University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The gorgeous campus, the proximity to the city, and the large and diverse number of classes, majors, and activities available.


The Univeristy of Minnesota- Twin Cities has some of the best academics in Minnesota, as well as nationally. Being part of a large campus allows students to fully explore all the opportunities, both academic and extra curricular, available to them while in college. When my friends and I compare colleges, it is always nice to bring up acceptance rates. The U is not an easy school to get into with an acceptance rate for my class being just over 10%. Getting into the U is no easy feat and truly requires a passion for learning and possession of knowledge.


I like to brag about how there is always something going on at school. Because there are so many people, so many cultures, and so many student groups, some event open to the public is almost always being put on somewhere on campus. Whether its a celebration, an informational meeting, or some sort of service event its never hard to stay busy during your free time. Not only are the student groups great sources for involvement, but the University itself really does push school sponsored events such as sports, arts, or other recreation.


The prominance of the education and the incredible people I have met.


The size and closeness to a big city full of career opportunities.


The excellent programs and the amazing urban location.


I brag about how renowned it is as a university. It is a very well-known school. It is a big deal to go to the University of Minnesota. I also brag about how the coursework is very rigorous. It takes a smart individual to be able to handle the coursework given at the University of Minnesota.


The food on campass! There is so many different kind of restuarants and cafe available.


There is nothing hard if I try because I have started from learning ABC. I worked so hard to get accepted into the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. The struggles of my education make me understand that college is my future determination. I believe even though English is my third language, but language barrier cannot stop me from getting high education. Here I am at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. The U gave me a chance to show who I am. I will not fail those who give me chance. I can do it, you can do it too.


The U of M offers many majors and has alot of different and amazing opportunities. Since it is divided into seven different colleges you basically get to go to the college of your choice. Each college has different majors that have to do with that certain college.


Even though I came to the United States when I was fifteen years old and enrolled as a Freshman in high school righ after the arrival, I was able to keep my GPA at 3.78 (unweighted) . In my senior year, I was chosen to be the captain of Math Team , but because I got accepted to Medtronic for my internship as an IT technician I was not able to commite to that position. I also went to Concordia University as a full-time PSEO student in my senior year, and I earned a 3.77 GPA at Concordia University.


I enjoy the fact that school is in a metropolitan area and that they offer a wide variety of majors. The school is great for specializing in many different things. University of Minnesota is also a fairly well known research institution.


The area around campus: there is so much going on. I loved living in a big city and would do anything to go back.


When my friends and I come home to spend time with each other, I always brag about my school’s sports entertainment, especially our football team. At the University of Minnesota, every sporting event is widely attended, and football and hockey seem to be the most popular. Attending football games during my first semester gave me a sense of belonging to the school, as I stood in the student section reciting our school’s uniques cheers and singing our fight song. People really show their school spirit and it makes me proud to be a part of it.


There are so many new people to meet and so many things to do! The city is amazing.


My school is number 3 or 4 in the nation for my major.


The beautiful sights on campus, the Jazz man, dorm life, and all the cool classes I am taking


When I talk about school I mainly brag about how active the fraternities and sororities are.


Well I have always enjoyed to parties and drinking with my friends. The University of Minnesota has a fantastic social but the academic aspect is pretty hard. Stressing out at the university of minnesota has led me to pursue drinking and smoking as an option.


It has great resourses for the student body and great departments.


I feel a sense of pride talking about how small my class size was in school. I loved being able to know everyone in my class and being close with majority of them. I also like to brag about all of the class activities that we would do for student council and national honor society, and how fun homecoming, varsity games, and being involved in any extra curricular was a great experience.


How much fun I have learning and going to class and how much fun I have outside of class.


No matter the size of campus you can make it as small or as large as you want. Getting involved in one of the numerous clubs helps you become closer and familarize yourself with people who have the same interests. Since the school is in the city, it is easy to jump on a city bus or the lightrail and head to places like Mall of America, or Como Zoo. Partly because of the large size after school work, you are sure to never be bored.


The physics, mathematic, and statistics departments and the courses associated with each department and how much I learn from each course. The social activities that can be done around the area, such as snow related activities, sky diving, scuba diving, and other water related activities. The beautiful surroundings of the area around the campus with the many parks and various bike paths.


I often brag about the diversity and the sense of community in each of the colleges. There are so many ways of getting involved whether it is volunteering or getting an on campus job.


Not really much of a braggart. Though I am proud to be accepted at such a prestigious University.


How cool some of my classes/professors are: for example, I had a freshman seminar called "My Other Car is a Bicycle," which was about urban bike commuting.


I brag most about the location of my school. We are in a large city and there is a lot to do and there are many job opportunities.


It has the resources and opportunities of a huge school, but when you get involved it feels like a much smaller community. It's the best of both worlds. The location is also ideal both for social and career opportunities.


I do not brag to my friends about my school. I simply tell them that it is a good school and could provide an individual with a good education due to the resources available to the students and the diversity.


It has so many amazing research going on here.


I tell that that there is so much to do and so many things to choose from. The campus is beautiful and our facilities are gorgeous too. We have awesome professors and great classes and so much to choose from. Even though you're in the middle of a metropolitan area it doesn't have to feel that big because the campus is like it's own city, but you're only ten minutes from downtown.


That there are so many different people and so many academic choices. You are never hindered bythe lack of majors or classes.


I brag about how big it is, and that the it is in such a large city. I love the atmosphere and the amount of activities that are always happening on campus and off. There are always things to do during the day, and there is a great night life!


I am a Political Science major and I the program is ranked highly among other Political Science programs in the nation.


I brag about the openness of people on campus and how willing people are to help other people around them. I also brag about the parties that go on througout campus, since partying is a big part of the college experience at the University of Minnesota. I also brag about the great friends that I have made by coming to this school. It seems as though at other schools, the people are not as open to making new friends and for me, I feel as if I have created an extension of my family by coming here.


My school gets a lot of snow. The Minneapolis campus is so big, it crosses the Mississippi River. It's like it's own city within Minneapolis. We are part of the Big 10.


The many great things we have available to do on and around campus.


Some of my major bragging points are the variety of classes the U offers, our Men's Hockey team, our professors and the overall atmosphere of the school. It's also in downtown Minneapolis and is only a campus-provided bus ride away from St. Paul.


Its activities outside of school


I always talk about being so close to downtown.


Personally, I brag about the size of the school, the students, the faculties, and what's available on campus. For example, like the restaurants on campus, the different kinds of food (Korean, American, Chinese, Thai, etc.), the theatre and movie theater, the bowling ally, the clubs, etc. I brag about basically everything about this school. The faculties are just the best. I've never seen so many people willing to help students. Most of the faculities are even willing to help students that they have never met and not in the same field of work.


The livelyness of our campus and my fun job.


drinking and parties


Our division 1 sports. Most of my friends go to smaller schools where sports aren't as big of a deal.


I notice how much more enriching my academic experience was at the U of M. I have a biological science background and now that I am graduated I realize how much more I was challenged at the U of M in a good way. You go to college to learn so you are competitive in the field you want to go into. If you were not challenged, you will be behind when you are looking for jobs and the U of M well prepared me for that.


I love the city that it's in, as well as the honors program.


I brag about the location because the University of Minnesota is located in the heart of the twin cities which houses excellent medical and research facilities, fantastic running/walking/biking trails, is home to some of the most friendly and diverse people you will ever meet.


I brag about the fact that my school is becoming more and more reputable and harder to get into. I feel as if i am a part of something really great.


city and university seperation but they work together cuase they are close