University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is looking for a large university in an urban environment who is open to meeting people from all over the country and the world. Student's who are liberal or are at least open to the views of others and students who are looking for experts for professors. The UMN is huge but it offers world-class facilities. There's never a shortage of study space and you can library hop. Food and housing options are plentiful and when you want to escape campus Minneapolis is only a 5min cab ride away!


Students who are looking for a school filled with spirit should look into this erupting school. The enthusiasim that many of the students/teachers that are at this university is very refreshing. On the other hand, there are also many places nearby for the student to go to in their free time since this school is located in a central hub of activity. From sushi to McDonalds, the location of the school has a wide variety for students of all kinds.


Someone looking for a great school with plenty of opportunities for a good price!


The University offers a number of opportunities for expanding academic horizons as well as networking opportunities for graduated students. Any person wanting to get the most out of high quality academic resources and wanting to promote positive developments for themselves and their peers is the kind of person who should be attending the University of Minnesota.


The kind of person that attend this school should be very open minded, ready for new experiences, determined and driven to learn.


This is a state school. In my mind, that means that anyone with the means and the motivation should attend this school. The University of Minnesota is a microcosm of the world today, which is a unique opportunity. All cultures, countries and creeds are represented on this campus, which gives every student a chance to challenge and redefine his or her place in this world. This is Minnesota though - a hardy disposition is required to make it through the hellish winters and the liquor laws are vestigial, unnecessary remnants of a disgusting movement in America's history known as temperence.


If you're willing to put yourself out of your own comfort zone, you're going to find so many different kinds of people. Someone who's willing to try new experiences.


Someone who can balance their time well and likes to exercise.


It doesn't matter who you are, this school will have something for you. The only person I would advise to not come to the University of Minnesota is someone who does not have goals and is not willing to work to get something out of life!


I think someone that is willing to meet new people and socialize. The school is big when you get there, but it will only become small and manageable if you allow it to be. There is a huge variety of people in the school, as well as the city. You need to be have to be to willing to try new things and simply have fun. You need to know how to create fun.


People who enjoy being in the middle of the citie and being close to lots of intern/volunteer oppurtunties.


The University of Minnesota is a very diverse school which has many oppurtunities. It consists of open-minded, responsible students. Future students of the Univserity of Minnesota should be open to meeting people of various backgrounds, be a hard worker, repsonsible, and be willing to take advantge of oppurtunities and aim for succession.


A person who is interested in being exposed to many possible directions in a career should attend the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. A person who knows exactly what they want to do should as well attend this university due to the extensively elaborate available majors that this university offers to the attendants of it. A person who wants to travel and study abroad should definitely attend this university because of the many dozens of countries that the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities offers.


The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is a very diverse school. It has different kinds of people around the world. This school is for those students who want to see the real world and the differences of many communities. It is a great experience to see hundreds of students in one lecture hall with many different kinds of background that each student brings to the class; such as, new ideas, new friends, new languages, and a lot more that students will be surprise. If you want to see the real world, U of M is a good place for you.


Someone that is ready to work very hard. The workload is pretty heavy, but it also depends on what type of classes you are taking. Finals week is very hectic and you need to study more than you usually would.


He/she should be open minded to other cultures, be curious about new people, outgoing, and hard working.


I feel like an outgoing, career-minded person should attend the University of Minnesota.


Any kind of person can attend the "U" but if you really love research and people then this school really is for you. Also being a sports fanatic is a big help too.


A student who is driven, focused, and has a hunger for knowledge will thrive at the University of Minnesota. If this student is willing to do everything possible to earn their degree and will let nothing stand in their way, then they are a Golden Gopher.


If you are outgoing, driven towards your future career, and ready for urban living, then this school is a perfect fit.


The kind of person that should attend this school should like big schools with a diversity of students, and hot weather.


Someone who can study independently without needing a lot of instruction. Someone who likes to be around a lot of people. Someone who does not mind the cold!


Strongly self-motivated and hard working people.


Someone who is goal orientated and wants to have a quality education from a fantastic school.


I believe a very motivated and outgoing person should attend this college. This years freshman class is 5,000 students. That's three times the size of my high school. With so many students comes large lecture halls and class sizes. In order to do well you have to be an active learning and be able to become aquainted with your teachers. It's so easy to get lost in the mix at this school since there are so many people. It's also easy to get lost and you have to have common sense in order to avoid crime.


A student who is driven, motivated, and is willing to take a challenge should attend the University of Minnesota. This school provides students with hundreds of majors and minors, even a dozen different degree types you can choose. There is truly something for everyone at the University of Minnesota.


Someone who loves the Big Ten, big cities, and meeting diverse people.


An independent person will do well at this school because there are many resources available when you take the initiative to use them. No one at the school will hold your hand or keep track of your progress or ensure your graduation. A self-motivated individual is important because there are many homework assignments and readings that are not graded but important to complete in order to succeed on the exams. One should be outgoing due to the size of the institution; in order to make friends and form study groups you need to be able to approach other students.


The type of person who is academically commited but also who likes the urban atmoshpere and is willing to take the opportunities the city provides.


A person who is undecided and expecting to get a career right after college.


This school is well known for its medical and research oriented fields. So anyone in the sciences would greatly benefit from the courses and the Professors that teach here. It also has a really large liberal arts department which I am a part of and can say I absolutely love what they have to offer. There foreign language classes are diverse and interactive, and there is never a dull moment when it comes to activities provided by the department. No matter what your major, you will find something to love here.


The type of person that should attend this school is the kind of person that is not afraid to branch out. You see new faces every day and the campus is huge, so you must be a person that is willing to take on a big world.


An urban person who enjoys the cities and the urban atmosphere.


Anyone who is looking to better themselves while studying something they are interested in should attend the University of Minnesota.


The University of Minnesota is perfect for many different students. People of all ages and backgrounds can attend and feel right at home. The University is a very diverse place which allows for many different schools of thought to combine, which is what makes it such a great place.


This school is best for someone who is very outgoing and open to meeting many different kinds of people. The student body consists is a very diverse group andbecause of thatyou must not only meet people easily but be tolerant of their differences. Another characteristic of a sudent should be that they are not overwhelmed by a large school. They need to understand that it takes time to grasp your surroundings and learn to get around campus.


You should definately attend this school if you are into theatre, music, or art. If you live in Middlebrook or on the West Bank, then you will be in the "Arts Quarter," where there is the Rarig Center (theatre and dance), Ferguson Hall (the music hall), the Regis Center (the art building), and the Ted Mann Concert Hall. Also, if you plan on going into business, the Carlson School of Management is there. You should go to this school if you plan to study abroad, which is highly encouraged. The school's best program is in Toledo, Spain.


A determined, hard working student with their grades and achievements to show for their work should be the one attending this institution. This student is willing to work hard to reach far to gain an advanced education. This student not only is committed to academics but also in their involvement in student activities and/or athletics. He/she should be involved in at least a couple of activities and sports to show that they are a well-rounded student, who has the background in academics, co-curricular activities and athletics.


The University of Minnesota is a school that includes a lot of diversity. I feel that anyone can fit into this school if they try. In my first semester here, I have met people originally from the cities themseleves or as far as China & Germany. The school has many opportunities available for people to get involved no matter what they like to do and makes sure they are advertised. Although the school is big, I feel that anyone can fit in at this school, especially those who like the environment of a big campus.


A student that enjoys being in a large school should attend The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. We have large class sizes, many large buildings, many teachers, many clubs, and many opportunities. Some students cannot handle the size and end up transferring.


A student at the University of Minnesota must be strong-willed to deal with the fast-paced lifestyle and constant flow of people throughout the campus. A student must be open to ideas which differ from their own and must have a substantial amount of tolerance for differences. A "go with the flow" attitude would not hurt, either; this student needs to yearn for a bit of adventure.


Someone that has motivation and independance.


People who are focused and really want to learn


The U of M school is great! Especially is you're looking for a place that will treat you like an adult--in other words, at such a huge campus with a huge student body, don't except anyone to be there to hold your hand. You have to work on meeting new friends, finding your own motivation to do school work, and making yourself stand out among a crowd of many. Sure, there are a ton of great resources to help you along the way, but in the end it's up to you.


The kind of person that would fit at the U of M is someone who is ready to grow and expand their way of thinking. A person who is excited about the future and wants to be apart of whats next. A person who want to look back on their four years of college and feel that those years perpared me for the person I want to be and the person that I am proud of today.


Anyone who is open to differences.


There is a place for every kind of student here; the population is 40,000 and if you can't find a niche, there must be something special (read: strange) about you. Although the first impression is that jocks and drunks abound here (not entirely untrue), writers, researchers, artists and teachers thrive here as well. I earned a BA in English and am back for a BS in Biology for med school. I've seen both faces and I'm pretty happy with what I've been given. If you yearn for well-roundedness, look no further.


The University Of Minnesota - Twin Cities is a great college for any type of person. The U accomidates to everyones needs. The U offers tutors for every subject and there are hundereds of groups you can join.


Anyone could find a place at this school!!! There is a place for everyone.


Personally on behalf of the school, most individuals that attend the University are scholars or are willing to help the school academically in standings. The type of individual that would attend this University would be independent, determined, strong willed, and someone that is willing to accepted the challenge of working their way through 4 years of learning to get a step closer to their career or dreams.