University of Massachusetts-Amherst Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How welcoming an atmosphere the University provides for all students.


The program I am in was ranked 25th in the country by U.S. News, and I am a member of the Honors College, which means I am in the top part of this great program (Computer Science). I also am majoring in Mathematics as well, which by itself is an extremely hard major.


The campus is huge so you always meet/see different people. It's bi enoug htaht if you wanted to be alone, it's easytofind a spot but you can also be around many people if you wanted. The food selection is huge and the food tastes amazing!


The distinguished faculty in the Linguistics Department as well as in other departments across the school. The school is large enough to have many world-class programs and faculty to who are often leaders in their fields.


I always praise UMass Amherst's connection to its students despite its size. In my continuing education program specifically I am continuously impressed with the attention paid to students' individual needs, from helping students choose courses to clarifying administrative concerns. My interactions with UMass staff has always been pleasant and helpful, and I feel I am treated as an actual human being rather than a faceless gear in a giant machine.


The food in our school is SO good!


What I brag to my friends about the most to my friends isnt just one specific thing, it's more like a combonation of multiple aspects of the university. There are so many new and exciting things going on at the university that choosing just one wouldn't do the school justice.


The fact that my school has an academic program for everyone; there was someone in the past that majored in cheese!


That we have some of the best research facilities in the country, maybe the world.


When I tell my friends about the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I brag about how easy it is to balance one's education with a social life. The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers abundant resources for the students including tutoring programs to get one on one help in any needed subject. I brag about the school spirit a lot too; the UMass Minutemen athletic competitions are always full of excitement.


The extra curricular activities available. There are clubs for everyone here. I'm a co-ed service fraternity, dance team, and bible study. I also brag about the school spirit.


Anyone can find their place at UMass. It's big, but that means there is something for everyone. Also, Amherst is the best college town, with so many great restarants, bars, cultural events, and a beautiful surrounding countryside.


When I tell friends about my university, I brag the most about our campus's great dining halls--tons of variety, musical guest appearances from band members, and free lobster and steak on Halloween!


I brag most about the sheer amount of unpredictable events that happen throughout the year. With the sheer size of the school anything can happen and more often then not spontaneous festivities happen that lead to an unexpected good time. There is an incredible amount of good food and fun things to do on and off campus making it a great university to attend or even visit.


The award winning dining hall food! There are so many options in dining from the 4 dinning commons and the other cafeterias and eateries.


How great my major is and how much I love it, also just the overal feel of the campus, it feels like home to me.


The people, students and teachers, are great! There's always something going on and it's hard work but also a lot of fun. It was the best 4 years of my life!


That it's easy to meet new people and have fun and get involved with various groups on campus and off.


We have the best food around. It is so hard to decide what to eat because everything looks so good and tastes so good. We have every option possible and every meal is a treat.


The Recreation Center, the Football team, the Library, and the dinning halls


Well, I tend to try not to brag; but if I were to state what I find interesting or exciting about the school I will hopefully attend, I would say that the school has a very high standard of learning. I personally find that to be the most important and most noteworthy fact about a college. How great the football team at a college is will not help you be successful in your career; and therefore, I find such things to be very small factors in how laudable a school may be. A college is for learning, not personal amusement.


My friends. Everyone was so friendly. And it was great living in an all freshman dorm.


I brag about The University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band. I have been a proud member of this family (quite a large family with 385+ members) for the last three years and it has been the single-most amazing experience of my life. I have traveled across the country and even to another continent (Europe [Ireland]) with the band. UMass alumni slogan is "You were, You are, UMass." It is so true! It amazes me at the homecoming football game when the huge McGuirk stadium is packed (both sides) with alumni. I know UMass is my home forever.


Most of the time I brag about the fact that I'm even going to college in the first place, that I made it. Other things are the concerts that are thrown and the artist that come here. This campus has much diversity from the students to the amount of programs that it offers. There are also many leadership opportunities and always a way to make the best of this campus.


I probably brag most about our library. It has 26 floors and is always available for those early morning runs and for those late night crams.


My department is very small and intimate. The professors are wonderful and want you to learn the material. They are very involved and invested iin your success! This is a very big school where you have to be self-driven to succeed and be mature. You can party all you want but you have to work for your own improvement if you want it.


The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a diverse college that provides high educational standards at affordable prices. Students attending the University of Massachusetts are driven to succeed in the classrooms at college and in the workforce later in life. Students are able to consistently engage in University events and activities that cater a diverse range of interests. The University enrolls large numbers of students, but professor and teaching assistants are consistently available to assist struggling students. The best part about the large student ratio is the ability students? gain to frequently interact with students from diverse cultures around the world.


It is a well-rounded program for those seeking a career in education.


Honestly I brag about the food! UMass Amherst Dining Services has been nationally ranked and it truly reflects that title in the quality of it's food. In addition to the food, I also brag about the extracurricular activities available, with Quidditch Club (Yes, the game in Harry Potter!), UPC (planning committee which organize campus events such as s concerts on campus. Jay-Z, Carrie Underwood and Lupe Fiasco to name a few acts). The social life at Amherst is also something very worthy of bragging. The benefit of being part of a large campus, is the diverse community.


My huge cock. It's so big


The new recreation center


The flexibility, how big it is


The campus and surrounding area are great. The atmosphere on campus is friendly and fun. Amherst is also a great college town. There are four more colleges very close by that are all very different, and good in their own ways.


The prestigiousness and its academic qualification.


The diversity among students and staff is an amazing resource to exploring different aspects of both myself and those around me. I have hundreds of resources available to me in terms of job opportunities, community service, and social gatherings. The people at the University are extremely open-minded and outgoing. I have learned so much about myself through the people that I've met and the experiences I have shared with them.


I brag that I love all of my classes and that the social scene is a lot of fun. I enjoy every part of my college. Except that it's a little cold!


It is located in the #1 college town.


That I get to meet someone new almost everyday!


I talk about my friends that I've made and the sports games. The party atmosphere is also pretty big here too.


When I tell my friends about my school, I tend to brag about two things. The amazing programs offered at UMass Amherst and the diverse selection of majors available to students. I tell them about the many opportunities to excel academically, participate in internships, and chose a variety of interesting and engaging classes. There are not only many classes, but also a number of different sections of the class so that students have every opportunity to enroll in a particular class. In my free time I am able to do many fun things around campus and in the surrounding towns.


How helpful and smart the professors are


Parties, corporate classroom visits, experience of my profs, wide variety of courses/majors


I brag about the friends i've made at UMASS. There is a pretty diverse population. I brag about Berkshire Dining Common in Southwest because I think it is a great place to eat. I also brag about my major, communication disorders because I absolutely love it and the professors are great.


There's a huge amount of variety on this campus; it's very easy to find your place based on what your preferences are. For those party people there's always a party going on, but there's also very quiet dorms and study areas for the academically inclined. There are no "bad" majors; there are some majors that are easier/harder and there are some that really stand out as among the best in their field, but every major at UMass will get you somewhere in life.


The Honors College is a great thing to be a part of. I wouldnt be here otherwise.


I brag about how huge our campus actually is. I brag about the academics offered at the school also. We are a division 1 research school and the classes offered are amazing. The size of the campus also makes it easy to find where you fit in with people because there are so many people to get along with on campus. Even going to the library could result in one of the greatest friendships you could ever ask for.


If I ever brag about my school it is sport related. We have some really great, successful teams and its always a lot of fun to go to sporting events.


There are many activities and classes to choose from. There are a lot of concerts, shows, and free movie nights. The library is one of the tallest libraries in the world. And there is internet access almost everywhere.


Abouth Commonwealth Honors college. How amazing the small classes are and how willing the professors are to extend themselves.


Umass has so many things to offer that you really have to cater to who you are talking to. sometimes you brag about the big classes, or the home hockey games; the downtown restaurants or the many extra activities to participate in; the social life, or the really great libraries; then there's the really great teachers and many reasearch opportunites. Umass has so many great activities and opportunities to offer the just about anyone. If you are looking for it you can find it here.