University of Mobile Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about University of Mobile? Why?


The worst thing that I can think of is the registration process. It is very unorganized and scattered throughout different departments.


The worst thing about my school is they do not allow students with a Minister's Dependant Scholarship to use an Academic Scholarship as well. This is the worst thing because I had to take out loans to pay for my tuition and I really did not want to do that. I earned the Academic Scholarship and I don't even get to use it.


I feel like there is never enough time. We have so much always going on. Sporting events, Bible studies, movie nights, etc. on top of all our homework. It can get somewhat hectic at times.


You don't learn anything here. There isn't enough emphasis placed on academic excellence. This is supposed to be a school that blends Christianity into its program, but in reality is a church with a few joke classes.


The worst thing about my school is the situation i'm in. My family isn't the wealthiest family in the world, so I am in a group at this school that provides a generous scholarship. However, me being in this group prevents me from getting the major I want. This group just takes up too much time for me to devote enough time to the major i want, and with out the group I can't come to school because it is so expensive for my family to keep me out here.