University of Mississippi Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I attend the Desoto campus and I personally find the parking to be bothersome. There are quite a few motorcycles that take up one large space. Also, students and employees may only enter through the front doors. I understand this is for safety.


I really can't think of any . I love this school and I am glad I attend.


The parking is definitely the most frustrating thing at Ole Miss. The University sells too many parking decals without thinking how much parking spots we have. This is the second year I've lived in a dorm on campus, and it has only gotten worse. As expensive as the parking decals are, the availabitlity should be much more generous. Also, a new rule was implemented this year that students and faculty can't park at the STUDENT union. It makes it harder on us becuase we eat meals there and use resources such as the bookstore, ATM, and postal service.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Mississippi is that the classes are huge and it is very impotant that students try to have a one-one-one relationship with their professors.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the transportation system. You will definitely need a car or a friend with a car if you choose to attend the University of Mississippi


This is an easy question. Parking! The only time you are guaranteed to find a parking spot in the commuter lot is for an 8:00 class.


I really loved attending The University of Mississippi. I don't think that I found anything about it frustrating.


Greek society is very powerful. I get frustrated with the intensity of the Greeks.


The lack of funding for engineering and science departments. There are several business faculty who donate larger amounts of money to the business school but the support for the engineering department is low. The school is definitely a business school, but I love my professors in engineering.


I think it would be the food service. There are only two places to eat on campus: the Student Union and the Johnson Commons. The Student Union is over-priced. The food at JC is often disgusting, the servers are unpleasant, and the dishes/eating utensils often have food particles still stuck to them.


The parking is horrible here and they charge too much on parking tickets.


lack of on-campus transit, as well as transportation to and from the Memphis airport.


For me, it is that i did so well in high school and I come to college and I feel like I am not prepared and I feel like no one wants to help or no one else feels the same way.




drinking and greek life are so big