University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not determined to work hard or wants to go to a school just to party. If one does not have high aspirations to fulfill career goals perhaps this is not the school for them.


Someone who is uncomfortable with a large school and who isn't willing to talk to strangers and get to know new people. Football and tailgating is also a very popular weekend event.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is shy and doesn't want to put themselves out there. A person who doesn't like drinking might not have fun at this school either. Also people who may dress differently could have a hard time, as people tend to dress the same here.


University of Missouri-Columbia is a school that seems welcoming enough for any type of person. However, in my opinion it isn't for someone with a closed mindset. The students that choose to attend this school want to grow and develop their ideas and imaginations. People who don't want to see their creations grow shouldn't choose to attend this school.


I feel that anyone would fall in love if they took time to visit the campus and see how it feels.


A person who is not big on school spirit should not attend this institution, they will feel overwhelmed, and would would not be in the environment that they are used to.


The person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who don't like working hard, and isn't serious about getting a post-secondary education.


The major pro is that Mizzou is a university that caters to everybody. Every type of person you could possibly think of attends this wonderful university and not only exists and flourishes within their social group, but can comfortably join other social groups with relative ease due to the cohesiveness and unity present at this university.


Someone should not attend Mizzou if they get intimidated by large lectures or large campuses. Mizzou doesn't seem that large to me, but only because I'm used to it. My sister, however, went to a much smaller school, and says that she would not have been able to handle the size of the campus right out of high school.


This past school year at mizzou has been an eye opening experience for me. I've met a vast array of people with very diverse cultural backgrounds. If you are someone who is really conservative and doesn't like to mix with people from different walks of life then this school might not be for you. Mizzou is also a very huge school with a large number of students. If you like a more intimate setting in classrooms then you might encounter problems with some of the huge classes at mizzou.


The University of Missouri is an awesome school who has alot to offer students to make them feel cmfortable and involved.The type of student who should not attend this school is one is does not typically work well in large class settings (lectures), is close minded, not open to getting involved around campus, and does not express a huge amount of school spirit.


If you are a person that does not enjoy people or a person that likes to know everyone in the community, do not come here, because it is impossible to get to know 35,000 kids in a years time.


I think people that are unsure of their future goals should not attend this university. It's a very fast paced and career driven school.


People who are not serious about their academics.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Mizzou is a slacker. If you have no drive or determination, you will fail. Homework and reading has to be done. You have to be willing to give your 100% all of the time.


Any student who needs a more intimate learning setting, where they can interact with their professor often, will be largely out of luck at the University of Missouri. Many classes, especially General Education classes, are 500+ student classes. Also, as in most universities, there is a large party scene, which is fine. But unfortunately, I watched as several of my schoolmates couldn't keep up with school because of their excessive partying. While this is something that may be a problem at any school, the ease of party availability at UM makes it particularly easy to fall behind.


People that are not willing to work hard or dedicate a lot of time to studying should not attend this school. The academics at this university are at a high level and if one is not determined to do well then they will greatly struggle.


I noticed that students from small towns often experience some degree of difficulty assimilating the larger city and the larger classroom sizes.


If you are intimidated by a large class size and have trouble being self motivated


A person that does not have very much school spirit or much drive should not attened this school.


People who are uncomfortable with being surrounded by many people they don't know and those who don't do well in large lecture halls.


Someone who is unwilling to do their own work. Cheating and plagurism are taken VERY seriously here


Future tigers who are eager to learn and contribute to the well-being of the university while chanting MIZ-ZOU at all the football games and inconspicuously disliking KU Jayhawks should attend, and will be welcomed with open arms.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who isnt focused. Someone who doesn't apply themselves or someone who just think that they are suppose to be given a grade and not earn a grade.


Someone who does not like large schools and midwestern winters should not attend this school. Other than that, I believe that Mizzou has so much to offer that it can cater to anyones needs.


A passive or immature person, a person that really isn't attentive.


You should not attend this school if you are not able to keep yourself motivated and do your school work. So many people get distracted too much with friends and partying and this hurts them when they need to focus on homework. People who go to this school need to have good time management skills.


If you don't want to do your work and be a student, don't go to the University of Missouri. In fact, don't go to college.


A person who does not like a big school shouldn't attend MU. There are thousands of students in and around campus, and many classes have over 100 students in them. I think that while MU is a big university, it is located in a smaller town, so there is a bit of balance to help combat the feeling of being one person in a big place. If someone is looking for a fashion or other arts degree there may be more opportunities for them elsewhere despite MU's efforts to be supportive of those students.


None, I think it can be a college for everyone. Maybe not for someone that wants to go to college in a big city


Someone who does not want to be exposed to people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Someone who does not want to have their mind opened by new knowledge should not attend this school. Someone who wants to live in a large urban city should not go to this school, because Columbia is a medium-sized town located two hours from a large city. Someone who needs immediate access to a large aiport should not go to MU.


Someone who shouldnt attend here is someone who is afriad to work hard and play hard.


Someone who is reclusive and likes small classes with lots of one on one. Most students start out taking mostly large lecture classes so if you don't like that then it will make your learning experience more difficult.


The person that shouldn't attend this school is one who is easily overwhelmed by large numbers, or a person who prefers big city life or country life. Columbia is a mid-sized city, not a big town, but you aren't in the country anymore either.


timid people who need a lot of attention and help with schoolwork




Someone thinking about attending the University of Missouri should be very confident with themselve. I am sure you are asking why. Well, the reason is because we have approximately 30,000 students and when enrolling in such a large institution one may get the feeling of being lost in the shuffle. The classes range from 30 students all the way up to 500 students. College for anyone, is a time in life when you step away from the home you know and move out on your own. Going to any large institution takes a confident, self-modivated individual.


A person who doesn't really like to be around people or prefer a small teacher to student ratio should definitely think twice about coming to this university. Now, it is a fact that this school has smaller classes but you?ll for sure run into some 500-student lectures.


There is only one type of person that shouldn't attend this school and that is the people that don't want to go to school.


Someone with no motivation should not attend this school. It takes more outside work then just classroom work. If you are not willing to spend some of your freetime working on school you will not succede. Also a person who does not desire large classes should not apply.


someone who likes having fun, and likes other people


people who feel that partying is what school is about shouldn't attend Mizzou. It becomes easy to focus on your social life and forget academics. Colombia College is right up the street...


Missouri is very diverse and has all types of people. One just needs to learn to speak up and be a bit outgoing and they will be fine.


Someone who demands extreme personal attention in the classroom, and someone who doesn't want to be socially involved.


A person that does not want to go to a large school should not attend this college


Anyone could find a niche at Mizzou if they tried hard enough.


A person that is from a very small town, this school is very big and can be overwhelming for people that are used to a smaller community. Also, if a person wants to join a greek community they need to be ready to be regected by some. All in all, people attending this University need to be ready for a big town feel and difficulty in finding the right fit at first.


Someone extremely conservative should not attend this school because most of the staff and professors are very liberal, and they may grade you harshly if you do not agree with their views.


All kinds


Someone looking for a small campus where they can get constant attention from teachers. Or someone looking for a religiously active or conservative campus.