University of Massachusetts-Boston Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone with a different race or religion is welcomed to attend this school. Since this school is very diverse, every student is treated with respect.


If someone does like big schools they should not attend my school because it has over 15,000 students.


One that wants to get alot out of classes and not jut coast by.




Anyone not open to meeting different kinds of people would not fit in at Maryland. Because we are such a large school, and the student body is so diverse, I imagine someone carrying a lot of prejudices would feel unwelcome and out of place.


I believe this school can accomadate any type of person. They have a little something for everybody. There are a lot of clubs and organizatins to represent any and all of someones needs. The professors are good at what they do and take their time to help the students. The also provide sufficient help for the student to succeed.


I believe that the kind of person who should not attend the University of Massachusetts Boston is the type of person who is looking for a "party school". This school is a school designed for students who commute. This eliminates the dorm room drama and fun.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that thrives on school spirit. If you want that sterotypical college experience making lots of friends than this is not the school for you; this is a commuting school and people don't usually stick around after classes. I have found that at this school people are only there to obtain their degrees and have no interest in making friends, which makes your time at this university quite lonely at times.