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The University of Michigan offers both the academic rigor and prestige of private or ivy league schools AND the fun of a big 10 school with excellent and historically successful sports teams.


School spirit


The are plenty of organizations you are abe to join.


U of M offers a wealth of knowledge and resources at a much lower price and in a much more engaging environment than many other universities which seem removed from the surrounding areas.


The school is very academically elite, and offers a unique variety of majors/areas of study. Tons of resources for students-events, lectures, etc


This school has a lot of school spirit and most people are very proud to go here or have graduated from here. I liked that it had a defined campus because a lot of the schools I applied to were in cities. However, the tour did not give me a realistic impression of the school.


The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor has been my dream school my entire life. I was raised under the simple principle that nothing is impossible; thus, no other school was considered. With the benefit of hindsight, I realize how risky this move was, however I am confident that no in-state school could have provided me the opportunity to escape the wrath of the poverty-stricken class I was raised in. On the other hand, no other out-of-state school could have provided the comfort and assurance of a home and family.


What is unique about the University of Michigan is that it is located in the bustling, friendly, and homely city of Ann Arbor. This makes the University literally a part of the city which I find fascinating. Additionally, my particular program, the Residential College (RC) is a smaller community that encourages learning a language. While the smaller and discussion packed classes allow me to gain confidence in speaking and cultivating broader ideas, the emphasis in language supports a growing respect and knowledge of other cultures that I believe is necessary for all newer generation students.


The staff at the University of Michigan is world-renowned. They are leading researchers in all their fields, providing the world with ground-breaking data and scientific and medical breakthroughs. It's impossible for other institutions to compete because of Michigan's plethora of scientific resources and inovations. The University of Michigan simply can't be beaten.


It kind of has such a wide identity, being a well-known sports school, politically-minded/activist area, research-focused academics, environmental hub, it tries to pride itself on diversity, but has a ways to go.


The campus size, the environment, the city


As a member of the Varsity Swimming and Diving team, I chose Michigan because I could not decide exactly which of my many passions proved most important to me. I could have chosen a team that perfectly suited my athletic goals or a university with the top-ranked program for my major. However, I did not definitely know what I hoped to accomplish athletically or the precise area of study I wished to pursue. I had a lot of interests, and the diverse University of Michigan allowed me to choose later and still be in a top-ranked program.




The school spirit and alumni loyality.


They had the most amazing engineering program that was hands on based with lots of research opportunites.


it's great to be a michigan wolverine :D


The most unique thing about U of M is the pride faculty and students have in the school. Everyone on campus is proud to be a Wolverine and the professors are constantly reminding us how much we can change the world.


Michigan attracts honestly well-rounded students. If youre someone who wants to have an intellectual discussion about a great book you read in a hip coffee shop one day, and spend the next day standing up for 4 hours at a Michigan football game with 117,000 other people, and then play your own sport during the weekend and meet new people every week, Michigan is the school for you.


How can you respect a school when they assemble the entire freshman class and then brag that they will flunk out 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Based on my experience, they achieve this goal through terrible instruction and a total lack of respect for students.


Our school is extremely spirited! Every time we have a football game we manage to fit more and more fans into the stadium. I think it is amazing that you constantly see blue and maize everywhere you go. Also our school is really working to go green. Recycling is very important as well as making buildings "green". For example, our toilets use less water and one of the buildings has gone completely green.


The main thing that I found unique about Michigan is that I felt that I could really call the campus "home" when I visited. In choosing colleges it is important that a high school senior follows his intuition and chooses the school that he believes is best fit. The campus is absolutely beautiful and there is such a diversity in the academics and campus life. Michigan truly is a great place to be.


One of the things that is unique about it is the architecture of the campus. Each building is different. The residential buildings all have their own setting which contributes to the uniqueness because they are not just all in one standard way. The buildings where classes are held are also unique. There are different structure to the building. In one building the structure of it symbolizes a fish bowl and it looks expectacular. The campus varies in the structure of the buildings. Not every single building looks like each other. There is definitely uniqueness in each building.


University of Michigan- Ann Arbor is really THE campus college. Weekend football games, frat parties, long know traditions are just to name a few. But mainly, with all this, Michigan is really an open-minded school. First thing we learn at orientation is that we should not neglect others for what they believe or for who they are. I believe it's really hard to find a campus school like Michigan and yet have that kind of open-mindedness.


The diversity in the University of Michigan is one my favorite things. Is not only the having people from all over the world but also, the respect and consideration there is for every single culture or belief here in the University of Michigan. It feels great to be part of an incredible community like this one. The opportunites here are for everyone no matter were you come from.


We are the Leaders and the Best.


The University of M ichigan's campus is extremely accepting to any student that attends the university. It is also in the middle of the culturally diverse city of Ann Arbor, so it allows for students to have 24/7 access to foods, music, and people of other races and ethnicities. If you are looking to increase your knowledge of the world, this is the school and the campus for you.


The University of Michigan is unique in that it's so diverse and open that it is possible to pursue any goal. The student groups are abundent and diverse which help people figure out their passions. Advisors and faculty are helpful in they direct you where to go but they don't hold your hand all the way through. It isn't possible for them to carry you through college but it results in students understanding themselves and exploring their own passions. The University of Michigan develops a great learning community and environment.


UofM pushes their students and holds very high standards in academics, community service, athletics, and many other things. We are given so many different opportunities that allow us to succeed in whatever we set our minds to. UofM is extremely diverse and that allows us to learn more about ourselves and other people. We are given the tools and opportunities to succeed and we are given a vast amount of choices in what we want to do for the rest of our lives or what we major in. The possibilities and opportunities we are given are endless.


Although most prospective college students tend to think that going to a large university is a drawback, I can now say that this widely held notion is far from the truth. In fact, attending a large university it one of best decisions I could have ever made. It not only gives me more more academic opportunities , but it allows me to experience diversity like I could have never imagined. With so many student groups, it is easy to become a part of and make a difference in a student group who shares similar interests.


Excellent ranking in Engineering and it has a fairly liberal and active campus with regards to civil rights activism and community service. High caliber of education.


My school has a very Prestigious tradition and is well known for academics and athletics. My school offers just about everything one could ask for. Their is great diversity and it seems everyone is very intelligent. Classes can range from ten students to nearly five-hundred students per classroom.




It's University of Michigan, and there's no other school in the world like it.


The University of Michigan is in direct contact with Ann Arbor. The campus area and the city are connected and it is easy to walk downtown to stores and restaurants from campus.


My school was in state and cheaper than the other schools. I also grew up as a fan of this school so it was my number one choice when applying as a senior.


I never considered any other school than this school. I only applied to U of M and never wanted to go anywhere else.


The vast alumni network and availability of high-ranking national academic programs.


It is academically demanding but fun and engaging simultaneously.


Michigan is unique because it has many diverse programs which its students may get involved in daily.


It has a huge alumni network, a great reputation to help with future careers and grad school, a great undergraduate research opprotunity program, well-known faculty, and a lot of extracurricular activities (anything you can think of there is a club for it).


I think one thing that is unique about the University of Michigan is its diversity in a strong academic setting. As a student, I have met both students and instructors who have come from places all around the world. In addition, students come from all fifty states and range in race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status, which provides students with an opportunity to learn from each other, as well as instructors and textbooks.


The campus and the town blend together very nicely. It makes life seem more normal and less isolated then other college campus's I visited. The comunity of ann arbor is very accepting and welcoming to the large student population, and I have to say I have never felt in danger either on campus or off.


I choice U of M because of it's size and reputation. I was excepted at several small colleges and offered different levels of scholarships at these school, but once I was excepted at U of M I choice to attend here.


What makes my school so special is the diversity on campus. The University of Michigan really takes pride in the community it produces. UofM contains every race, religion, sexual orientation, and skin color possible. When visiting other schools , I noticed how undiverse the other schools were and how lucky I am to attend such a culturally understanding institution. Everyone's culture and differences, which is unique to everyone, is what makes UofM unique.


I fell in love with everything about Michigan. It is the big school with a lot of excitingt hings going on all the time but still has a small school feel at times. The town of Ann Arbor is beautiful . There is always something to do. The athletics and academics are top knotch. To put it simply, it is the only place that I looked at that did not fall short in any category.


School spirit is infectious in Michigan, especially due to the football games. Even students who did not know football get sucked into the tradition of maize and blue. Besides school spirit, the large size of the campus offers so many activities, events, and clubs. There is always something that will cater to the interests of all the students on campus. This also allows students to explore in areas that they have never experienced. There are so many opportunities to simply witness social, cultural, and racial diversity.


It is built into the city of Ann Arbor so everything the city has to offer is right next door. The campus is beautiful and accessable by not only the city bus but the extensive campus busses also. It has outstanding academic programs and a ton of fun stuff to do as well.


In any major you decide to go into, each departments is renowned around the country and even around the world.


The University of Michigan is the college of choice for people of many different backgrounds. The atmosphere of Ann Arbor is brilliant and one of a kind.


The school spirit and quality of academics.