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What is the stereotype of students at University of Massachusetts-Amherst? Is this stereotype accurate?


UMass Amherst is known to be a party school. There are a lot of students that party there but are also a good number who do not fall under that stereotype. If you like to party you can find it if you look.


No not at all


Starting answering!UMass is not only a very political school, but also a very liberal one. You should be prepared to shuffle your way through protests on your way to class. Students oftentimes have very distinct opinions on certain issues, however most of them have no idea why they believe what they believe. If you question the very foundations of their beliefs, most of them are dumbfounded.


The stereotype is party animals which is a valid one. However, there are a lot of people who just hang out and theres another sector of people who stay in and only work on school work.


All stereotypes are based on some sort of truth. In general however, you will find your group of friends at UMass. It really is up to you. It is a large university.


Because UMass Amherst is so large, there is no one defined stereotype that accurately describes the student body. Every residential area, however, has its own stereotype of the students who live there. These stereotypes are generally pretty accurate.


The stereotype of students at UMass Amherst is generally that they are party animals. This is somewhat accurate, depending on where on campus you are. The Southwest residential area is the party area. Students here go crazy most nights and it's the main party area besides the frat houses. Other areas such as Northeast, and Orchard Hill are very quiet compared to Southwest.


There are quite a few stereotypes of students that make up UMass - all of whom live in their respective residential areas. In Southwest, the general stereotype of students consists of the "lax bro" and the "bleach blond, tanned skin 'swesty' girl". These types of people are stereotyped as drinking a lot and very often - even almost every night of the week. Central is stereotyped as the place to be for the hippies/hipsters/art majors/pot heads/drug abusers. Everyone is generally very nice and laid back, as opposed to the people in Southwest. Northeast is stereotyped as the place to be for Asian students. Orchard Hill is generally a pretty quiet area with no solid stereotype. It's very similar to Central.


The typical stereotype for UMASS students is that we're going to a cheap safety school. The cheap part is more true than the safety school part, because UMASS is actually a very good school despite whatever funny jokes we have about it. Stereotypes within the school basically stem from the area you live in on campus. Guys living in Southwest, "the party area", are bros that go to the gym every day and drink copious amounts of protein shakes and endlessly go after girls. Girls from southwest wear strictly yoga pants, Ugg boots, and a Northface jacket. Inhabitants from central are drug users, and people in Sylvan are suicidal. Some of these are more true than others; there are definitely more "bro's" living in Southwest than anywhere else, but I doubt there are many suicidal people living in Sylan.


UMass is known as a "party school" and a very big university. It is true that there is a lot of partying, but many people choose not to party as well. Being such a big university, there is something for everyone - hundreds of clubs, sports, fraternities, and other social outlets. There are so many different types of people here that you will find your niche.