University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


One of the top three most prestigious public schools in the United States.


Peppy preppy competitive school with 1000s of options and a lot of school spirit.


Amazingly well rounded with many experts in different field.


Like every other large university


Michigan is a big school, once you figure out your place, it's a blast!


The University of Michigan excels in every aspect of the college experience, academics, social life, atheletics, and entertainment; it provides you with a world class education and prepares you for your future career; it's location in Ann Arbor gives a distinctive college town feel with all the amenities of a much larger city; you will love every minute of your time at Michigan, and, upon graduation, you will enter the largest, most active alumni network in the country, GO BLUE!


Michigan is an experience no student has ever forgotten.


It is the perfect place to be if you want an excellent education with a good social atmosphere, rich tradition, and unmatched school spirit.


Located in the vibrant, lively town of Ann Arbor, University of Michgain is an innovative school with amazing opportunities, programs and events.


The University of Michigan reflects the cultural melting pot that is Ann Arbor, more importantly, here students are encouraged to not only apply and challenge the theories they learn but devise their own.


University of Michigan is massive and values variety and diversity, and true to its values, it provides a home for every interest, need, talent, and passion that I can think of, making it a place of OPPORTUNITY and development on all levels, be it professionally, personally, socially, philanthropically, culturally; whatever you want to bring out in your self, whatever you want to become, University of Michigan will equip you with ways toward fostering it.


The Leaders and the Best


My university is a city of its own, chocked with its own hospital to school buildings to business offices to restaurants to libraries to recreation venues; U of M has it all.


The University of Michigan honestly offers an unbelievable amount of opportunities to pursue an array of interests and passions. Academically, it's a world-ranked University and enables students to study any discipline at any level. Athletically, most of the sports teams score extremely high in conferences and NCAAs. And socially, there is an endless range of student organizations to choose from portraying a multitude of varieties, exciting city life from clubs to independent movie theaters to ethnic restaurants, and an excellent party scene.


It's a great University. You are academically challenged, but the professors are very helpful. There are always fun social activities and you will meet the beat friends ever.


A diverse and superior institution that provides students with the best possible education money can buy.


A slightly pretentious, upper-middle class university that caters to a specific kind of academic and social group who, if they know how, can use this to their advantage and leave with a decent degree, minimal loans, and a job guarantee.


A great university very christian.


A very large school with many great opportunities and organizations, but at the same time with very large classes which give you a sence of unimportance.


Michigan is the most friendly, accepting college I have been to where students have all the help they could need to succeed.


UMich is a huge school with diverse people and many opportunities.


The University of Michigan is simply the best place to learn, because it brilliantly brings together academics, cultures, sports, and social events into a tight-knit community, yet still keeping all the possibilties in the world available to its students!


University of Michigan is a college that will open doors to any career you can imagine.


The University of Michigan is known for being one of the most competitive colleges in the country. This reputation could not be any truer. I attended a very well-respected high school and received very good grades, but once I stepped foot in Ann Arbor, I could tell I was entering a place where academic excellence was taken to a whole new level. My classmates are some of the top students of their respective high schools. They are focused and driven to succeed. This pretty much describes the university as a whole. An academic and future oriented place of learning.


The University of Michigan Ann Arbor is one of the most welcoming, open, and accepting environments that exists today, and is a perfect example on which to base future modern society.


Umich has a great reputation that will serve graduates well in the future.


The University of Michigan has a highly competitive yet supportive academic environment.


It is very diverse, and you can find anyone and any activity here.


University of Michigan is a large dynamic, edcuational environment providing its students with various experiences in academics, cultural events, and social situations, adequately preparing them for the world after college.


The University of Michigan is a diverse, multifaceted talent pool for individuals to foster and hone their abilities.


From the charming and happening campus in beautiful Ann Arbor to world class academics, the University of Michigan something for everyone.


The University of Michigan is an exciting place that combines both excellent academics with just having fun.


University of Michigan is a large, diverse school where the varying opportunities are limitless. It might seem daunting at first, but after the first month of getting into the groove of school, everything comes together and you realize that Michigan is more than just a school; it's a home. The best part about Michigan is that even though it is a large school with numerous students, every student finds his or her own place. No student ever feels overwhelmed by the vastness of Michigan.


University of Michigan is academically rigerous, people have TONS of school spirit, and are very career oriented.


University of Michigan is a wonderfully diverse, academically challenging, and personally enriching environment in which students live in a community of students and teachers that fosters their development as scholars and well-rounded individuals.


The University of Michigan is a school that challenges students academically while also providing the students with the necessary tools to be successful.


Hillsdale College affords one the the greatest opportunity to earn an education for his soul and to enlarge his heart and mind within a community of peers.


Everyone is proud to go here


A great learning environment, where everyone feels comfortable and there is always something to do, every day and every night, with very insightful and knowledgeable professors and fun classes.


It is a very challenging school academically that can get the best of you if you allow it to.


The University of Michigan is an amazing school that has so much to offer, not only in its superior academics, but also in its community, people, diversity, and the unforgettable experiences and opportunities.


University of Michigan is where many students find out they are not as smart as they thought they were.


My school is the most awesome school ever where I have had so much fun and met so many different people and have gained so many opportunities and experiences!


The leaders and the best, Go Blue!


Liberal and free-thinking.


The University of Michigan embraces a rich intellectual environment along with a myriad of opportunities.


love it...perfect for me


huge and diversed


The University of Michigan- Ann Arbor is probably the most diverse, accepting, difficult, and rewarding college in the state of Michigan that leads to an overall positive experience and many unforgettable memories.


It is the ultimate college experience.