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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?






We are extremely spirited! Honestly game days are like no other! We're also extremely smart...we're called a public ivy for a reason. In terms of politics and general attitude, coming from the liberal northeast I assumed that I would be in Obama-loving weed smoking heaven in the city where marijuana is "decriminalized." I have found that almost everyone I've met is very conservative, at least politically. I have to assume that this may just be the people I hang out with (maybe its a Greek thing?) because most reputations come from somewhere. EXCEPT ONE. We are much hotter, smarter, and more fun than Michigan State. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. GO BLUE!!!!


In some cases yes and in some no. There were many people there I got a long with great, and some that I did not. It really matters on the classes you are taking and what kind of person you are.




There is a huge population of Jewish students at the University, however I feel that the University is extremely diverse and that this is not an accurate stereotype.


If you want to branch out, there are definitely opportunities. I know people from high school here who are still only friends with the people they grew up with but I also know people who have found entirely new groups of friends.


The school becomes smaller once you have a group of friends. Intelligence is equal all around and the bars are becoming harder to get into no matter how old you are.




Everyone here is really driven and the libraries are always packed but people go out on the weekends and have so much fun. And the girls are smoking, much hotter than the boys.


Liberal: almost true, if they're not, they keep their mouth shut because all the liberals will gang up, and the student paper is extremely liberal Rich:not necessarily,but there is too much North Face...Everywhere




Some people are definitely stuck up and rich. But I think most people who go here are the picture of average American young person. And I think people do party hard here, just because it is a college, but not as hard as they party at State


"Some people are definitely stuck up and rich. But I think most people who go here are the picture of average American young person. And I think people do party hard here, just because it is a college, but not as hard as they party at State"


To an extent. USA Today put it best when describing Wolverines, "People say Michigan has an arrogance. But the bottom line is that Michigan fans care about Michigan and they don't care about anybody else." It's true. We're the "Leaders and Best" and we work hard every single day to keep it that way. As far as the rich/spoiled stereotype...that's not true. While we do have a very affluent population, we pride ourselves on our diversity. This diversity is more than just race, it is in socioeconomic status as well.


For the most part, yes.


No, because the great thing about Michigan being a big school is that you can make it whatever you want. It is so easy to find a niche, and you can stay away from things you don't like as much.


most are based in thruth, although there needs to be something to count for the disproportionate number of ugly guys as well


in some/many ways


To a minor extent




Some are, but everyone is really diverse.


no, yes, yes, sort of


Pretty much, I'm sure it depends who you're friends with.




sometimes they are played up by people


Definitely sometimes


Like any other university in the United States, there are people, and will always be people who are conceded and don't do much to reach out to others. Students on this campus are very proud of their education; we all do care a lot about school and want to do well, but this campus is not boring! There are so many opportunities to get involved and have a great time!!


to some extent, yes, but then again i went to MSU for a while


Not necesarrily. I was honestly shocked at the amount of diversity present here at U of M. Although there is a large Jewish population, it is also mixed with numerous eclectic varities of religions and cultures. Greek life is very prominent here, however, as a GDI (g-d damn independent as they call them here) I found it to be just as easy to find friends and a social life as it would have been if I had joined a sorority.


Some people are rich and very smart and some people aren't very attractive but this is not true of all Michigan students, so NO.


Some of them are accurate


Mostly, but not all people that go to Michigan are rich and from Long Island.


for the most part


No. While there are many sports fans, not all students are into the football/sport craze. Additionally, I think Michigan is a great and fun school with a large social scene.


People are not as smart and hard working as I thought


I'd definitely say that Michigan students are smarter than students at a lot of other schools, especially rivals Michigan State and Ohio State. Otherwise, I tend to disagree--judge people individually and you'll go much farther in the long run.


For certain people yes, but there will be people like that everywhere you go


These stereotypes are definitely not accurate. Students at Michigan definitely know how to party, they just know how to balance school and partying in order to succeed.


Sometimes. There are rich people here. But there are also lots of people who come from middle and lower class backgrounds. And yes, some people are snobs. Some people do think they are better because they go to Michigan.


It depends who you meet, I find there's more people who study in the library on weekends than go out and party. I was also surprised at the lack of enthusiasm a great amount of students have for the teams. And of course you will meet lots of stuck up people, but there are the good ones out there too.


Not if you attend Michigan!


The majority of Michigan students are quite smart at the University, but we learn how to manage our time so we aren't locked in a library all day.


Well, I would like to think the one that we are all really smart is :) Not everyone here is liberal, but it seems that at least 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of those politically active or just politcally informed and interested are.






I think no, were a bunch of cool smart cats. We know about politidcs and stuff but that does not make us dweebs.






we are smarter than you.