University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There seems to be a high drop out rate, which is not specific to Umass, but Umass is included in the high drop out rate percentage. I would like to see people who are truly struggling in what they are trying to accomplish succeed. In the long run college will be a very expensive investment, but in the long run it will all pay off.


I can't really complain about my school, but the one thing that I do hate is that it is so far away from home. UMASS Dartmouth is two hours away from my house so anytime I want to visit my family I have to drive to hours to their house and then drive two more hours back to campus.


I wish there was a greater availabilty of services for all the kids on campus. There should be centers for tutoring that are available to the students to just sit in and study, knowing theres help nearby.


The worst things about my school is the Dorms. they need to be updated


What I consider the worst about my school is the fact that students are allowed to smoke near the classroom entrances. Everytime I have to go to a class, I have to take a scent of burning cigarettes into my nose, which sometimes burns my nostrills. If there was anything that I could change at my school, it would be the privilege to smoke on near campus.


Not having enough labratory space for upcoming senior but accepting lots of freshman.


The worst thing about my school is the atmosphere. It is really depressing like a jail cell.


On of the worst things about UMass Dartmouth is the lack of open stores or grills open on the weekend. There is one campus store, a grill, and a coffee shop that are open during the week but not the weekend. I understand it is cost effective to have reduced hours on the weekend but a lot of students look for food on the weekend or need small groceries or things like toothpaste or toilet paper. For students who do not have cars on campus, they have to go a whole weekend without these things which is inconvenient for them.


The worst thing about our school is the freshmen dorms are old and gross.




All the buildings are concrete and can look dreary at times.


The size. The library is only 2 floors and probably smaller than a town library. Some of the teachers in the school are very ill informed and they pass these wrong information to their students.


The food. Little variety.


I don't really find anything wrong with my school, it's nice I like it here.




There is no real place for students (commuters and residents) to hang out on campus, and not much of a social scene that doesn't involve drinking. Academically, UMass Dartmouth is very sound -- but it still hasn't figured out the socialization part as well as it could.


The worst thing about my school is the school's appearance. It has been said that it looks like a jail. But it is a great school once you get over the appearance.


shitty freshman dorms


i wish that admissions was a more strict when it comes to allowing students in.


Lack of organization and poor budgeting


The architecture makes the place look like a prison and the weather in the winter is bitterly cold.


Between the residential food, the living conditions in the dorms, and the continous partying- it's a tie for first


The complicated bus route system to get off campus. Since if you dont have a car you don't get off campus.