University of Memphis Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of University of Memphis?

Is University of Memphis a good school?

What is University of Memphis known for?


The best thing about this school, that I feel gets over looked a lot is the fact that we are a top institution. We have one of the top Law schools in the Nation, along with a top 100 Business Program. If your looking for a easy ride, its not here at the University of Memphis. This school will challenge yourself to become better. That is why I love this University. Our school has around 22,000 so if you feel like you want a big time atmosphere then you get that here, along with the small school feel, because people commute to school as well. The school pride here is incredible; I mean turn on a Memphis basketball game and that should answer your question. One main thing about the University is that the historic Beale Street is a matter of ten minutes away, some people travel just to see Beale and you will be so close to it every single night.


There are diamonds in the rough, but depending on your major, you may or may not find them.


No college town really- just a town with a lot of crime around the campus- house break-ins, car break-ins