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What are the academics like at your school?


It depends- is it chemistry I for chem majors or chemistry I for all other students? Both have the same name (Chem 105) but are taught two totally different ways. Both classes will teach you what you need to know, but one might be more in-depth and intensive than the other (two guesses which). The best thing to do is read the teacher reviews on the SAP Net Portal (where you register for classes) and decide from there. The reviews are always posted when you register for classes, so that's a plus. If you find yourself having difficulties in any particular class, there are always options available to you. There's a free math center where they have tutors come and work with you in person and there's almost always SI (student instructor) classes which are also free.


Academics are awesome! The professors are so much help and they actually want you to succeed. Not only are the classes available, but Ole Miss has an unlimited number of sources and opportunities to make sure you become successful. They're huge on internships and even have a Career Center that allows you to have mock interviews for future references.


The academics at Ole Miss are extremely well-respected throughout the country – they don't call us "The Harvard of the South" for nothing! There is a great mix of hard and easy classes, but each individual person really labels a class as they see it. If you're interested in a subject, that class may not seem as hard as another. Regardless of the difficulty level of any class, most of the professors are incredible and will help you get through it. The professors that I have had the best relationships with, and even some that have become mentors to me, were the ones teaching my hardest classes. On the other end of the spectrum, I've also had a classes that I never really had to study for. It all depends on the person.


I have had a great time at Ole Miss, not only because of football or social life, but the academic success I have had thanks to my professors. Each semester, I sign up for classes, asking frantically about which professor is best for that class. Everyone has their own opinions of course, but I have yet to come across a class that I truly dislike. Sure, some classes are hard, but that is expected in a collegiate atmosphere. After hearing what a big party school Ole Miss is, I was shocked to see how many students spent hour after hour in the library. For some majors, I have never seen such competitive nature for grades. It makes me feel so accomplished when I come out with an "A" after seeing how hard I, as well as many other students have worked during the semester. I am a double major here in Psychology and Spanish. Some people tell me I am crazy for doing so, but I find the challenge quite exciting. One of the coolest classes I have ever taken in college was called "Abnormal Psychology." I learned so many interesting things about the human body and how it reacts to certain stimuli. I plan on studying abroad for Spanish, in the spring. Our study abroad program is incredible. I have heard success story after success story, about students studying in other countries. The staff that does the "behind the scenes work," are so accommodating and helpful in decision making as well as financial aid for your study abroad program. I strongly believe the professors and staff at Ole Miss have prepared me for the next step in furthering my education.


All most all of my classes were in the Biology or Chemistry building. Most everyone new of each other and their professors.


academics can be tough or they can be a breeze - it's all in the effort you put forth, just like anything else. if you don't go to class, you'll most likely be lost. if you take the initiative to make yourself known to your teacher and express your concern for your success in the class, chances are, they'll give you a break on your final. studying at ole miss is not a favorite. however, it isn't uncommon to see students in the library, computer lab, grove, or lobby of buildings studying... a lot of study groups also like to meet at some of the coffee shops around oxford. in lecture classes, which tend to be very large (100-200 students or more), there is usually less class participation. in smaller classes, such as discussion classes, there is usually a lot of class participation. teachers are more than willing to take the time to meet with you about a test or help you with something you didn't understand in class. my favorite classes have been the classes in the history or political science department. my least favorite class was psychology, simply because i was not interested in the subject.


My favorite part about my academic experience here is being involved in the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College. The course work is a lot harder, not to mention that I'm pre-med, but I really feel like I get to learn so much more because my classes are more difficult. I know that I'll be more prepared because of it.


Ole Miss academics seem to be looked down upon. Admittedly, it is easy to be admitted to Ole Miss, but that is mainly to give assistance to Missisippians who have not received quality education and who are mainly trying to get themselves to a better place in life. I am a member of the Honors College, which is second in the nation according to studies. The professors certainly know my name and my classes contain about twelve students. It is reminiscent of my small, private school that I attended from Pre-Kindergarten through senior year. In these Honors college courses, class discussion is common and students are encouraged to reach their full potential. Students in the Honors College are generally more motivated as well as more competitive than students in the regular University. Many non-Honors students place more focus on going out at night than going to class, but around junior or senior year, this tends to catch up to them. Either they realize they have no prospects for a future, or their parents threaten to quit paying the bills.


Most of our classes are pretty large. Students probably don't study as often as we should.


Mostly all of my professors know my name. My favorite class is speech. My least favorite was Chemistry. Students have to study a good bit to do well.Most unique class i've taken has been sociology. I do occasionally spend time with my professors when necessary.I feel the academic requirements are just fine.


In small classes of course professors know your name. Lecture classes, you the student must make an effort to know your professor. If you're too scared to, you obviously are too immature to handle college. I'm a French major, so obviously every French class is my favorite. My least favorite is anything science/math related that one must take to fulfill undergrad lower level requirements. Studying varies on the student. Those serious about their work will work before they play. Those that don't realize this will later suffer the consequences. This goes hand in hand with class participation. Those who know why they're at school will have relatively perfect attendance. Those who don't will only be in class if they know when to show up for the midterm and final. Intellectual conversations are more common amongst the older students. Freshmen and sophomores only tend to talk about what bar/fraternity party is going on that weekend. There is a French professor I studied abroad with, that I've developped a close friendship with. She is always there for us, and she knows me as a person and is kind of assumed the roll as my advisor, and guide on what to do post-graduation. Everyone needs a professor like this. Academic requirements, although while taking the lower-level requirements is a pain in the ass, it really does weed out who should and should not be in school. As I mentioned earlier, those that know why they are at school accept requirements and get through them. Those not will fail out. Education overall is i think learning to learn. Ole Miss is not going to get you a job, you get yourself a job. You apply what you've learned in college and apply it to your life, and pursue a job.


Ole Miss professors know most of the students in thier classses. It is recomended that you make and extra effort to let the professor know you care. Actually showing up for class will also help you learn and have more of an advantage when the prodessor is giving you your final grade. I am an elementary education major! I wish that the whole country, United States, would have a national curriculum/test for education majors. i am plannning on moving to the state of Alabama (right nect to Mississippi) and I will have to take some more classes and test to get my Alabama teaching certificate? Why? if Mississippi gives me a teaching certificate shouldnt i get one for atleast this region (south) for teaching? I think so? So maybe the country should have regional curriculum/test for education majors when getting thier teaching certificate!


Favorite class is history...least favorite class is biology. Students study the most at the J.D. Williams library.


some professors are rude but others actually care. i am lucky to be in the honors college because i'm challenged more academically.


Academics at Ole Miss are basically just as any other academics at any other college could offer. Every course is different in size and difficulty. Altogether, the academics are challenging and exciting while offering students the education that will allow them to succeed in the future.


Though there have been a few who have broken the rule, I generally really like my professors - especially my honors classes professors. Sometimes class participation is slim, but as classes get tougher, attendance rises. I really like Marketing, my area of study.


Professors' interaction with students has a lot to do with class size and if the student actually approaches the teacher. I have some professors who still recognize me passing in the hallway and some who probably don't know I've ever sat in their classroom. One of my favorite classes was Media Law under Dr. Dolan. The tests were a little difficult, but I loved the lectures. My least favorite class has been News Reporting, taught by a certain female instructor. As a 200-level class, it isn't difficult; the workload, however, is overwhelming. The instructor expects us to write a 500-word story and a one page sidebar each week, which requires interviews that, sometimes, students just don't have time for. It is incredibly stressful. I have no real problems with Ole Miss's academic requirements per se; however, I've always felt that most core requirements are superfluous. That's not just at Ole Miss; that's at any institution. I don't understand why I need to know how to speak Spanish or study biology when I'm a journalism major.


In the Honors College, classes are much smaller (about 10-15 students), so professors definitely know your name. The biggest class I've been in had about 50 students (organic chemistry). I've met so many people, students and faculty, who inspire me to think differently and look outside the box. My academic experience at Ole Miss has been wonderful.


The academic atmosphere differs on the Ole Miss campus. I saw a lot of acquaintences leave after a mere semester because of the party scene affecting their scholastics. On the contrary, there is a plethora of extremely articulate, intelligent individuals that excel with their academics.


Yes, professors know all students' names since all the classes are so small. International students have to study hard to keep his/her assisstantship.


Professors here are great. They all know our names and they are easily accessible via email, phone, or just showing up in their office. My favorite class(es) are my honors classes. They are small discussion based courses that really get deep into the material. Least favorite would have to be geology. Rocks for jocks. It was the most boring thing ive ever sat through. Well....I have a bit of a swayed view of studying on campus. The people I associate with actually do study a pretty good bit, but over all...especially in the freshman dorms, I would have to say studying is pretty infrequent. Class participation is common....mostly because nearly all professors have attendance policies and participation grades these days. I have intellectual conversations outside of class. And I have noticed on more than one occasion some randoms having an intellectual discussion in the union or the grove. It really is a cultural campus. It's great. It depends on who you ask if they will say students are competitive. There is a very intellectual sphere in the honors college in which students are uber competitive. However, many of the business majors ect arent so competitive because they all have daddy's job lined up after college. My most unique class was the american legislative process: political science 367. We did a mock legislature for the last half of the term and it was cool. The political science department is great. It's a fairly large major but the staff if so personal and knows each student by name. I do spend lots of time with professors outside of class. My italian teacher lives down the road from me and whenever im feeling nostalgic about europe i'll just head over there and get her to cook me a pizza. Ole Miss' academic requirements are fairly lenient. However most greek organizations and other honorary organizations require more stringent standards for its members. And it depends on which major you are in as to what its geared to. Business majors are basically just there for getting a job. But if youre in a liberal arts field all the professors are very intellectual and knowledgeable in their subject area and basically just care about you becoming more informed.