University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who enjoy socializing and can engage in student activities. If you are serious about your studies. Not everyone gets good financial aid who needs it, so if u cannot afford payin $7,000 a year, dont come.


Someone who really wants to get away from home. Someone who owns a car to get around. Someone who likes nature. Someone who likes peace and quiet. Someone who likes a relaxed enviornment. Someone who likes being in large classes. Someone who would like a big campus versus a smaller one.


People that want the most bang for their buck


A hardworking, goal oriented person who is willing to put in the extra effort.


There is no one kind of person that should attend this school. It is made for everyone. There are hundreds of campus organizations, sports and recreational activities to participate in. You just have to be willing to join!


Individuals who appreciate a great deal of value for their tuition dollar.


Someone who is devoted to their success and open minded.


A person who is seeking a college that offers excellent academic programs as well as an active campus life. UMASS Dartmouth located 70 miles south of Boston is a great location and offers many alternatives for students to get involved in the school community. Students come from many areas and bring a variety of different backgrounds and diversity to the campus. I recommend UMASS Dartmouth to anyone interstest in a fine education as well as an upbeat and active college experience.


Anyone who wants a great education should attend UMass Dartmouth. I believe it takes strong work ethics and the dedication to earning your degree and UMD provides those challenges. I loved UMD because it opened up doors to financial aid, flexable schedules and easy campus directory.


There is not just one type of person that should attend this school. All types of people would like this school if there ready to do what they need to do to graduate.


This school is great for anyone, but definitely leans toward strong liberal political trends.


People who dont mind living somewhat far from a major city




Anyone is accepted in my school!, especially Nursing majors!


I would say that any person should attend this school. Umass Dartmouth is very welcoming and accepting. I was afraid to come to college after graduating high school, but i found myself able to quickly adapt due to the kindness of students and faculty. I have met a great amount of friends whom I will remain close to after I graduate, and have learned a lot about the students that go here. Umass Dartmouth is a diverse school and has taught me a lot.


A person who has the ability to budget their time well and , is open to trying new things.


A person who is sure of themselves who doesn't mind large class sizes from time to time. They need to be organized and not phased by those around them.


Students looking for a school that is not too huge so they can recieve personal attention, but not so small that its difficult to avoid certain people. Also students looking for a convenient location to cities and beaches.


Absolutely anyone. It's a very diverse college and everything seems to get along. I don't think there is one particular type of person who should go there. It makes it more interesting when everyones different.


If a person is used to a small-town feeling, this is definitely a good school. Otherwise, the campus is diverse and accomodating. No one should feel left out.