University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I am from a community that is predominantly Caucasian, and Catholic. I have lived in my neighborhood for my whole life. Attending Umass has shown me the wide range of diversity that is present around me. This realization of diversity has made me see the world as I know it in a different fashion which is good, because I am becoming less ignorant to diversity.


My high school is best known for its diversity. Students who attend Brockton High come from all walks of life. Whether it be their social status, religion, sexual orientation, or their ethnicity, they are all very diverse.


A decent financial aid package


My school best known its art program.


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is best known for its business and engineering programs. I chose this school because they have a unique criminal justice program. Other schools teach the students about criminal justice whereas Umass Dartmouth teachs the students about crime and justice studies. They also have great study abroad programs that are available during the semester and over the summer.


We are known for our extra curriculumstatus. We have good majors!


My school is really famous for its marine-biology program. I am not even in that program but I know if I did want to be in a program like that then I would definetly come here for it.


A large difference in students across majors. Engineering, nursing, and biology are known to be very hard, so students of these majors are more academically focused. The liberal arts and business majors seem to have a lighter workload and therefore more social time.


Our school is best known for it's diverse programs and affordibility. Most students that attend UMass Dartmouth have homes that are close by. A lot of students choose to attend UMass Dartmouth because of its location also. While it is not in a completely urban area, everything you could possibly need is close by.


My school is best known for its nursing and business programs.


The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is distinguished in many fields. The College of Visual and Performing Arts itself is as distiguished as an accredited art college with successful allumni.




School best know for its committment to studewnts.


It has both a highly respected nursing program and engineering program. It is considered a good value for the cost. It is constructed mostly of concrete.


My school is probably best known for the diversity of people that attend here. It is a state school, so there is a very large and ethnically diverse population.


The strange architecture, Business, Engineering and Nursing schools.




sports, course variety




it is the cheapest school with a ligitimate art department. They tell us you can get the same education as RSDI students for a fraction of the price.