University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How much time was needed to do well in my class. It becomes difficult when trying to juggle the work load plus an after school job.


The one thing I wish I knew before I came to my school was that it cost a lot of money. My household makes less than $10,000 a year and my school costs almost triple that. My financial aid covers most of it but I still have a huge chunk I have to pay myself. If I knew that it was going to cost this much I would of gotten a job when I was younger and put all the money I earned in a savings account.


one thing that i wish i had known was how much it rains.


I love this school.I found out almost or a lot of information about Umass Dartmouth while in high school and through orientation before I came to this school.


I wish i had known what a hard transition it is to live on campus.


I wish I knew the size , how the school is trully a four year college so you chould take 5-6 classes a semester and more about the coin program.


I wish I had known that smoking on college campuses in general were this prevelant. I am not a smoker and I know the risks of second hand smoke so I was under the impression that the school would have designated areas for smokers to go to rather than being able to smoke anywhere at anytime on campus. Many people, like myself, have allergies and the smoke just makes everything worse for us.


I wish i have known that MLS department would have told the students that they have a very small chance or do not have a chance to be a senior because of the lack of space in the laboratory.


Than it rains alot and tends to be very windy.


My high school prepared me quite well adacemically and morally for higher education. As with all schools, roommate relations can be an issue. Concrete, practical skills in dealing with individual differences, study styles, and backgrounds would be helpful for all potential students.


I wish that I had known more of the job opportunities available.


The school does not have much activity going on at any given time of the year. There are very small activities, but it can be hardly said that it is an active college. Life becomes somewhat boring after a while.


I knew everything I needed to know when coming here.




I wish I had a better idea of how exactly to choose classes, and that I was probably better off moving onto campus.


That it's cliquey and cold, and hard to make friends


before coming to this school i wish i knew how diverese this school was not. there is more of one group of people than there is others., which can sometimes make a person out of place because when they are the only one sitting in the room, for that ethnictiy, they feel like people do not understand where they are coming from when the make their point(s).


I wish that I had knownexactly how much work college is. At first I was taken aback but I have adjusted to it it by now.


After goin to different schools between massachusetts and florida i realized thier is a much higher demand for better facilities to make the students more comfortable and have diverse things to do within the college atomsphere, and I wish i had looked at more schools then the ones i did.


I wish I had known how to balance school, extra-curricular activities, friendships and relationships before my life became so chaotic!


I wish I had known how expensive art supplies are.


that no matter what, you should take any oppurtunities given to you


I wish I had known how ugly it is inside, I don't really find a cement building appealing.


study skills. Freshman year i did well, but not as well as I would have liked. Now i know how to study well and i am doing much better than previous school. I wish i could have known what i know now before last year.


Overall I knew everything before going to Umass and completely satisfied.


That the vast majority of the students seem not to care about themselves.


I wish I would have known that Umass Dartmouth is a great school to come to and it is not just a step up from my high school. It is a venture up a mountain.


I wish I had known that change is good. At first I didn't want to leave the people I knew all my life and was so close to. Now that I am a junior, I realize it is good to get out into the world to learn new things and meet new people.


Most of my friends already went to the school before I started so I was not worried about coming.


That there is a lack of school spirit and that people go home on the weekends.


The exact work level each major is made up off. I would have probably picked another major other than Chemistry.


That it isn't as bad of an adjustment as everyone was warning me it was.


That the weekends are usually alcohol or nothing to do.