University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Everything costs money, and the athletes are revered for no reason




Sports are absolutely HUGE on campus, and there are ways to get involved in any sport at almost every level! For real dedicated athletes, Michigan has several varsity teams (Football, Basketball, Hockey, etc.) that compete in the NCAA. However, if you aren't that good or that serious about a sport, there are plenty of intramural clubs for to join, that offer sports ranging from soccer to water skiing to quidditch!


Football is huge here. We are in the Big 10 conference, and everyone goes to the footballs games on Saturdays in the fall. We have quite a lot of school spirit when it comes to football, and games in the Big House are always really fun! Basketball and hockey are fairly popular as well.. All of our sports teams are pretty talented, and they are fun thing to do on the weekends.

Eleanor's michigan. football season is insane. i didn't really like football before i came here, but now i get all dressed up in my maize and blue, go tailgating, and go to the game. season tickets are a must! it's a really great thing that brings almost everyone in the school together, and the student section is the best. but if you're really not into that, football saturdays can be really weird...all the dorms are deserted, and once the game starts most of central campus is too.