University of Mississippi Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


One of the most prominent stereotypes at Ole Miss is that we are all a bunch of preppy kids, with way too much money. However, after my years here I have come to realize that more than half the students here are on some type of student financial aid. I have run across some of the most wealthy people, supposedly "confirming" this stereotype; as well as some of the less fortunate, completely discounting these statements. Here at Ole Miss, there is a wide range of personalities and incomes. We aren't all a bunch of stuck up rich kids.


Students are considered uppity, too good, less redneck than other state schools, wild, beautiful woman, southern charming men, party constantly, very proud of southern heritage, intelligent.


rich and conservative. obsessed with looks. we're all "frat-tastic" and "sorostitutes", therefore we're stuck-up and full of ourselves. the girls spend four years earning their MRS. degree.


People think that all Ole Miss students are preppy and stuck up. They think that they all have daddy's money and get everything given to them.


That we are all obsessed with looks and image and money and our sorority/fraternity.


Ole Miss students are stereotypically considered snobby, spoiled, party kids.


We are a football school and our students work hard.


Stereotypes include that one must not come to Ole Miss unless they are for sure intending on going through Fraternity and Sorority Rush (or formally known as Recruitment). Ole Miss is also known to be the home of the MRS. Degree program. MRS, an acronym for Married Rich and Satisfied, consists of the Southern Belles who venture to Oxford, not for a profitable, useful degree, but rather a degree that can be obtained on the Square or Fraternity Row. The requirements for such degree is simply a Southern "Beau" who intends on getting some sort of a business or law degree, and going home to take over Daddy's business.


Preppy, mostly girls, all GREEK, parties, early bar closings, late night, pretty girls, money, liberals, smaller univerity, mostly white students


Stereotypes about Ole Miss- party school, not a good place to get a good education Stereotypes about Ole Miss students- they drink and party all the time


party a lot. not smart


Girl Wise: Sorority, dress up, stuck up. Boy Wise: Fraternity In general: party school


1. We are all drunks. 2. We are all rich. 3. We are all snobby.


underachievers, major party school, snobby


The main stereotype of Ole Miss students is that of the preppy frat/sorority rich kids.


Honestly, the "stereotypical" Ole Miss student is from a rich conservative family. Many of them are in the Greek system. Ole Miss is also known for being high on the list of party schools.


Some stereotypes about Ole Miss students is that they care more about partying than learning, that they are stuck up rich kids, and even that they are racist.


Everyone is either Greek, a redneck, or possibly both, and everyone is racist.


Rich, snobby, party animals


Wow-- ultimate stereotype-- Greek life. All the girls are wealthy, beautiful and overly-confident not to mention superficial. Anyone involved has "paid to have friends".


Ole Miss is frequently characterized as being an overly Greek, snobby, racist school.