University of Michigan-Dearborn Top Questions

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University of Michigan always ranks within the top twenty of compiled lists of the best colleges. It is a prestigious school, and graduates of U of M are highly revered.


The strong diversity I have amongst classmates.


Student aiding programs.


My school is located near my hometown. It is also nationally recognized for its academic superiority. These two reasons helped me choose this university.


We have a very diverse campus, one of the most diverse in the state possibly. Everyone is very accepting toward each other. Every day is a new experience for me, the staff is excellent and so are the professors for the most part!


The University of Michigan - Dearborn is a commuter school, meaning there is no on-campus housing and few little off-campus apartments. Students here tend to go to class and then leave, so an active social life requires quite a bit more effort. UM-D does, however, have an amazing pool of well-established and published faculty, small class sizes, and is situated in a beautiful wooded area in Downtown Dearborn.