University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A University that offers something for everyone.


A very diverse and friendly school, where you can get a good education in almost any field.


UNO is a significantly better school than its reputation suggests, and if you end up coming here instead of your first choice, give it a chance.


A good place for a good education, a beautiful campus, but horrible administration and staff when it comes to customer service.


I think my campus is beautiful. It is very clean. We have courtyards outside of every building covered with flowers. We have a huge grassy field in the middle of campus called the pepbowl and people play soccer and frisbee there in the spring and fall. We have a huge bell tower that plays songs inbetween class hours. I have walked to class many times hearing songs such as the harry potter theme song and Shenandoah as well as songs from west side story and other major musicals. There are tables with umbrellas and chairs all over the major courtyard outside of student center. We have sculptures and fountains scattered around, and a beautiful park between South campus and the Main campus. It is truly a beautiful campus.


Varying levels of cometency anmongst instructors, some are extremely good and others shouldn't be alowed to teach dogs.




The place I was supposed to be.


Missouri State is a big campus.


A small school with more character and depth than the image lets on


A nice place to start with the USA


My school is just the right size, friendly, and career focused.


UNO is a small school that expanded over time to serve the needs of not only the imediate community, but students far and wide while still holding onto the charm and pride instilled by a small community based school.


It is a good place to go to school and meet new people


A fun, interactive, learning environment where everyone can be them self; and pursue greatness.


The University of Nebraska-Omaha is a smaller university located in the big city of Omaha, Ne at offers a wide variety of courses and degrees and they also have an aviation program which I am currently enrolled in.


UNO is a quality liberal arts university with a few great programs that stand out above the rest, located in an enjoyable, metropolitan area, and the school has the resources to equip students who want to succeed, but the key to success lies in the students' hands; they are not motivated very hard by most of the professors.


Typical university. Good Education. Terrible parking.


Go to class, listen, take tests.


UNO has offered an extensive business program, allowing me acieve a dual degree in business and political science at an accelerated pace while still having a social life.


Too many commutors with not enough parking space


A campus in the heart of Nebraska's largest city that excels at business, international studies, technology, biology and engineering.


The best college experience!


A great environment committed to the growth and learning of all of its students: traditional and non-traditional.