University of Nebraska at Omaha Top Questions

Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.


What?! You have never heard of UNO? That is impossible! Im just kidding, it's quite possible that UNO isn't on your top ten list of most popular colleges in the nation. It isn't even the most popular college in Nebraska. UNL would probably hold that title and I am going to attribute their football team for that. UNO truly is a great school though. I love it here and I would never transfer. UNO is easy to navigate and it's not so big that you get winded walking across campus (unless of coarse you are late for class). All of the buildings are well kept and renovated. All the technologies available to students are cutting edge. If you need help in a certain course, free tutoring is offered in almost every subject. The campus is beautifully landscaped and very well maintained. We offer a variety of classes adhearing to everyones interests. Professors have office hours, and always make themselves available to you. The school is strategically located in Midtown Omaha, so you are right in the middle of everything. There is easy access to malls, restaurants, down town, and the expressway for when you need to get to West Omaha. My favorite thing about UNO is the clock tower in the middle of campus. Its beautiful and it plays theme songs from movies and musicals in between class sessions.