University of Memphis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag mostly about the cultural history Memphis has. You can study the Civil Rights Movement, the music scene, and just in general. Memphis is rich in history.


I have to say that I tend to say that University of Memphis is the "BEST" school in America. I love my school. I love the oter students that attend The University of Memphis as well. University of Memphis has brought me a long way froming being a young teenager to understanding what it is I have to do to become a Successful adult. When i tell people about my school I say, "You wont believe me, BUT my school is perfect"


Memphis Basketball games are really awesome, and our dorms are really nice compared to most other colleges I have toured.


The University of Memphis has a great campus experience. It is a dry campus, however, there are numerous opportunities to attend sporting games, tailgates, dance recitals, stage plays, hear nationally renowned special guest speakers. All for free!!!


I brag about their study abroad opportunities since the offer a vast array of them, despite not being known as a top university. However, like every school, you can make your education anything you want it to be, so I have challenged myself, and my professors have stepped up to meet my challenge. They are wonderful for helping you find the study abroad experience that will truly become the chance of a lifetime.


Many of the professors I have had have inspired me. They have demonstrated extreme resourcefulness, kindness, and present day application of their subject matter. When lecturing, I can almost see the light in their eyes as their life's works and subject matter discussed energizes them, pushing them to pass their knowledge on to their students. Seeing such figures motivates me to want to practice and teach, and having been taught and having interacted with some of the best in the Social Work field, I am motivated to use their teachings to reflect their modeled ideals.


University of Memphis has a wonderful variety of majors to choose from. Also the theatre department is a community with great talent.


My school is a community. We treat other like family and i think that is great. We have advisor to go and to talk when ever we are in need or have any problem. As a entering freshman/sohmore they give us $300 for dining, which is very useless for a college student that is low on money. We have alot of school pride. We have one of the largest school fan bases in the U.S. We love are tigers!! Go tigers Go!!


that i will contunie my education until i receive my PHD, i love the fact that classes are easy to read online


The professors


most students who go to this school love their sports teams and try to support all of the teams.


Memphis is very diverse and very fun. I've learned alot about my self that I didn't know.


Its located in a large city and there are plenty of opportunities in Memphis to get involved in the music industry.


The University of Memphis is a home for anyone, whether you're black or white, or any other race, everyone is free to practice their individuality. They do stress an emphasis on campus involvement; "going Greek" is just one big way to get involved, and even if you decide to just join a club or help out the community, your decision to get involved is gladly accepted in various ways at the University of Memphis.


The profeesors are excellent and your best resources for internships and jobs outside of thr state as well as in it!


I sometime find myself bragging about the our men's basketball team, and let people know that we are the best in basketball.


The quality and space on campus. The University of Memphis has numerous cafes, dining halls, and lounge areas to enjoy in between classes. In the fall or spring when the weather is nice, there are so many places around the campus to sit and read or eat, or talk with friends. and so much room in the library to study without ever being disturbed.


I do not have many friends to whom I can brag about my academic choices. If I had such friends, I would probably tell them, "My university has a Tiger as a mascot. All other animals pale in comparison to tigers. Haha."


It's a somewhat affordable school. There is not much school activities available unless you get involved a lot.


It has relly good food. the bookstore is real nice. the education department is great.