or wherever you're trying to get to. This is especially frustrating when there is bad weather. Also, the shuttle system that the university offers is helpful, but not always reliable. If you miss a shuttle, you have to wait at least 20-30 minutes for the next one to come.


UMD is strongly focuses on academic scores when it should be focuses on the learning experience.


Crime around the area. Poor policing in the county. The miles of red tape to get things changed. The slow place that the university changes stuff. Wasting money where it needs not be wasted


there are too many students for the amount of bars that are available


The school focuses too much on Greek life and ends up ignoring the students who chose not to be a part of a sorority of fraternity. Also, it is sad to see how much money is spent on landscaping and sports, while most dorms do not have air conditioning.


Its hard