University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of them are pretty friendly, but some are standoffish.


There is a strong sense of unity at The University of Missouri as the students here are all very proud to attend this school.


You will experience a wide range of students here, but there's a place and a friend for everyone.


My classmates are helpful, kind students who are also looking forward to gaining experience that will help them while in search of a job.


When it comes to students here at Mizzou, most are welcoming and easy to get along with. But to me so many students here and including the rest of the world are so lost. Always seeking to fit in with the crowd, full-fill what society says they must, always looking for sex, and just judge-mental.


In my perspective, my classmates at The University of Missouri-Columbia are equally diverse as they are accepting.


My classmates at Mizzou are friendly and everyone shares the pride of our school.


Classmates vary from classes that you are enrolled into- to the types of students that you enjoy spending time with. As a freshmen it can be very intimidating to attend your first big lecture without knowing a single soul but do not worry! The MU Administration desgined each class that you have as a freshmen to be with the students that live on your floor. As an incoming freshmen you are required to live in the Residence Halls- this helps tremendously because everyone on your floor has similar majors as you which helps you find friends much faster.


Many of my classmates are strong indivduals, most of them are career driven but many of them are focused on finding a career path rather than choosing a career or industry to be involved in.


My classmates are a diverse groupd of people balancing on a fence between strange and brilliant, with extreme passion in their field of study and attachment to their friends.


The classmates I interacted with are hardworking, dedicated and know what they want out of life.


Classmates are very helpful and want everyone to do good. There are many opportunities to form study groups, which are very important when studying for tests and doing homework. Classmates are demographically from all parts of the world with many ethnic backgrounds. This makes it very fun to be around and get to know others customs and cultures.


My classmates are very engaging and intellectual.


My classmates are smart, diverse, enthusiastic, funny, friendly, open-minded, and different.


My classmates at the University of Missouri are very diverse. Everyone has a lot of respect for each other no matter what ethnicity the student or teacher is. Most students are willing to help you if you are having trouble or in need of notes from a day you had to miss class. Most students respect the professor.


Most of them are helpful and friendly, but some aren't outgoing enough to want to meet new friends.


Although we gather from places with differenct backgrounds, it is easy to work together, sharing a common interest in the field of agriculture and animals.


Everyone is very diverse and different.




Even though it was an online program, we all would find ways to communicate with each other to help answer questions and give feedback on programs.


My classmates are very motivated, fun, and entertaining.


At Mizzou there is every kind of student you can imagine. Mizzou is very diverse although it may appear as if it is not. The largest group I would say are "Greeks". They make up a majority of undergraduates at school. They are all walks of life, black, white, asian, hispanic, Christian, non-christian, LGBT. All in one group. Within the greek life they have different support groups, like Celebrate God or LGBT Greek. These are also offered to non-greeks. I worked on an undergraduate LGBT research project and realized there is an abundance of groups and meetings and lectures offered. This is true with a lot of groups on campus like Invisible Children, TOMS, Caring for Columbia, Asian American Society...the list goes on and on. I love i and most students do too. It makes a big school feel small especially for people out of state like Texas and Wisconsin


For the most part, the other students are campus are friendly and out going in class.


The University of Missouri has a very diverse campus, with many different racial, religious, LGBT and socioeconomic groups represented. Because of the great diversity, I have a hard time imagining any student, no matter their background, finding it hard to fit in. There are sure to be many other students on campus that they identify with.


The majority of kids on campus are Caucasian, however you will find students of ethnicity from many different countries and backgrounds so everyone will be able to find their place or a group to fit in with at the school. It seems like A LOT of students are from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Illinois. Many of the students do not worry about dressing up for class, its college, nobody cares what you wear. A lot of kids just like to be comfortable when they go to class, especially if it is an 8am! There are also quite a few fraternities and sonorities on campus. This makes for a lively party scene as many students join and attend the numerous activities that the Greek community offers.


We are very driven students who are here to learn more.


There are absolutely a million different types of students at Mizzou. There is a place for everybody and no one would feel out of place. There are student organizations for everyone and give lots of room for these students to interact with each other. In social settings on campus you will find a variety of different students interacting with one another. From students who are very engaged in academics to students who seek involvement in extra curricular activities, there is a place for everyone. Students wear a variety to things of class on a daily basis, from sweatpants to jeans, hats to khakis. Judgement is not big at Mizzou, you can choose to be who you want to be and people will respect you for that.


Mizzou is incredibly diverse! We have populations from around the United States as well as from around the world. There are resources for every population too! We have a Women's Center, LGBTQ Resource Center, Black Culture Center, Multicultural Center, Asian Affairs Center...the list goes on and on and on. Since we're located in a college town, many will say that we have liberal leanings, but there is a conservative presence on campus. Well, not just a conservative presence...we also have communists, socialists, libertarians, green party members, anarchists, and more. Pile that on top of the wide variety of religious ideals from multiple gods to no god and you have the huge salad bowl that is Mizzou. At first, the students may seem like a blur of black and gold, but that's only because we have so much school spirit (and an excellent line of Mizzou wear available at the bookstore). In reality, students aren't afraid to express themselves be it with clothing or words or actions. In my time, I have seen people come to campus dressed in bright green body suits or full length Renaissance gowns. Since we attract such a diverse population, students aren't expected to fit into any certain category; they are encouraged to broaden their horizons and meet new people!


The students at Mizzou are very diverse and have many different interests. Due to this, I do not feel that anyone would feel out of place here. Additionally, there are hundreds of different clubs and groups to get involved with to help everyone find somewhere they feel they belong--from the Greek system to Allies in Action to Ballroom Dancing. Although there are a lot of out of state students, especially more recently, it is commonly said that out of state students are all here for the J-school, but this is not true. Although a lot of students from outside Missouri do come here for the journalism school, it is much more frequent today that they are here for other programs. Coming from out of state myself, I was worried coming in I would not fit in with a bunch of students from Missouri, but this just isn't true. Everyone on campus is friendly and welcoming. Furthermore, at Mizzou, there are students from every financial background, especially since the university offers great scholarships and other financial aid options. Overall, after almost three years here at the University of Missouri, I can honestly say that everyone has people here that they would connect with and quickly come to call friends.




There are all sorts of students who attend Mizzou. It would be pretty hard not to fit in. Right from your move-in day your freshman year there's different things to attend to get to know more people. A lot of people are from St. Louis, Kansas City, or other towns within Missouri. If you talk to students in the journalism school a lot of them are from Chicago or Texas. However, if you walk into a 500 person lecture class for some freshman gen ed class, there's a good chance you can find someone from each of the 48 continental states. A lot of people at Mizzou are middle or upper-middle class. And since it's a college in the Midwest there is a lot of moderate and liberal students. But if someone's a republican they won't feel left out at all.


Honestly, everyone fits in at Mizzou. Even though it is seen as a party school, there are a lot of people who do not drink. There are also so many organizations available to students. Any interest you can think of, there is probably an organization at Mizzou that relates to it. There are all different types of people at Mizzou, and the students interact with one another. Most students are from Missouri, Chicago, and Texas, but I have met many people from all over the United States.


ive gone to a few groups on campus to see what they were like. i feel that only a closed minded student would feel out of place at this school. most of the students wear mizzou clothes or sweats we like to be comfortable. Different types of students do interact. Most of the students here are either from Kansas City, St. Louis, or Chicago


We've got everyone. From ultra conservative to ultra liberal and everything in between. We've got a number of Christian organizations, a Muslim students organization, a Jewish Students Union, Hillel, and a number of others as well. There's very little tension between any groups, whether racial, religious, or socio-economic.


Mizzou students tend to be very easy going and approachable. You can spark up conversation almost anywhere you go. Also, students here tend to be very humble, which I really like. You don't have to worry about being surrounded by people who are really rude or judgmental because it is such a diverse campus and the students are very accepting of that. I always feel very relaxed walking around; most people are wearing Mizzou attire or are dressed comfortably.


University of Missouri students are generally hard working and are employed all over campus in jobs, sports, or greek town.


There are many groups throughout campus that each student will find something that they enjoy and can meet people. I believe that no student would feel out of place at Mizzou. Each and every student can find someone similar to them. Typical class apparel is comfortable clothes such as sweats and sweatshirts in the winter. There are cliques here, some groups definitely do not interact. Within the typical dining hall there are different groups. There will be a table of athletes, frat guys, sorority girls, and then there are everyone else. Most students at Mizzou are from Missouri and surrounding states. There are obviously exchange students peppered throughout the student body. Most Journalism students are from all around the country, such as myself being from Boston, MA. Many students come from affluent backgrounds. Some students are interested in politics, not many within my group of friends. Most students haven't spoke about how much they'll earn one day, that might be due to our year.


There is no one way to describe the students of Mizzou. Everyone is different. No student would feel out of place at this university and I say that with confidence. During the week, everyone usually just wears whatever to class. Some people dress up but most students just wear Mizzou spirit wear and aren't too concerned about what they look like. This is especially true if you have a morning class! I would say that most of the students at Mizzou are from Missouri or close to it. However, there are SO many people who are from some really cool places. I've met people from Atlanta, Minnesota, Texas, Washington D.C., Japan, France, etc. As far is financial backgrounds, most of the students, I would say, come from middle to upper class families. If this is not true of a student, they are probably attending the university on a scholarship because going to Mizzou is definitely NOT cheap.


The Mizzou campus is very casual and friendly. As a walking campus, student traffic is mostly on foot or bike. I have found this is be an awesome way to get to know your surroundings and peers by walking the campus together. You can find most students in Mizzou gear, Greek letters, or some sort of sweat pant combination. I never feel pressured to dress to impress. Honestly, the one time I wore jeans to the library my friends asked me where I was going dressed so nicely. Most students are from Missouri, either the Kansas City or St. Louis surrounding areas and have attended private high schools. I found this to be a bit intimidating at first since I come from a public high school, but where you went to high school does not seem to play a part in much.


Mizzou is a very diverse place. With 30,000 students, it's impossible not to have that much diversity. There is an organization for everything. Ranging from the Asian Students Organization, to the Muslim Students Organization, to the LGBT Alliance, diversity is everywhere. No one could feel out of place at Mizzou. Everyone interacts with everyone. There are no borders, there are no cliques. It's an open place where people are people. Mizzou students are from around the world. There are many international students, many foreign students, (myself included, I am Bosnian,) many Missouri students and many out-of-state students. There are very few social or economic trends that exist at Mizzou. There is no influx of very rich or very poor, or of certain cultures. However, students are definitely very open-minded. No one is afraid to voice their opinion.


It is hard to describe the "typical" Mizzou student; Campus is so diverse. I haven't been here for very long and feel like I have seen it all. I don't think anyone could feel out of place; there is a crowd here for every type of person imaginable. Everyone interacts with one another, after all, we all have something in common, the greatest school in America. When I walked into my first class I expected to be all alone and under-dressed. To my surprise, three people talked to me within the first five minutes and there were multiple people in sweat pants (just like I had wanted to do but had decided against.) At that point, I knew I was in the right place. Be yourself and let Mizzou work its magic.


Most of the diverse groups at my school congregate within themselves with the exception of those in Greek like. Its not because there is prejudice, its just the way it is. No one could really feel out of place here. I really believe there is a group of people for everyone here. The general attitude of the students is welcoming also. Most student dress casually for class, such as jeans and a tee shirt. Four table in the dining hall. Four girls who are suit mates, someone sitting alone studying, a few guys who just came from the rec, and 2 Asians, Most of the students at my school are from the Saint Louis, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri. There are many students at my school that are obviously wealthy, however there are also many students who have students loans and are from middle class families. Students at my school are politically aware, however, no one takes a very strong stance, we all take in the information and form opinions, but there are no strong campaigns or predominately favored party. Students do not talk about how much they will earn one day, rather they discuss how far they are going in school.


Mizzou has over 300 student organizations! If you're interested in it- chances are there's a group of people who have already created an organization you can join! These groups are the best way to meet new people and really get involved with something you love. People always ask how hard it is to get involved on such a large campus- but truth is, it isn't at all! Mizzou campus is pretty casual when it comes to attire. I personally wear sweatpants and tee-shirts to class, some students dress nicer and some dress even worse! While there are students from all over the world, if you walk up to a random person on campus they are most likely to tell you they are from Saint Louis or Kansas City!


In my opinion, Columbia is a beacon of light and hope in the MidWest. It is largely because of Mizzou that it is so. I grew up in Columbia and was totally fine with going to college here because it is a wonderful and diverse community of people and interests. Unlike the rest of the state you can can see people from varied ethnic and national backgrounds all the time on campus, and their perspectives are valued and welcomed in many ways. Evidence of this is everywhere: there’s a large international resources center, a multicultural center, an LGBTQ center, and more. There was a controversy this year where someone had written a racial slur on campus, and the entire community was outraged at the disrespect towards others. This prompted a lot of positive dialogue, and to me it signalled that diversity is truly valued here, and not just a catch phrase. Personally, I am friends with many international students as I was one myself, and Mizzou makes it very easy to feel comfortable, no matter who you are. It is large enough to be substantially diverse yet small enough that you see people you know all the time. Even if you grew up at a high school where everyone seemed to match the same demographic, you are bound to add some different people to your friend group at Mizzou, and that’s a wonderful thing!


There is a large variety of students at Mizzou. There is a good amount of jocks and Greek people, but they aren't the ones you see on campus. The majority of people on campus most of the time are the artists, intellectuals, and the geeks (I say geek with upmost respect!). It's nice to walk around campus and see groups of people sitting on the quads studying, talking about life, painting, taking pictures, or just throwing a ball around. My experience with race at Mizzou is that racism isn't even a thing here. No one cares if you are white, black, asian, spanish, etc. What matters is your personality and who you are.


There are people from every spectrum of society. Although we are all different, we are really One Mizzou.


Students that are pretentious, and not interested in meeting people tend to have a hard time on this campus. Academics are valued here, but if you're not planning to lift your head out of a book...ever, then this may not be the campus for you. The majority of students are middle class, but what sets people apart more so than their economic background is their open (or closed) mindedness. It's not a stuffy campus, it's social and without pretense. Christian groups have a strong presence on campus, but multicultural, LGBTQ, Muslim, Jewish, African American student groups are also prominent. There is a 'speakers' circle' in the middle of campus, where we have tons of different social-awareness projects and protests all the time. Ironically, I have found that being a white, middle class girl has been a disadvantage to getting involved because most of the tight-knit clubs focus on minority groups. Ah well. But really, if your dig a little, and Google a little, I'd bet you can find what you're looking for. Because Columbia is a college town we tend to bleed democratic blue, but because we're smack dab in the middle of Missouri there are many left-wingers on campus as well. It makes election season ripe for passionate debate.


As I said earlier, I have run into every type of person at Mizzou. No matter who you are or where your interests lie, you will be able to make a connection with something here. Since I'm a journalist on campus, I make an effort to observe who the people around me are and what they're all about and I have seen LBGT groups, NPHC fraternities or sororities, and bible studies all over campus. I would consider myself a pretty eclectic person and I have been able to do something with all of my interests from STRIPES safe ride service and charity organizations.


While the University of Missouri has growing enrollment rates every year, I still feel like every person you meet has mutual friends with you, or is just a few "degrees-of-separation" away. The best part of this is the networking opportunities that it creates. The student population prides itself on being diverse in every way imaginable (race, gender, religion, geographically, socio-economically, politically).


There are people from all over the country, and even the world. Although the most predominant group of students is white, I would not consider African Americans or Asians a minority on campus. We also have a strong wheelchair basketball team so our campus is very accessible to disabilities.